Title: Do You Know What Happened to Daniel Geiger?

DISCLAIMER: Davis Panzer/Gregory Widen owns Highlander, Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich and MGM owns Stargate, other crossovers to come.


RATING: T for content and violence.

SPOILERS: Highlander is set during "Methuselah's Gift". Stargate is set before the series and before the movie.

Summary: Daniel after his death, is more than meets the eye.


...APB on a Watcher...

WATCHER FILE: Daniel Geiger

CURRENT: Location Unknown – under inquiry

COVER: Historian

REPORTING: Western Europe

ORIGIN: Manchester, England

MENTOR: Jackie Beavens

EDUCATION: University of Manchester

SKILLS: Philosophy degree; Captained champion university rugby team

LANGUAGES: English, French, Latin


May 1984 From the Records of the Tribunal

We will continue to search for Daniel Geiger; it is regrettable to lose a valuable researcher and historian. Daniel we will miss you.

30 March 1984 From the Records of the Tribunal

The following Emergency Bulletin is to be entered into the Record of Daniel Geiger:

*** All Points Bulletin ***

APB: All ASSIGNED, UNASSIGNED, MOBILE and FREELANCE FIELD OPERATIVES in Western Europe (including all specialists) are to be on the look out for Daniel Geiger, WM, approx. age late 20's to early 30's, 6 foot in height, average build, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, last seen wearing black slacks, long sleeve blue button up last known whereabouts Nezy-sur-Seine bridge.

*** All Points Bulletin ***

25 March 1984 From the Records of the Tribunal

The investigation into the disappearance of Western Europe Historian on the bridge at Nezy-sur-Seine is puzzling. Local authorities at Poissy have not found the body of Watcher Daniel Geiger. Three unidentified men were found shot to death that same day. Geiger was reportedly shot once in the chest and once in the back of the head, then fell into the water. Without a body, cause of death is unable to be established.

Geiger had been relieved of Field duty (Amanda) by Stern and was being transferred to Research.

The Tribunal has assigned the top investigators and forensic experts on the case, but many questions remain that may never be answered.


1986 Presumed Deceased – under inquiry

1984-1986 Historian

1980-1983 Amanda