Title: Can't Start A Fire (Without a Spark)
: Fatebegins (http:/ fatebegins .livejournal .com/)
: NC-17 / M
: Puck/Kurt (Purt/Puckurt). Characters: Ryan Atwood, Mike Chang, Finn Hudson, Mercedes Jones, Quinn Fabray..many more.
: Puck is a firefighter and saves Kurt from a burning building, he's instantly drawn to the soprano and knows that somehow, someway, he's going to make him his "wife".
: No Glee don't belong to me or to fatebegins, this history is not mine! But I have permission to post it here! (The original post: http:/ fatebegins .livejournal .com/16424 .html)
Warning: AU, MPREG.

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"I want an epidural!" Kurt moaned, grasping at Puck's sleeve. "It's not too late for an epidural, right? Give me drugs!"

"Baby, we agreed to have a natural birth." Puck tried to sooth Kurt but was shoved away for his efforts.

"You have them naturally." Kurt snapped. "I want drugs now!"

"Just try to remember to breathe." Puck demonstrated the breaths. "hee-hee-who, hee-hee who"

"Shut up!" Kurt yelled then whimpered, both of his hands gripping the side rails. "I want my Dad, where's my Dad?"

"His flight is going to land in a couple of hours." Puck massaged his back. "Everything will be fine."

"It's starting." Kurt grimaced, breathing through his nose in short pants as the pain continued for ninety three seconds.

"They're coming closer together." Puck told him. "That was one minute and thirty two seconds from the last one."

"Noah…please…I-I need-" Whatever he was about to say was lost in a low cry.

"I guess I don't have to ask how you're doing Kurt." Dr. Archibald gave him a sympathetic smile. "I know you're uncomfortable Kurt, but you're eight centimeters dilated. We discussed that your options would significantly narrow when you reached that stage."

"It wasn't supposed to be this long." Kurt panted, moaning pitifully and sagging back against the hospital bed, tears leaking out of the corners of his eyes. "I didn't know it would be so hard." Another contraction tore through him. Kurt tried to grab on to the memories of Lamaze class but the pain was just too much. He soon abandoned his breathing techniques in favor of full blown panic.

Puck felt sick. It was physically painful to watch Kurt suffer and be helpless to alleviate the pain. With every wounded sound Kurt made, every time his back bowed and he shuddered through contractions Puck swore to himself that he would never do this to Kurt again. Put him through such agony. Puck looked at the Doctor. "He's in a lot of pain; can't you just give him the epidural?"

The doctor shook his head, snapping on latex gloves. "He was eight centimeters twenty minutes ago, with the strength and frequency of his contractions, he's probably fully dilated by now. Besides, the babies are turned. Their heart rates look good, birth canal has fully formed… and we do encourage natural birth at this clinic. An epidural comes with risks to both the baby and the father and can cause complications." He addressed Kurt. "Alright Kurt, lets see how far along you are now."

Doctor Archibald examined him quickly. "Looks like baby A is crowning, Kurt."

"Crowning?" Puck echoed.

"What?" Kurt ground out, one hand clenched the bed sheets and the other hand reached out to grip Puck's to the point of pain. "No, no!" Kurt suddenly frightened by the idea of pushing anything that big out of a space so small. It was irrational, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd rip in half even though all of his instincts were screaming to push. "I don't want to do this anymore! I want a c- section, I can't do this!"

"Too late for that," The doctor replied archly. Nate came into the delivery room followed closely by two female nurses. The women, each grabbing one calf, secured Kurt's legs into the stirrups. Kurt started crying as soon as his feet touched the metal.

Puck didn't know what to do, Kurt's pitiful moans were escalating to screams.

"Okay Kurt, we're going to start pushing." The doctor informed him. "Take a deep breath and release, then on the next contraction, I'm going to need you to push, bear down as hard as you can, using your abdominal muscles, for ten seconds."

"No, no!" Kurt shook his head frantically, his sweat soaked hair lashing across his face. "I'm not ready!"

"Kurt, it's alright." Puck felt like his hand was being broken, he never knew Kurt had that kind of strength. "It's okay, just breathe." His fingers were numb within Kurt's crushing grip.

Kurt tensed; his belly hardening and he struggle not to scream once more. "C-contraction."

"Push," Doctor Archibald commanded. " One, two, three, four.." He counted off until he reached ten. Kurt collapsed against the bed, gasping only to have to repeat the process four more times.

