Title: Words Get In The Way
: Fatebegins (http:// fatebegins .livejournal .com/)
: NC-17 / M
: Puck/Kurt (Purt/Puckurt).
: Kurt's insecurities lead to disastrous consequences.
: No Glee don't belong to me or to fatebegins, this history is not mine! But I have permission to post it here! (The original post: http:// community .livejournal .com/puckurt/449823 .html)
Warning: Futurfic, MPREG, This is crazy AU. Like honestly, the only things that remain the same are that Kurt was a gleek.

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Kurt can't remember the first time he started having these feelings, it almost felt like they had always been there. The worries that he wasn't good enough, that he would never be enough for Noah "Puck" Puckerman.

In every other aspect of his life, Kurt was confident, he was an amazing singer (could totally hit that high f note), he was attractive enough (not in the Lima scene but throw him into a city, like Manhattan or LA and he knew the gays would be all over him) and he was smart(not like genius smart but he had enough intelligence to briefly scan his notes before an exam and receive a b+ without an substantial effort). He was no longer in that segregated wasteland that he not so fondly remembered as high school. He had done something with his life, he had gone to New York University and majored in fashion and design. His first fashion review had been an expected success, the critics said he was innovative (well, duh) and he could work virtually where ever he choose. For right now, he chose Lima, helping his dad at the garage, because he was a good devoted son, and , he reminded himself, it was definitely not because he wanted to be near his smoking hot boyfriend of almost 2 years Noah Puckerman.

His life was put together, organized, and he had plenty of time to sketch his new men's collection for Calvin Klein, and if part of that collection did include men's coveralls that had been brilliantly tweaked to high fashion standards, that did not mean they were inspired by days of watching Noah Puckerman bent under the hood of a car, his cover all unbuttoned to his waist and hanging down exposing his powerful muscled arms in a white wife beater. No way.

So basically, Kurt Hummel had it going on.

But throw in one tall, dark exjock who used to throw him into dumpsters all through high school and Kurt Hummel was immediately reduced to an insecure mess. It didn't matter that said exjock was currently kneeling in between Kurt's outstretched legs, lips wrapped tightly around the tip of his leaking cock, the only thing Kurt could think of between strangled moans was, "Why is he keeping his eyes closed? is he imagining someone else?"

Puck glanced up, grey eyes locking with Kurt's as he tongued the bundle of nerves, vigorously, just below the head of Kurt's cock. Kurt jerked, whimpering, helpless to move as Noah was holding down his hips. He drew his knees up when he felt the slick tip of Puck's finger enter him.

"Shit Kurt, so fucking tight." Puck groaned , moving the single digit in and out in a practiced motion. It wasn't long before a second finger joined the first, scissoring inside of him, loosening him up for something that was far bigger than Puck's fingers.

Kurt felt like his body was on fire, the dual stimulation on his dick and the slight burn of Puck's fingers were driving him crazy. When Puck crooked his fingers in just the right way, hitting the bundle of nerves deep within him, Kurt cried out shamelessly, too far gone to care if his father might hear. Tilting his slender hips and grasping the chair for support, he rose and fell in labored movements, riding Puck's fingers on the down stroke and pushing into his wet, hot mouth on the up.

Puck pulled off, his eyes dark as they gazed between Kurt's spread legs, he was watching his fingers moving in and out of the slick, puffy entrance. Kurt moaned at the feral look in Puck's eyes, unintentionally bouncing down harder, head thrown back. He felt his balls draw up tight, a hot coil of heat low in his belly. He knew he had to come.

"Sh baby" Pucks slipped his fingers out of Kurt, his fingers pressing soothingly against Kurt's puckered rim as he fumbled for a condom.

"No, no condom." Kurt drew Puck up from his knees and yanked him against his chest, wrapping his legs around Puck's hips tightly, "I wanna feel you come in me" He moaned aloud at just the thought of Puck filling him up with his hot release.

"You're taking the birth control shots?"

Kurt nodded vigorously, he would agree to anything at this moment if it meant Noah would finally push in to him.

Puck froze, "Shit…okay" He guided his thick cock to Kurt's stretched entrance, pushing slowly inside, the head of his dick catching and then sinking past the tight muscle. "God baby…so tight, so damn tight always." He bottomed out in one smooth thrust, his balls resting flush against Kurt.

Kurt felt so full, he always did at first, every time it seemed impossible that his small body would be able to take Puck's massive cock but in the end, it always did. He could feel the bulbous head deep inside of him . He shifted experimentally and felt a violent shiver of pleasure break through him.

Puck groaned, feeling Kurt's muscles clench tightly around his dick, giving him such exquisite pleasure, it was almost painful. The need, the instinct to move was overwhelming but he would wait until Kurt was adjusted and relaxed. He would rather die than hurt him.

He stayed still above Kurt, hearing their ragged breathing blend together until finally Kurt gave him a small nod, his dark hair plastered against his head, lips bitten red- it was too much. Puck pulled out until just his cockhead was within the snug heat and then slammed back in, setting a vicious pace.

Kurt arched his back and screamed when Puck grabbed one of his legs, shifting it higher against his shoulder and changing the angle so that Puck hit his prostrate on every hard stroke.

"Ahh …N-n-noah…please please please" Kurt was reduced to begging, his mouth agape, his hips furiously rising to meet Pucks thrusts, every cell in him thrilling at the slick slide of Puck's thick cock against his nerve endings. He felt close to coming, his own dick laying against his belly, swollen and neglected but it was enough.

