Dante was telling the truth when he said he couldn't wait to be married. He knew Lulu probably thought he was joking but she would be surprised to know he wasn't. Now he just needed a good enough reason to get her there.

The next day he slipped the idea of a vacation into the conversation over breakfast. "What do you think baby?"

"I don't know Dante travelling with a new baby."

"He'll be fine sweetie and we can always take Sonny's jet."

"Where are we going?" she asked taking a bite of her toast.

"That's a surprise."

"What are you up to Dante Falconeri?" she asked with a grin.

"Nothing, baby I just think we deserve a nice vacation."

"Alright then when do you want to go?"


The next day Dante insisted on packing the bags for their little trip. He wasn't sure what she would think but he wanted to surprise her with a trip to Las Vegas so they could get married. He picked out a nice dress for her to wear and a suit for him, along with two outfits for the kids to wear and prayed she wouldn't be angry with him for not telling her what they were doing.

He also filled the diaper bag with everything Dominic would need for the trip, bottles, formula, diapers, the carrier, stroller and some toys. He realized the baby had more stuff the lug along than all three of them combined. After making a few trips to load up the car he made his way to the kitchen where Lulu was making breakfast. "Hey baby, car's all packed and ready to go."

"Are you sure you got everything? How am I supposed to know if you packed everything I'll need?" she asked hoping to get more information about where he was taking her.

"Nice try sweetheart but I'm not telling you where were going, I assure you I have everything you'll need."

After breakfast they all climbed in the car and headed to the airport. Lulu switched on the radio turning to a station she liked and glanced back at the kids in the backseat, Arianna was reading a storybook and Dominic was sucking on his hand. With a smile she turned and glanced at Dante who turned and smiled at her as well before reaching for her hand.

Dante had booked a room at the Venetian and called to book their wedding at a nearby chapel. Even though they were eloping he wanted their wedding to be beautiful and romantic, something special for Lulu to remember forever. Arriving at the airport they all piled onto Sonny's private jet.

Five hours later they landed in Las Vegas, both the kids and Lulu were fast asleep when they arrived and Dante gently shook her awake. "Sweetie were here." Lulu sat up and glanced out the window of the plane seeing the lights and all the buildings she knew exactly where they were.

"You took us to Vegas?"

"Surprise," he said with a grin.

"When you said you wanted to elope I thought you were kidding."

"I never kid."

Dante rented a car and drove to the hotel so they could check in and drop off their bags. "So were really getting married today?" she asked taking a seat on the bed as soon as they entered the hotel room.

"Yes after today you will be Mrs. Falconeri."

"Your mom is going to kill you," she said with a laugh.

"She'll be fine plus we'll have a big reception when we get home."

"Wait. What am I gonna wear I don't have a dress or anything?"

"I packed a nice dress for you. Don't worry honey I thought of everything."

Lulu smiled as she leaned in to place a kiss on his lips, "I love you."

After feeding Dominic and changing his dirty diaper, Dante dressed him in the little plaid top and khaki pants he had packed. Arianna changed into her pretty pink dress and Dante was wearing his suit as they waited for Lulu to emerge from the bathroom. When she did she was wearing the white dress he had bought for her it had a black sash around the waist and she had curled her hair and added the diamond drop earrings he had bought for her. "You look beautiful."

"You don't look so bad yourself, handsome."

They headed over to get their marriage licence before heading to chapel where Dante had booked a Courtyard Romance style wedding. When he was researching places on the internet he had decided on that one because it sounded like something Lulu would love. A romantic wedding outside in the courtyard, a custom created bouquet, professional photos, live music, a DVD of the ceremony which would be perfect to show their family and friends, champagne, and a limo for one hour.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, Dante held Lulu's hand as they said their vows Arianna standing beside Lulu held onto her bouquet and Dominic was held by the wife of the man marrying them.

"You may kiss the bride." Dante heard the words he had been waiting for and pulled Lulu toward him as their lips met in a gentle kiss that quickly turned more passionate.

"Yay!" Arianna squealed with delight, clapping her hands. "Now we can be together forever."