"The head is out." Nate sent a smile in Puck's direction.

"Suction," Archibald asked efficiently and one of the women handed him a blue bulb. Puck could hear the noise of the instrument, even through Kurt's labored breaths. Then he heard a gargled cry. The sound weakened his knees.

"Let's get past the shoulders, Kurt. Hard part's over." Archibald encouraged.

Kurt's energy returned to him upon hearing his child's cry and he nodded, pushing up on his forearms.

Puck watched from Kurt's side, amazed. He wanted to go look but Kurt's death grip on his finger's wouldn't loosen. The world went grey around Puck and then returned to focus as Kurt literally screamed through the final push. Suddenly a red, scrunched up form, covered in white gunk was held in Doctor Archibald's hands.

"Oh my God Noah, look…" Kurt was weeping now his hand letting go of Puck's to flutter towards the baby but then drop down to his side, a sudden pain reminding him that he wasn't nearly finished.

"It's a boy." Nate announced. "Does Daddy want to cut the cord?" He held out a pair of sterile scissors to Puck. Puck looked at them blankly before walking slowly forward, his hands trembling as he grasped the cool metal.

The baby's cries had decreased, his flailing limbs had calmed and his wide dark eyes were unfocused but appeared to be glaring up at Puck.

"Right here." Archibald directed the scissors to a spot between two clamps. Puck cut, and when bright drops of blood came to the surface he swayed on his feet.

"You alright?" One of the nurses steadied him and Puck shook his head, even as the black dots expanded. No fucking way, he thought just as his legs gave out.

Noah Puckerman had fainted.


"Shit." Puck touched the side of his head gingerly, wincing at the tenderness when his fingers probed the sizable lump on the side of his head.

"You feeling, okay?" Nate voice asked. It sounded like he was nearby. Puck opened his eyes groggily, with some effort to find Nate's blue eyes mere inches from his face. He startled. "Relax, I'm just examining you. You took quite a fall in there."

"Kurt!" Puck tried to get up, only to be restrained by Nate's insistent hand.

"Kurt is fine. He's resting with your children in the next room."

"Holy fuck, I can't believe I fucking passed out."

"Me neither. You went down like a ton of bricks, hit your head on the edge of the medical table." His fingers skirted along the edge of Puck's temple. "You're going to have one hell of a bruise and a headache."

"Wait…you said children?" Nate nodded. "I missed the second delivery?"

"Sure did." He made a couple more notes on his clipboard then snapped it shut. "Don't feel too bad, I've seen bigger men go down than you. Delivery can be a scary thing for partners."

"That's why I should have been there for Kurt. He was the one in pain."

"Maybe," Nate placed the board at the end of the hospital bed. "But what's done is done. When I had our daughter, Chuck passed out cold at seven centimeters and didn't wake up until after I delivered." He smiled faintly at the memory. "I don't hold that against him, he was just afraid for me after all. I understood that it was a nerve wracking situation for him, being helpless while I was in pain." Nate patted Puck's hand fondly. "Kurt probably understands that as well."

"You think?"

"I know." Nate walked to the door and opened it. "Now get up, slowly, and get into the next room, your family's waiting."


Puck pushed open the door and was greeted by an image that was almost identical to his innermost fantasies. Kurt lay against the bed, freshly changed, his peaceful face showing none of the strain of the 19 hour labor. His cheeks were flushed pink and his dark hair was neatly combed away from his face as he sang softly beneath his breath. The rails on either side of the bed were drawn up, Kurt lying on the left side as he stared down at two wrapped bundles that occupied the right, his crystal blue eyes full of love.

Puck cleared his throat. "Hey."

Kurt looked up, a sunny smiling spreading across his face when he saw Puck. "Hey yourself."

"I…um…I'm so-"

"It's okay." Kurt reassured.

"But you don't even know what-"

"I'm not angry, Noah." Kurt's mouth twitched in amusement. "I actually think it's kind of funny that a big, strong man like you couldn't handle a little blood."

"I can!" Puck blushed. "I was just… when I saw you in pain, it-"

"I know." Kurt cut him off. "None of that matters anymore." He grinned, his expression almost giddy. "We're parents now! Our kids come first."

"Of course," Puck agreed automatically.

"Now, are you going to stand at the door all day or are you going to come meet your son and daughter?" Kurt's voice was warm and gentle, washing over Puck soothingly.

