Title: Words Get In The Way
: Fatebegins (http:/ fatebegins .livejournal .com/)
: NC-17 / M
: Puck/Kurt (Purt/Puckurt).
: Kurt's insecurities lead to disastrous consequences.
: No Glee don't belong to me or to fatebegins, this history is not mine! But I have permission to post it here! (The original post: http:/ community .livejournal .com/puckurt/449823 .html)
Warning: Futurfic, MPREG, This is crazy AU. Like honestly, the only things that remain the same are that Kurt was a gleek.

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"I can feel his eyes on us." Kurt murmured but made no move to pull away from Puck. The soft music continued playing and he swayed closer to Puck's muscled body, his softer frame fitting perfectly against the harder one. Puck's body heat seeped past his clothes, making him feel warm and pliant.

"Do you want to stop?" Puck's voice was a warm breath of air against his neck and Kurt shivered, simultaneously shaking his head and pressing closer. Puck let out a husky laugh, "You know if I was your husband, I would never let you out of my sight."

Kurt arched a brow, leaning back so his eyes could look up into playful, grey ones, "Oh really? Why is that?" His hands stroked down Puck's broad back, coming to a stop above his waistband, his fingers dipping below briefly, teasingly, "Can't I be trusted?"

Puck growled, "You little tease!" Swooping down to bite Kurt's ear playfully as he dipped him on the dance floor. The crowd clapped enthusiastically at the display and Kurt came back up laughing, giddy with happiness.

It had been over a year since the police had apprehended Milo and that year was one of the happiest times Kurt could ever remember having in his entire life. His father had made a full recovery, his knee healing with no permanent injury and while he was recuperating he had stayed for months at Kurt and Puck's new home. Kurt had been able to watch Nicky take his first steps with Puck and his father right there. Burt was also there when Nicky said his first word, Papa, but it was a hollow victory as Nicky consistently called him Baba, which never failed to have Burt and Noah doubling over with laughter and braying like sheep . But still, It had been magical. And now, today, he had finally married the man he'd loved since he was fifteen. There were no words to describe the feeling he got when Noah had slipped his ring on his finger, no sentiments that could embody the emotions that made themselves known through tears when he had placed the titanium band on Noah's outstretched hand while his family and friends looked on.

"You're crying again." Puck interrupted his thoughts, thumb brushing away his tears tenderly, "If I had known marrying me would have made you this unhappy, I'd never had asked." He joked

"Shut up!" Kurt slapped him on the arm, sniffing, "They're happy tears."

"I know." Puck confessed against Kurt's mouth, placing a gentle peck on his lips, "Believe me I do."

"Love it when you say I do" Kurt snuggled against Puck once more. He never wanted their first dance to end. Wanted to be suspended in this moment forever where happiness was all he knew.

"Love saying 'I do' to you." Puck grinned, "I do, I do, I do"

Kurt laughed, he felt like he would float away, he was so lightheaded. This was pure joy.

"Still watching us, ten o'clock." Puck whispered. Sure enough, when Kurt glanced up, Nicky was watching his parents, scowling. "Think he's jealous that daddy gets to sex up Papa on the dance floor?"

Kurt smiled at Nicky but he pouted even further. He looked so precious in his little tuxedo, his hair parted and slicked back, a miniature Noah in the flesh. The resemblance was remarkable. Puck's sister, who had been able to fly in for the wedding was trying to cheer him up but after Nicky kicked her-oh my god his baby boy was a domestic abuser- twice in the shins, she backed away.

"Why is our son always kicking people?" Kurt mourned aloud. It was only a matter of time before Mercedes let him have his way and Nicky would make a beeline for them.

"Hey, he doesn't get that from me." Puck quickly defended, "That's a prissy move if I ever saw one, probably picked it up from a Beyonce video you forced him to watch."

Kurt beamed, "You're just angry because he likes to dance and is only mildly interested in football."

"Keep telling yourself that Mr. Puckerman," and if Kurt didn't just melt at himself being referred by that title, "He only watches those videos because he's checking out her ass." He slid one of his big palms down to cup Kurt's behind through his suit. "Puckermans are notorious ass men,"

"Noah!" Kurt yelped and swatted his hand away amongst the jeers of the crowd, his cheeks heating up. Several guests were laughing and staring at them indulgently. Burt's face had turned stern but to his credit he hadn't colored to his usual shades of angry red. " Way to ruin a perfect moment asshole."

The strains of music faded into the applause of the people, "Perfect moment?" Noah said into his ear.

Kurt nodded, then blushed shyly, " You're the first person to ever call me Mr. Puckerman."

