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Edward POV

We walked through the portal. A cold wind waved over us. The room I saw was enormous, it was huge. It all seemed to glow a bright blue color which originated from the radiating crystals were everything was made of. There were crystal seats placed in a circle. It was much like a theater but then round.

"I've been here before" Bella whispered. I was shocked, how was that possible? "How is that possible" I whispered back. She just shrugged indicating she didn't know. There were exactly 7 seats placed in the middle of the room. It was clear they were intended for us. We sat down and I looked around. I saw the Volturi glaring at us from their seats. There were different area's for certain species to sit. I saw werewolves and vampires take their seats. The others I didn't recognize.

A few minutes later a very lean person. It was an Elve I recognized it by the similarities between him and Christian except this Elve had wings and a heartbeat. "Welcome" he began in a deep but calm voice. I read his thoughts but they were the same things he was saying so it didn't help much. "I declare this meeting of species opened" he said. "You seven are being held on a trial for endangering our secrets." He spoke. Carlisle stared at them with wide eyes. 'Edward, this is Aro's doing, he wants us dead they just needed another reason and now Christian gave them one' I groaned. Was this really it? The end?

"We shall begin with the vampires" the head elve said. "Aro" he said gesturing for Aro to express the volturi's verdict. I already knew what he was going to say. "What they have done is abominable, it is unacceptable and they need to be punished" he said his eyes sparkling. "100 years in my service will do" he finished. "The elves agree" he said. "The shapeshifters do not" a familiar voice said. I swirled around. "Billy" is said. He looked at me and flashed me a smile. "The veneficus do not agree as well". I looked at them, they had a heartbeat and blood pumping through their veins. Though they all looked human there was something weird about them.

I heard Bella gasp when she looked at the veneficus. I wondered why. There was one last group to vote. Their vote would be the final judgment. "The werewolves agree with the punishment" a husky and rough voice said. And with those words he doomed us all. "Do it Aro" the elve said. "You must understand" he said to us, "That as the head of our species I have the privilege to set up laws and you must obey". 'Why didn't I know this' Carlisle thought. His expression was furious. "I Aro head of the species vampire herby sentence thou to 100 years of service. This is binding and unbreakable punishment" his voice rang with authority. "Now you can do no other than what I say" he said smiling his evil smile. "So will the Cullen clan please join me. We're leaving." He said it as an order but I didn't feel like doing it. And nothing happened. We just stayed there. We were all flabbergasted. We had expected some invisible thing to force us to go to them.

Christian's body was shaking. It was only after a few minutes that I realized it was laughter. He stood up and walked towards the head elve. "Your highness I think these are not ordinary vampires. Call Lady Lavendel" he said. He nodded and murmured something I didn't understand. A green light appeared and a extraordinary women stepped out. She was tall, had pointy ears a smooth skin and she wore a simple but stunning white dress.

"lady Lavendel can you please tell me what these people are" the head elve asked. Lady Lavendel walked towards us. "aah" she nodded in a serene voice. "This is an extraordinary coven. There is this elve" she gestured to Christian. "Who is actually halve vampire thought the biggest part of him is Elve" I was shocked. I looked at Christian and he just grinned he must have known, "Then there are the five Lamia vega's or vegetarian vampires. It appears they are a species of themselves" Carlisle looked very happy by this new discovery. But I realized she had said five vampires and not six. "Five?" I asked her. She looked at me before she answered "Yes, she" she gestured to Bella, "Is blocking me. "I dropped my shield" Bella informed her. The eyes of Lady Lavenel widened. "She is part sorceress". I heard several gasps Bella looked confused. 'A sorceress? How can it be?' Carlisle thought. I looked at Bella and she had a smug expression on her face. I instantly knew she had known as well as Christian.

"Two half breeds who appeared to have gotten best of both worlds and six of the vegetarian species" the chairman of this meeting mumbled. "It appears we have been mistaken. No harm has been done today and I declare them cleared of all charges" he announced with a voice that rang with authority.

"You can't do this!" Aro exclaimed. He looked irritated and Caius looked just plain mad. "Aro! You will leave now and leave this coven alone" the chairman said. He was clearly irritated by Aro's behavior. The volturi shot one last glance at us one filled with hate and then they walked out. 'We will get you, watch out' Aro threatened me In his head.

We were back in the living room. My head was full of thoughts. I looked around the room at Alice. Her face had a blank expression. She was seeing the future. I checked in on her mind.

"Aro! We can't let this happen" Caius voice boomed trough the room. His face was flushed with anger. "We need to take them down now we still can" he continued. "Let us bring the whole guard, they won't stand a change". "We don't know the power of the half-breeds" Aro calmly replied. "Does it matter? They are both half vampire so we can burn them" Caius exclaimed. "We will offer them a place in the guard" Aro replied a thoughtfull expression on his face. "We will offer a place to the mind reader the 2 half-breeds and the future teller and the empath." "If they refuse we take them down" he grinned. "Chelsea will come in handy" Caius said smiling an evil smile. "No, she will not" marcus' bored voice spoke. "Their bonds are far too strong to be loosened" he continued. "The girl is so strongly connected to everyone. She has a bond with the empathy. Her love for her mate is enormous. She loves the future teller so much and she has a friendship with the other half-breed that is so much stronger then the simple bonds. Chelsea wil not be able to do anything" he ended. They all sat in silence until Aro spoke up" we will go in three week.

I retreated from her mind until Alice spoke. "The volturi are coming" she said with a weak voice.