"Son and daughter?" Puck moved to the bed, looking down at the babies in wonder. The infant wrapped in the pale blue hospital blanket was asleep, little bow mouth twitching as he dreamt. But his sister, if the bright pink swaddling was anything to go by, was wide awake, her blue eyes darting blinking owlishly at him, returning his gaze. "They're perfect." He smoothed a finger down the light brown curl that lay across her forehead, she twitched in response and Puck felt like the luckiest man on earth.

"I know." Kurt smiled softly. "And they're ours."

"So does she look like an Audrey to you?" Puck teased, he knew Kurt was already decided on the name.

"Audrey Eden." Kurt responded as he carefully picked up their daughter. Kurt had been drawn to the meaning. The name Audrey meant "noble strength' and that was something Kurt wanted his child to have; the nobleness of knowing who you are and the strength to be that person. At least that was the way he had explained it to Puck but Puck secretly thought Kurt was just a hug fan of Audrey Hepburn. After Kurt scooped her up, he held out his precious bundle to Puck, grinning, "Hold your daughter, Daddy."

"I don't want to drop her." Puck declined. He felt big and clumsy, his hands too rough to hold something so new and soft.

"Pull that chair over by the bed and sit down." Kurt instructed, watching Puck while he did what he was told. "Now, here," And with no further warning, Kurt deposited the infant into Puck's arms. "She's our little one, weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces."

Puck automatically cradled the baby, his movements a bit unsteady but sure. "She's so beautiful." He exclaimed, looking down at the pink face. "Hi, princess," Puck murmured as he smoothed a finger down her downy cheek. "She looks just like you." He told Kurt.

"I think so too!" Kurt beamed, Audrey's brother now in his arms. "But this little guy, he's much darker than Audrey." He pulled back the blanket from the sleeping infant's face. "He has your nose and jaw, your eyes and lips."

Puck smirked. "He's going to be a real heartbreaker."

"He weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces. Doctor Archibald says that this little porker was the one who always slept on top of Audrey!" Kurt giggled. "And he's definitely low maintenance, Audrey was crying before you got here and he slept right through it, didn't even stir."

"Then he has my personality too!" Puck said playfully. "We all know you need absolute silence for your beauty rest."

Kurt stuck his tongue out at Puck then blushed at indulging the childish impulse.

They both gazed at their babies for a few more minutes. "You want to trade?" Puck asked awkwardly, not really liking the way the phrase sounded but Kurt just nodded, exchanging Gabriel to receive Audrey.

"So much for identical," Kurt gave a small laugh. "So come on, daddy, I still like the name Jaysin and you like Gabriel. What's it going to be?"

Puck studied the small face, their son had not so much moved since he came into the room. If Puck hadn't heard him screaming before he passed out he would've thought the kid had came out asleep. "Gabriel Jaysin." He decided.

"Gabriel and Audrey Puckerman." Kurt kissed Audrey's forehead gently as Puck watched. "Welcome to the world."


"They're so little!" Finn exclaimed. "I'm not sure I want to pick them up." He glared at Puck accusingly. "You told me they'd grow!"

"They have, Gabe is practically his own planet now." He joked then looked around to see if Kurt was nearby. He didn't take too kindly to any jokes at his little angels' expense.

"But Gabe is Mike's, I want to hold mine." Finn continued to stare at the sleeping infant warily. Then, his mind made up, he took a step away from the baby swing. "I think I'll try again tomorrow."

Kurt came in from the kitchen as Finn was saying this and rolled his eyes. "Some god father you are! You haven't even held your god daughter once and she's already two months old!"

Mike pranced in after him, licking a dollop of chocolate frosting from his finger. "I'll take little man outside." He announced and then without waiting for an answer plucked Gabriel straight from Puck's hands. He was out the door before Finn could even blink.

"How the hell is he so good with babies?" Finn wailed. "They don't like me at all!"

"Correction, Gabe likes everyone." Puck said. "Yesterday, we took him to Ryan's house and he was just staring at the mailman and I thought he was in love." Puck grinned. "The day before that, it was the produce lady. Dude's just friendly." He shrugged. "Audrey…. not so much. She cries whenever she feels like it-"

"And unfortunately, that's only when you try and pick her up." Kurt finished, balancing a fudge chocolate cake in his hands. "Babe, get the door will you?"