Puck grinned and kissed him, "You are such a girl Hummel."

Kurt didn't have time to answer, he was too busy watching Nicky toddle determinedly across the floor. He was still unsteady on his little legs and Kurt prayed he wouldn't fall down. Their son had an enormous awareness of crowds and would be embarrassed, that would in turn translate to grumpy Nicky all night.

Puck knelt down, grabbing his son into a hug. "Sorry Kurt, but I believe the next dance is ours."

"Mine dada!" Nicky added, staring at him warily, almost as if he thought Kurt wouldn't get the point.

Kurt rolled his eyes and obliged, walking off the floor, as numerous couples filtered on, the DJ spinning a livelier number. Dancing underneath the twinkling ballroom lights, amidst hundreds of fragrant red roses; his wedding day had been perfect Kurt mused.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to face his dad. Burt had lost a substantial amount of weight while he recovered and even though the circumstances were horrible, Kurt had to admit his dad looked handsome.

Burt followed his eyes to where they rested on Nicky pulling at Puck's hair while they mock danced, Puck more turning and dipping for Nicky's amusement than anything else. " That's one handsome family you got there son."

"I know , Dad." Kurt reached to put an arm around his father's waits, his head coming to rest under his father's shoulder, "I'm so lucky to have them."

"They're lucky to have you." Burt responded, " Nicky's and Noah…they've got the best. I hope they realize that."

"Well," Kurt said amused, "Nicky just exiled me off the dance floor so I'm not too sure he's so quick on the uptake."

"You know, " Burt's voice was serious, " When I saw you walking down the aisle, you reminded me of your mother. The same look, the same peace she had…was all over your face. Made me realize something… your mother must've been sure about me."

Kurt was surprised, "Of course! mom loved you, Dad!"

"I know, I know that now but ," He sighed, smoothing the lapels of his suit, "When someone dies so young, that leaves you with a lot of time to wonder…it's just nice to be sure, is all."

Kurt turned in his dad's arms, hugging him tight, "I was always sure Dad." Burt hugged his son tighter and Kurt felt like the air was being wringed out of him and was that, tears?, he stepped back, "Dad! You're crying!" He pulled out his silk handkerchief, dabbing at the older man's eyes.

"Nonsense." Burt shooed him away, " and even if I was, everyone cries at weddings." Burt punched him lightly in the shoulder, which okay god still hurt, " Now, I've got to make some moves. This hot redhead keeps giving me the eye."

"Hot redhead? The eye?" Kurt looked around, sure enough an attractive red headed woman was watching Burt non too discreetly at the bar. Kurt was astonished.

"See ya Kurt." Burt tossed back at him, making his way over to the woman who was now trying to act busy, knowing she had been caught staring.

Kurt gazed at his retreating back,an element of sadness mixing with his joy. It was bittersweet. " Bye Dad…" He said softly, more to himself.


Kurt smiled, maybe his life was a Disney movie, he'd gotten his prince , well princes, he was reminded of Nicky when the little boy squealed as his Daddy spun him around the dance floor. Kurt cheered and Puck looked up toward him, eyes warm and sparkling with laughter, mouthed I love you and Kurt felt the same shot of pure joy that he had felt the first time he had heard those words. What had Noah once said, being with you is like relieving every perfect moment of my life at the same time, every time. Yea, that was it. His prince may not be genteel and always open the door, for him, he may still get into the occasional bar fight and think that Versace was that gay guy who wore all those colors in Italy…but…he had a way with words.
He was perfect.
Puck motioned for him to join them back on the dance floor, and Kurt nodded his eyes wet with tears. When he reached them Nicky immediately gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek while Puck roared with laughter. Kurt Hummel, no Kurt Puckerman, had gotten his happy ending and when Puck kissed him, despite Nicky's protests, he knew they truly were going to live happily ever after.


Milo's Epilogue- Mentions NON CON. STOP IF THAT OFFENDS YOU

Across town, in an eight by eight cell block Milo Ventimiglia was cowering in fear. Light's out had been called and he knew they were coming.
The sisters. Three big, tall and mean inmates who had cornered Milo on his first day and told him his hair was pretty.
Milo heard the grating noise of metal on cement as his cell was unlocked.
"Hey Ventimiglia!" That was the warden, Milo felt a shot of relief that plummeted with the next words, "You've got visitors. Family, they say they're your sisters." The warden laughed, moving out of the way as the men lumbered into the cell.
Warden Finn Hudson whistled as he strolled down the corridor, he may not have kept in touch with his old buddy Noah Puckerman anymore, but he still lived by a code. You fuck with one of his boys, well you get fucked. Literally.


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