The Next Morning...


Zuko stood at the doorway of the Hephaetsus Cabin. It looked like a factory with smokestacks, reminding him unneccesarily of the Fire Nation factories.

As the Hephaetsus Cabin turned around, Zuko was stared down by a few of the members.

Then one, who Zuko guessed was the cabin counseler- or whatever it was-broke the silence.

"I'm Charles, but everyone calls me Beckendorf. Welcome to the Hephaetsus Cabin."

The guy-Beckendorf-stretched out his hand, but Zuko merely glanced at it for a moment before looking back up.

Then, his arm shot out and he grabbed Beckendorf's hand, having a brief but meaningful handshake.

"Anyways, I just got moved here from the Zeus Cabin. Any spot that's untaken?"

Another camper pointed towards the back of the cabin.

"Last one on the left."


As he knelt down to unpack in the room full of strangers, Zuko almost missed crazy, hyper Aang. Almost.

Aang felt lonely.

No, more then lonely.

It was really weird, but he missed Zuko, even though he was so serious and didn't know how to have fun.

Now he was being stared down by some girl that reminded him slightly of Toph.

And she kept on asking questions about 'the guy with the freaky scar'.

Mainly about what he was like and why, in his opinion, 'the guy with the scar' didn't aim the lightning back.

Aang could only shrug."He's had a troubled past." He'd told her.

"By the way, call him by his name. Zuko hates people talking about his scar." He suddenly remembered to say.

"Oh." The girl nodded. "I guess that makes sense... And by the way, I'm Thalia. And about Zuko..."

"None of us really understand him, other than Toph. And Katara seems to know more than she should..."

Thalia snickered. "That's 3 out of 4."

Aang could feel himself go red. "I mean, back where we came from, with all our other friends."

Thalia stopped snickering. "Oh. Sorry about that. It must hurt, being stuck in a world without most of your friends." she said quietly.

Aang attempted a grin."It's ok." he drifted off."It's given me time... To think..."

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