Finn moved to the side, allowing Kurt to squeeze through the hallway and Puck opened the door so he could exit onto the deck of Ryan's house. Puck watched him move across the lawn, his eyes watching Kurt's incredible ass and he grinned at his own thoughts. He still found Kurt to be the sexiest guy he'd ever met. Each time he looked at him it was like the first time. His breath still caught in his throat and his heart always skipped a beat.

"You're so corny." Finn said beside him.

Puck flinched, hoping he hadn't said any of that out loud.

"Don't worry." Finn grinned. "You didn't say it but you don't have to. I know you, Puck and it's written all over your sappy little face."

Puck straightened, his eyes still watching the party goers. It was miraculous how healthy and vibrant Ryan was now. His cheeks spotted red with exertion as he chased RJ around the pool. RJ was walking now, at 11 and a half months, his sturdy little legs navigating through the grass as his father followed behind him, arms outstretched, always ready to catch him, in case the baby fell.

"So, you're twenty seven today." Finn declared.


"Did you… did you ever think you'd have kids…hell, a fiancé, this time last year?" Finn's voice held an odd note that Puck couldn't quite place.

"Nope, to be honest I thought this year would be the same. Maybe you, me and Mike would head down to the Glitter Bomb. Try and score." Puck smiled when he saw Mike blowing raspberries on Gabriel's round tummy as Kurt watched disapprovingly. He could almost hear what Kurt was thinking. That will give him gas. Kurt's worried frown was adorable.

"Not too late to make that dream come true." Finn joked.

Puck turned to him. "Not too late to make yours come true either."

"Don't try and get all deep on me and shit." Finn gestured outdoors. "My dream was to be blissfully fucked out on Ryan's dick. I don't think wishing upon a star will make that happen."

"Be serious."

"I am being serious. I think Seth would skin me alive if I so much as fantasize about his husband."

"It was a beautiful wedding."

"Fucking perfect." Finn remarked. "Right down to the breaking of the glass." He threw his hands into the air dramatically. "Mazal Tov!"

"I know you want that."

"Never said I didn't," Finn glanced at his sleeping god daughter. "If your wifey's expression is anything to go by, it's time to cut the cake." Puck went to get Audrey and Finn shooed him away. "I got this."


Puck was staring down at his birthday cake, family and friends gathered around them. Burt lit the candles; the older man had made the decision to move to New York so that he could be near his kids and grand children. It worked out very well for everyone. Puck and Kurt got a reliable, free babysitter, Ryan got a new business partner and Burt got…well, he got his family back intact.

The candles were ablaze and Ryan was holding back, RJ who seemed to be intent on diving face first into the cake, while Seth watched them both, amused. Puck took a deep breath and Finn came out with Audrey laying sleepily against his chest, her blue eyes at half mast but she was shedding no tears. Finn smiled at him triumphantly.

"Make a wish!" Kurt told him and Puck closed his eyes. He could see the bright pin points of the sun against his lids, he could hear laughter. He reopened them.

"You know, I don't think I need to." Puck admitted. "I already have everything."

There was a silence and Kurt hugged hum tightly, "That was the-"

"Oh. My. God. Total Homo!" Finn blurted out. "Could you get any gayer?"

Everyone laughed uproariously and Puck accepted the jibes good naturedly.

Mike's eyes skipped down to where his hands were entwined with Zac's and he blew out the candles.


"Ohgodohgod…Kurt moaned, rocking down harder. He could feel Puck's cock pulsing deep within him, stretching his walls and filling him up as he rode him hard. Kurt balanced his palms on Puck's muscled chest, bracing himself as he rose up and sank down, the pleasure making him dizzy.

Puck's fingers gripped Kurt's slim hips tightly as he lifted his fiancé up and down his stiff length, groaning at Kurt's tightness around him, the heat making him shudder in pleasure. It wasn't enough. Puck flipped their position quickly, pushing Kurt on his back and settling down between his slender thighs, sinking into him deeply.

"Fuck." Puck rested his forehead, slick with sweat, against Kurt's and groaned in pleasure.

"Noah, please." Kurt urged, begging for release his hands scrambling against Puck's back, moving his hips as Puck stabbed into him. "I want to come, make me come."

"Soon," Puck slowed his movements, licking his lips. "Want this to last." He could feel Kurt's swollen cock between them, hard and desperate for his touch, the tip leaving a trail of pre come down his abs. He shuddered when Kurt gripped him tightly with his inner muscles. "Have some patience." He nipped at Kurt's white neck, scraping his teeth across the Adam's apple, feeling Kurt's answering shiver.

