Avatar and Camp Half-Blood

"Toph,could you please call everyone to the main room for lunch?" Katara asked, spooning steamed rice into some porcelain bowls. Toph sighed, got up, and stomped her feet. A ripple spread out, shaking the entire temple. Katara flinched.

"LUNCH!" hollered Toph. She sat back down and went back to picking her toes. Katara gave her an " Seriously, can't you get anything down in a civilized way?" look.

Toph shrugged.
"No, I can NOT and do NOT want to get any thing down in a civilized way, thank you very much." Just then, everyone rushed in.

"Hey, guys! Guess what we found!" Teo yelled, wheeling over. Aang perked up.

"What is it? Tell me!" he begged.

Haru caught up, panting. "We.." He stopped to catch his breath.

"We found…" "A door just like the one at the Northern Air Temple!" Teo cut in.

" I don't know.." Sokka said, stroking his chin.

" Eh, you don't have to come along." replied Toph.
"Just us benders, seeing as some of you don't have very good experiences with what was in those doors."

Some uneasy glances were exchanged.

"Ok, but don't be too long, alright!" Sokka said, no, demanded, rather agressively.

"Sounds good!" Aang piped up.

"Very well, now hurry , shoo, get on with your stuff." Said Sokka, assuming his "pro detective" attitude.

"Alright, now Zuko, Aang, Toph, and I should is an airbender, after all, I need to take care of them, Toph hasn't been to one of those rooms yet, Zuko either-"

Katara was cut off by Zuko flinching . "Zuko, what is it?"

"I.."He trailed off. "I 've been here before. Not many good memories."

Sokka yelled at him for a few minutes, and Haru ,Teo, and The Duke did too,until he finaaly gave in. "Alright!" he snapped.

Later, at the doors….

"Alright,here goes nothing!"Aang yelled gleefully.

Zuko nodded.

Aang swiftly released a gust of wind from his outstretched palms.

"Wait!" Toph shouted. "I feel-"

She was too late. What had she felt? A portal to another world. The portal's energy sucked the people in, and all was….darkness.

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