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I was beginning to tremble with tension. My pulse rate quickened when I saw him above me, his face perfect like an angels and he was all mine. I still can't believe he's really mine. My thoughts swirled away to our high school time. Then I suddenly got tucked to the present.

'Are you sure you want this Bella?" Edward asked me. I knew he was trying to make me change my mind but that wouldn't happen.

'Yes Edward I'm sure I want this more than anything' I said trying to calm him, to reassure me. 'Besides you promised' I reminded him. The door opened and the rest of the family walked in. Carlisle spoke first
'Bella we're going to give you some morphine to reduce the pain' he said with a slight smile. 'We can't be sure it will work but we will do anything we can to make this as easy as possible for you. I looked up and looked everyone in their eyes for the last time in three days.

Esme, the loving Esme, Rosalie, my lovely new sister, Emmet, my soon-to-be big brother, Alice my best friend and soon-to-be sister. When I arrived at Jasper I noticed something strange. His eyes were not the gold color nor the pitch black. They were lighter somehow.

I winced as I felt the Needle trough which they inject the morphine. This were my last moments of my human life. Carlisle's face hovered above my. 'Bella darling? We're going to begin' I nodded. I knew what was going to happen. They were going to inject the venom trough a needle so I was In no danger of anybody losing control. I felt the Needle and seconds later it begun. It was worse than I had ever felt. I screamed and screamed wanting It to stop. It felt like my whole body was burning from inside then. I started twisting my body


I saw her scream I saw how the venom was doing it's job. It hurt me to see her in pain but it was her own choice. We would live trough this together. I squeezed her hand softly. Then suddenly she began to move and twist and Carlisle and I had to restrain her to keep her from falling of the bed.

I sighed when she finally stopped doing the wild moving. We had chained her to the bed because we couldn't make sure she would stay there otherwise.

I looked around and saw everyone sitting unmoving. Completely still their eyes locked on Bella. I looked at Jasper thinking about what he would feel, then I suddenly saw the change in his eyes. They weren't gold nor pitchblack or something in between. They were something else lighter but certainly different.

'I wonder' I heard Carlisle think knowing he must have noticed the same. We sat there all together trying to help Bella live trough this. We knew she wouldn't be able to control her thirst at first and she might not even recognize us.

'We all have to watch out when she wakes up' I heard Jasper think. He had seen so many newborns in his life and knew they were very unpredictable. I smiled at him when he noticed me looking.

We sat there for 2 days immobilized waiting for Bella to wake up when Alice got a Vision. "Oh.." she blurted.

'What?' I asked her firm. 'It's nearly over' she said. And when she said this we could hear her pulse going faster and faster. It rocked after a few moments and then it was over.


I felt the pain leaving my body. I felt relief when the pain left. I breathed but it didn't feel the same. My body didn't need it anymore. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I heard so much, it was too much. It was like a constant buzzing. I could hear everyone, I could hear the leaves outside. The smell was intoxicating so many different flavors and I could smell them all. It was horrifying and fascinating at the same time.

┬┤Bella?' I heard a beautiful, melodic voice ask. I tried to open my eyes again but I couldn't. 'yes' I breathed. I wanted to see him to stare into his deep gold eyes and I wanted him to stare in my red. 'Take it easy edward' I heard a voice in my head. 'Edward' when I thought of him my eyes flew open staring into his deep gold eyes.

'I love you Bella' he said to me. 'I love you to' I breathed bewildered by the intensity of the colors the razor sharp detail I could see. I could make out every single hair in his bronze colored hair, it was thrilling.

I wanted to stand and even before I had really given it much thought I was on my legs. 'Hmm I should work on moving slower' I thought. I looked around in the eyes of Jasper and Emmet. Emmet's eyes were gold but Jaspers were deep navy blue. Not the blue of humans but a real deep blue. When I looked into them I felt a connection deep inside me. There was more.

I wanted to say something about it when I felt a sort of tension and confusement. I looked around and saw that everybody looked tense. They stood behind Jasper and Emmet who stood in a guarding position in front of me. I quickly understood why.

'Euhm do you mind telling me why you're staring at me?' I asked hesitating. 'Because you're stunning sweetheart. You are so beautiful' I heard the lovely voice behind me. 'And because of your eyes Bella' he said. I immediately felt this was why they were really staring at me.

'I think it's not very surprising' I said with an hesitant tone. 'I mean it's not like we didn't know they would be red right?' I asked hoping to be reassured. In the short silence I felt waves of love from behind me and confusement from the others. What was this? Am I going mental?

'Euhm Bella' I heard Carlisle's voice. I turned to him at once. 'Jasper, Emmet relax she's in control' he assured them. 'It's just not natural' I heard jasper, very clear because of my vampire senses. Carlisle stepped in front of them. 'Bella your eyes are not red' Carlisle explained.

'What do you mean with not red?' I asked gobsmacked. ' Isn't every newborn supposed to have red eyes?'. 'Yes' Carlisle said 'But you are not a normal newborn Bella, first of all you should be running around right now wild of the thirst but here you are your normal self. Second of all your eyes are blue.' I was dazzled by this new info.

'You mean like deep navy blue?' I asked on to something. 'Yes' he said surprised. 'But how do you know?' he asked curious. 'I'm not the only one with that color eyes' I said softly. 'Jasper' I said. He turned and looked into my eyes which were now the exact same color as Jaspers. When he met my gaze I felt it again the connection. We were drawn to each other and ended up in a tight hug.

'Ah' Carlisle said softly he understood why and what. 'This is very rare' Carlisle continued. 'But I think I understand' he said, 'This color of eyes always comes in paires. The two that have these color of eyes are drawn to each other. No in a way of love but more of friendship and trust. We call those people soulfriends. Or better said they were meant to be.' He explained in full detail. 'If I'm right you two can hear each other's thoughts no matter how far apart. It is also common for the pair to have similar gifts' he said, 'We can guess Bella's gift has to do with feelings and emotions to' he said smiling at me. 'You can feel how we feel right know can't you?' he said.

I nodded. 'Bella look me in the eyes' he instructed me. I looked into his eyes. Navy blue into deep gold. After a few moments I felt something. It was a kind of force coming from Carlisle. I felt his happiness but then I felt drawn to him. I walked at him and took him in a tight hug. 'Seems I was right' he chuckled. 'Bella you can feel the feelings of other people but you can't control them' he said starting to explain the whole thing to me. 'You feel what other people want and what they need. You can choose to help them or not. Bella you need to make the difference between wanting and needing. Needing is what someone really has to have. Wanting is what a person wants to have but is not necessary to have. The first one is more powerful and pure. The second one can be influenced by the mind of the person you're exploring' He said with a bemused tone.

'That's why you had to hug me because I needed you' he said with a smile. 'But you have to watch out. People can mess with what they want and use your gift against you, you need to make sure you can separate wanting from needing. Otherwise somebody could want things and if you can't control your gift you would give it to him' he said a little bit of concern on his face. 'We are going to help you' he said then a thought drifted into his mind. 'or better Jasper is going to help you as he is probably the best capable since you two are connected so deeply.

'But Bella we will talk later and hunt tomorrow if you need to' he added for my benefit. 'I don't have some magic feeling gift but even I can see your husband needs you know' he laughed at his words. 'I think I need him to' I said. I looked into his eyes and we agreed silently we went upstairs into our bedroom and closed the door.

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