Chapter 1.

Watching may snow.

Sally reached out over her laptop and fumbled blindly for a poem. She needed inspiration and though she knew she was at risk of becoming a cliché of her self, never the less teased a folded scrap of lined paper out of the precariously balanced cluster of prose.

There was a brief second before she realized that her only manuscript had dropped neatly into the full glass of water she had left on the ledge at the head of her bed the previous night.

"Shit!" in a manor slightly less dignified than her usual balanced self; she gingerly fished the sodden poem out of the now overflowing glass. As sally gently unfolded her work she was relived to find it undamaged and still legible if a little wet.

Sally silver cracked her knuckles then began to type, slowly at first but building up speed with her confidence.

The watcher

They sit and I watch

Dark tousled hair frames a furrowed marble brow.

He ponders quietly.

Darting deep eyes progress across a page.

It turns.

Crisp cut as those parting lips

Though not of that cream

Not ruby red nor deeper

But in the balance of my eye.

What makes the tweaking of that smile?

For I can dream of them unnoticed and smile my self in dream like thoughts.

- Sally Silver

Sally knew that Will would not like it. Of coarse he was of the male variety and like nearly all her friends was though thoughtful never the less a hopeless case and complete philistine. Sally smiled to her self recalling when in geography one Wednesday afternoon Will had identified that philistine was west of the river Jordan, thus resulting in three lessons on the correct whereabouts of the Palestinian borders.

Further more sally recollected to her self the subject of the mater would never hear of how she viewed and reviewed his bedraggled symmetry but let alone whether if in the occurrence of these events coming to his knowledge he would even recognize his accurate description in the shallow cryptic words.

Saving her work and rolling on to her back sally felt so detached from the rest of the world. There were so many things she didn't know and so many she almost wished she didn't. and she knew she did not know the words to describe what went on in her head and heart and so locked every emotion away, safe in the back of her mind.

When was I happy?The thought came to her in a creeping vine of consciousness. That rarely happened.

To day. It was almost a surprise to hear her self think it.

At the park after school. Now she remembered. You walked to your swing and the air was alive with down like snow suspended in the may air. And the ground was a carpet of white. You were so full of joy and wonder when you realized the duvet of flitting feathers that engulfed your vision were dandelion heads swaying in the warm spring breeze. Great golden rays of celestial sun light streamed through the dancing dappled clouds that soaring swallows so freely dived between. You swung so high and were contented but for the fact you had no one else to watch the master piece with. But you know you can remember and tell all that need to know so that they can see a little as you do if they choose to. Think of this and it will make you happy.

Sally Silver fell asleep peacefully.