"Fuck!" Kurt cried out. "Please…just…" He let out a soft cry when Puck played with a tender nipple, rolling the nub between his calloused fingers. "Noah…" He squirmed, the action impaling him further on Puck's thick cock.

Puck pulled out of Kurt, until only the tip of his cock was inside, the head stretching and catching at Kurt's puckered rim, making the younger man whimper. He thrust back in, hard, and Kurt gave a low cry, throwing back his head.

"Want more?" He thrust in again and Kurt had to muffle his scream of ecstasy.

"Shit...yeah…more, more." Kurt chanted. Puck was hitting his prostrate on every stroke.

Puck pounded into him, hiking Kurt's legs up over his shoulders, bending the smaller man in half as his dick sawed in and out of the pink, swollen entrance.

"Touch me-"

"Always want to."

Kurt babbled as Puck fucked into him hard and fast. Puck's fingers wrapped around his swollen cock, jerking the flesh roughly in time with his thrusts, his hand was still slick with lube and Kurt's eyes rolled into the back of his head at the smooth sensation.

Kurt came first, crying out hoarsely as he bit Puck's shoulder to keep from screaming; his hot come splashing between their bodies.

"So good baby," Puck rocked into Kurt gently, his movements slowing as he licked across Kurt's swollen lips, soothing him through his orgasm. "So fucking gorgeous when you fall apart." He sucked Kurt's tongue into his mouth, his cock still hard within Kurt's body.

"Come on." Kurt breathed, kissing Puck back. "Come for me, come in me." They both relished the feeling of skin on skin and could now indulge with Kurt on a birth control pill.

"Yeah," Puck bit at Kurt's bottom lip, savoring his moans then pulled back, his cock slipping free of Kurt with a slick squelch. "Get on your knees for me, baby."

Kurt did as he was told; his face against the pillow and his ass tilted up in the air as Puck moved behind him. He could feel Puck's large palms caressing his skin before his cheeks were pulled apart and Puck shoved inside of him - after that he was incapable of thought.

His world vanished until only sensation remained. The feel of Puck moving inside of him, the pleasure pain as his dick twitched, over sensitized, as it tried to become erect again despite having come moments ago.

"Fuck yes!" Kurt shouted, arching his back when Puck found that spot inside of him. Puck braced his feet against the mattress, moving to crouch low over Kurt's body, his hands sliding down to grip Kurt's hair, pulling the strands, as he slammed into him from behind.

"Shitshitshit" Kurt's cock spurted weakly, come dribbling down into the sheets. He heard Puck give a low groan and he shuddered as he came, pumping spurts of hot wetness inside of Kurt, continuing to thrust through his orgasm until he collapsed on top of the smaller man.

"Fuck." Puck panted against Kurt's neck.

Kurt couldn't have spoken in that moment if he had tried. He felt wrung out and used, he smiled sated - deliciously used .

Puck rolled off him and got up to go into the bathroom. He came back with a warm, damp cloth quickly wiping them both off before tossing the rag on the floor. He gathered Kurt against his chest sleepily.

"Love you." Kurt yawned

"Love you, too."

Kurt smiled against Puck's warm skin and he placed a kiss on his collar bone. "I know."

"Let's elope" Puck whispered.

"Sure." Kurt snuggled closer, his eye lids closing.

"I'm serious." His voice was fervent.

Kurt raised himself up on an elbow to look into Puck's eyes. "So am I."

"I love you so fucking much, Kurt." Puck smiled tremulously down at him. "I don't think you understand how much…" He broke off, looking at Kurt's sleepy eyes. "You've given me everything I ever wanted."


"And a family."

Audrey's cries punctuated their warm cocoon through the baby monitor and Puck kissed Kurt's temple gently. 'I'll get her. You stay and rest."

Kurt watched him leave the room, reached for his robe and then got to his feet resolutely. It was time to see his dream through. He padded down the hallway and stopped in front of the nursery door. He could clearly see the babies faces, Audrey's red in displeasure and Gabriel's face serene, as he watched her with confused blue eyes.

Kurt resisted the urge to pinch himself, when Puck looked up and saw him. Love shining in his eyes as his lips quirked into a smile.

Kurt knew this was real.


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