Public Enemies-John and Billie

It was an ordenary day in September, 1923.

The sun was shining and the birds where singing.

John Dillinger came out from the bank with his friends and his pockets full of money.

You could hear gun shots on the streets, from CIA and John Dillinger and his gang.

John and his friends drove away in an stolen cab.

You could hear Puris swear that he was going to take him, it was just a matter of time.

John heard it and laughed, "yeah right", he said to his friends.

"There not fast enugh or smart enugh to get us, they have to be at all the banks, all the time"!

They droved to their hiding place in the forrest.

When John opened the door, he saw Billie, she had been waiting for them.

"Are you ok"?, she asked John.

"Yes darling", John answered.

"The question is are you ok"?, he said worried.

"Actually, Im not", Billie said.

"Im so worried that something will happen to you".

"What if the cops, take you away from me"?, she said.

"That will never happen", John said.

"Im not going anywhere and neither are you, there not fast enugh or smart enugh".

Billie didnt answer that, she just kissed him!

Everything was ok, atleast for now!