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Ryou's POV

I woke up to the sight of loads and loads of 2-D cherries. Cherries? Wasn't that the pattern on my tablecloth?

I lifted my head up and saw, to my surprise, that I had fallen asleep with my head on the table. Gracious! I must have been tired!

'I wonder why Akemi hadn't thought to wake me up...'

"Akemi!" I called out. "I'm awake now! You wanted some help with your coursework?"

I waited for a response, but she didn't reply.

"Akemi?" I said, standing up and wincing slightly at the scraping noise the chair made on the floor.

"Hello? Akemi, are you here?" I said, feeling slightly worried now.

I glanced at the bright red clock. Four thirty! I had been asleep for at least four hours! And Akemi had been home for an hour and half.

I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, expecting to see the usual sight of Akemi watching Family Guy on the television. But she wasn't there.

"Oh, she must be in her bedroom," I said, as I neared the stairs.

"Akemi!" I said, as I walked up the stairs. "Are you asleep?"

'Well, that was a silly question,' I thought to myself. 'She wouldn't answer if she was asleep.'

I softly knocked on the white door with the words 'AKEMI'S BEDROOM' stuck to it with blue-tac.

"'Kemi?" I asked, softly, opening the door. "You in here?"

I froze, realising she wasn't in there. WHERE COULD SHE BE?

I could not imagine for the life of me where Akemi was! School finished at ten to three. And it was now five fourty-five!

"She would tell me if she was... going out with a boy, wouldn't she?" I muttered aloud to myself, as I paced back and forth in the living room.

I glanced at the clock for what must have been the third time that minute.

"No," I told myself. "I shouldn't be stressing out over this. This sort of behaviour is normal for people her age, right? Teenagers are usually late home, right?"

I sat down on our cream couch, fiddling with my revealing top. My... revealing top? Why was I wea-

"Oh, Sugarplums! I forgot about work!" I glanced at my watch.

"I can't miss work!" I exclaimed, as I jumped up.

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a post-it.

"Pen, pen, pen, pen, pe- PEN!" I said to myself as I finally found one.

I hurridly scribbled Akemi a note telling her where I was going, and stuck it to the fridge.

Then, hurrily downing a cup of tea, I grabbed my car keys and rushed out of the door.

I arrived at pLace ((Nicked the name. ^^')), the club where I worked as a waiter and helped at the bar.

As, usual, there was a large cue of people outside, their faces lit up by it's giant orange neon sign. I grinned as I walked past the queue, heading towards the staff entrance. Suddenly, I heard a very familiar voice...

"Please, Yuugi?" I would know that voice anywhere. It was Yami's. And he was talking to Yuugi?

I stood still, and turned to where the voices were coming from. Sure enough, sticking up above the crowd, were to very unique hairstyles.

I took a swift, having not seen either of the two duelists with their tri-coloured since the day before the insident.

I quickened my pace, not wanting them to spot me and recognize me. It would be easy for them to recognize me, with my snow-white hair, I stuck out quite a bit.

I practically ran to the staff entrance, sighing with relief as I made it inside without being recognized.

"Ah, Ryou," Masashi - my boss - said to me. "We were just talking about you."

"We?" I asked, not ssing nyone standing near him.

"Yes, we have a new employee. I want you to look after him, show him the ropes, that sort of thing. Ryou, I'd like you to meat Yami Marik."

Another familliar face stepped out of the shadows. My face froze into a mask of shock, mirroring the face of the man opposite me.


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