Chapter 3

Tansie Tea

Cold light eyes in a cool dark mirror. White slender fingers gently caressing and braiding silken seas of corn that flowed in slow waving motions over sculpted marble collar bones and thin speckled shoulders, and flicking up like twisting dancers over her small delicate breasts.

The slight girl sighed quietly eyes cast down, head bent as silent tears trickled over deep purple bruising across high freckled cheek bones.

Slowly and cautiously Tansie stood gently shaking, her light feet stepped over roughly strewn debris that lay about the centre of the concrete floor of the where house come squat that Tansie was currently residence of.

She picked up her black inconspicuous bag and undoing the zip to the largest compartment she pulled out a bundle of inconspicuous clothes that she pulled them over her agile frame.

Tansie Tea left for work. She would not return to the cold dark room.