"Yea, you like that?" Puck slammed back into Kurt, feeling the smaller man tremble, his manicured nails digging half moon crescents into his shoulders. Puck grunted at the pain pleasure, "So hungry for it. So greedy for my cock" He whispered

"yea yea yea" Kurt babbled. He was so close, so close- Puck pulled out of him. Kurt was bewildered, feeling bereft and empty until Puck hurriedly changed their positions. Puck lifted Kurt on top of his thighs, his hands tweaking the pale pink nipples as Kurt looked down at him questioningly.

"Ride me" Puck responded, his mouth latching on to a small nub, teasing it into hardness while Kurt mewled above him, grinding down on his hardness. When Kurt made no move to comply, Puck jerked back his head, sucking a mark unto his pale neck, one hand reaching between them to deliver rough pulls to Kurt's dick. He cold tell the younger man was close. "Come on." He tilted his hips, the head of his cock nudging Kurt's hole teasingly, "Grab my dick and put it up your ass" He could feel the smear of precome that shot against Kurt's entrance, " I'll make you come so hard you'll think you were dying"

"Oh god, yes, yea." Kurt reached behind him, one hand firmly around Puck's thick girth as he sank all the way down. The hard length splitting him open. Immediately, he rocked his hips, whimpering constantly at the pressure against his sweet spot. Puck steadied his movements, rotating Kurt's slim hips in small, controlled circles so that the head of his dick was pressing persistently against Kurt's prostate.

Kurt came with a hoarse cry, his head tossed back, neck exposed to Puck's greedy eyes. Kurt must have blacked out, his orgasm that intense because when he came to, it was to Puck's voice, whispering filthy praise in his ears, still unbearably hard and thrusting inside his tight, now overly sensitive sheath.

"Such a good boy, coming with only my cock in you. So fucking hot for it." Puck thrust hard, once, twice and then pulled out flipping a dazed Kurt over, onto his knees, positioning his lax hands to grip the back of the couch.

When Puck slid into him again Kurt whimpered, hands clenching hard on the couch top, his sated dick twitching desperately, trying to fill again despite having come less than 5 minutes ago. Puck continued to pound into him relentlessly from behind, fingers a bruising grip at his waist, for what seemed like minutes, hours, days all Kurt could do was hold on for the ride, his head bent, hanging down between his shoulders and gasping for breath, sweat trickling down his neck. Finally, Puck came, his hot come splashing deep inside Kurt, triggering violent spurts from Kurt's spent dick as well.

Puck panted against his neck, thrusting shallowly through his orgasm, relishing the feeling of his own come sliding hot against him in Kurt's gripping channel.

"Mm." He pulled out of Kurt, noting the flinch from the smaller body, he turned Kurt over and on to his lap. His lips found Kurt's soft ones and melded together, his tongue pressing hotly within the sweet cavern. His fingers sought out the used, puffy hole between Kurt's legs and he marveled at his own slick essence now present, dripping down Kurt's thighs, "Hey Hummel…?"

"What?" Kurt yawned.

"You're leaking" Puck smirked.

"Asshole." Kurt laughed, then settled against him. He was almost asleep when he felt Puck shift from under him quietly.

"Hey," He lifted his head up and looked at Noah in the darkening room, "Where are you going?"

Noah pulled up his pants, "Class baby."

Kurt squinted at the digital clock, "But it's almost 8 o'clock…. I thought we could go get dinner."

Puck yanked his shirt over his head, "Not tonight." He attempted to fix his hair which had long since grown out of his adolescent Mohawk, "I started night classes remember?"

Kurt was sullen, pulling his own button down on.

"Hey, don't pout baby." Puck kissed him quickly , "I'll see you tonight alright" he kissed him again, "Later on, okay?"

"I'm not pouting." Kurt replied, unfolding his legs from under him he stood up, making to pass by Puck and go into the bathroom.

Puck grabbed his arm, spinning him around and kissing him hard, his tongues delving into the smaller man's mouth hungrily. He reluctantly broke away, knowing that he did have to go to class. "I've got to go." He gave another quick kiss, " Love you, baby."

Kurt nodded mutely , staring at the door long after it closed.

This is when his doubts came creeping back in. When he was alone in his basement, the empty room mocking him, he would start to wonder what Noah saw in him, why would he want to stay with a naïve inexperienced guy like Kurt?

Noah had gotten even better looking as he had aged, as gorgeous as he had been at sixteen, he was stunning at 25, still hounded by lonely housewives at every turn. The first time Kurt had noticed that his appeal had widened considerably was when Noah had visited him in Los Angeles last year. While Kurt had been grinning widely at the approaching figure of his boyfriend, he had noticed several other people doing the same. Their appreciative glances had made Kurt swell with pride at first but then he had noticed, that same night when they had been at dinner, the subtle way the waitress showcased her fake breasts in Noah's face, despite the fact that Kurt had been all but plastered to Noah's side.

It happened constantly. He felt like everyone who looked at Noah with him, dismissed him immediately, as if they knew that Kurt wouldn't be much competition if they decided to pursue Noah seriously . It started him wondering, when he wasn't there, what did Noah do when he encountered that kind of attention? He couldn't imagine the Noah he knew in high school, the stud of Lima, would turn all his admirers down.

Kurt sighed, he needed to shower and stop feeling bad about himself. Regardless of what happened in the past, he and Noah were separate people, they loved each other now, had been together for years.

His phone vibrated, "Noah" flashing vibrantly on the screen. He opened the message and his heart sank.

New project, getting together with some classmates. Can't make it to night :[ Love you

Kurt tamped down on the mounting insecurity and resisted the urge to throw his very expensive iphone against the wall. He had to get started on dinner in half an hour.