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This is set five years after the series.

The two brothers sat outside under a large oak tree in their backyard like they had every summer morning for a long time. Phineas was leaning back, arms folded, onto the trunk of the tree, and Ferb was reading a book.

"Man! I can't believe summer's back already!" said Phineas. "It seems like just yesterday, we…" He drifted off. "Hey… Ferb? Remember those summers we spent doing really awesome stuff?"

Ferb nodded.

It had been years since the two had devoted a summer to anything spectacular, for various reasons. They and their friends had been spread out for the past few summers, never being home at the same time. And there was only so much that could be done without help, or a lack of anyone to share a good time with.

Phineas sighed. "Good times. You know, I really miss those days." He looked up, far away in thought. "Of course, with the stuff we know now, we could probably do a much better job of everything we…" An idea struck him. Phineas sat up straight, gasping. "Ferb! I know what we're gonna do today!"

Ferb gave a slight smile, closing his book. "It's been awhile since I heard that line."


Isabella walked over to the Flynn-Fletcher house, like she did every day, summer or not. Her appearance had changed significantly with age, her raven hair now cut into short layers, but still holding her signature pink ribbon. She had gotten taller as well, and her body, while still petite and underdeveloped, no longer looked like a little girl's. Isabella had grown into quite a beauty.

Despite this, she had yet to have a boyfriend. Many boys had asked, but the only person in the entire world that Isabella was even remotely interested in dating was the one person who would most likely never ask her out. The love of Isabella's life, Phineas Flynn.

Isabella clenched her fist in determination. "Today might be the day! The day when Phineas Vincent Flynn finally realizes, after all these years, that-"

"Hey, Isabella."

She jumped, giving a dear little yelp, then spun around to face the speaker. "Oh… H-hey, Phineas…"

"Who were you talking to?"

"U-um…" Isabella thought quickly for an excuse. "I thought Gretchen was here! Did she run off while I wasn't looking? Grr, the nerve!"

"Oh." Phineas shrugged. "Well, she was probably in a hurry. Maybe you can find out about it later."

"Y-yeah…" She sighed. That was close. "So… Whatcha dooooin?" asked Isabella in her signature way.

"Well, you know those teleporters in Halo? Ferb and I thought it would be fun to build one."

"Can I help?"


They walked further into the yard.

"Hey… Isabella?"

"Yeah, Phineas?"

"Realize what?"

Isabella's brain turned off for about five seconds. Never in her life had she needed to grab a Twix more. "Um…" She was running out of time. Phineas was starting to stare. "Uh… Realize… That… You have a face!"

Phineas blinked, a little surprised by the last statement, then smiled. "Yes. That I do."

"I-it's not like I just noticed or anything!" blurted Isabella. "I just thought… you might like to know…"

Phineas smiled, patting Isabella on the head as he walked off to direct trucks of supplies into the yard. Isabella blushed.

Ferb gave Isabella the 'Awwwww' grin.

"Oh, don't you give me that look!"

Buford walked into the yard, dragging Baljeet behind him on a leash. The Indian sat, legs folded, on the ground, crossing his arms and scuffing along in the dirt.

"I do not have to take this from you anymore," he pouted.

"But you do it anyway," said Buford.

Phineas waved. "Hey guys!"

"What goes on?" asked Buford.

"We're making a teleporter like the ones on Halo. Wanna help?"

Buford looked down at Baljeet. "What's today look like?"

"Right now, all you are doing is treating me like a dog."

"Then we're in."

Phineas looked around. "Hey, where's…" He drifted off. "Oh."

It had been two months since Perry had gone missing. No matter what they had tried, no matter what song or 'Missing' poster, he just wasn't to be found. After awhile, the family had decided that Perry wasn't coming back.

Buford sighed. "I miss that little ducky thing."

Isabella looked to Phineas, who was looking down. "Phineas? Are you…?"

"Oh…" Phineas sniffed. "I'm okay. After all, Perry wouldn't want us to be sad, right?" The group nodded. "So let's give it our all today! For Perry!"


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"We're finally done! Great job, everybody!"

There the teleporter stood, in all its glory.

"Who wants to try it first?" asked Phineas.

Buford raised his hand. "I volunteer…" He grabbed Baljeet from beside him and shoved him in front. "…the nerd."

Baljeet grew wide-eyed, shaking himself from Buford's grip. "Ohhhh, no! No, no, no, I am NOT going through that thing!"

"Why not?" asked Phineas. "It's totally safe. We tested it on rocks…"


Buford raised an eyebrow. "What? You afraid of a little black stuff?"

Baljeet sighed. "Yes. Yes, I am TERRIFIED of black stuff."

"But the stuff isn't dangerous," said Phineas. "Ferb already made sure of it."

"Just don't go near any open flames," Ferb added.

"See? Just don't do that and you'll be fine."

Baljeet nodded sarcastically. "Ah, yes, that is VERY comforting!"

"You want me to make you go through it?" Buford glared at him threateningly.

Baljeet made a strange squeak, then quickly recovered, pushing his glasses up nervously. "T…That will not be necessary, thank you."

"I thought so."

Baljeet gulped and went through the teleporter, after one last panicked glance to his friends.

They all waited for him to come out on the far side of the yard for about five minutes.

"…Where'd he go?" asked Isabella.

Buford shrugged. "Yeah… I've decided I'm not gonna use the teleporter."

At about that time, Baljeet appeared on the pre-planned spot a few yards away, looking disgruntled.

…And entirely covered in a black, tarlike substance.

Phineas sighed, relieved. "Oh, okay. There he is."

Candace, in the meantime, was busy planning her and Jeremy's wedding. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, and was just going into her last year of college, studying Criminal Justice (she had long since decided that she wanted to have a career in busting people).

Candace had also matured over the years, as well. She was still OCD beyond belief, and had the temper of a raging bull, but she was wiser, and less high-strung. Instead of finding her brothers sources of annoyance, she now acted like a second mother to them, and was willing to be around them more. Candace had, in fact, been staying with them while their parents were on a trip around the world, which would last the rest of the year.

She was now talking on the phone with her friend Jenny, who ran a wedding design business with her older sister.

"And I want the string quartet to go over…" Candace was cut off by loud noise in the backyard. She looked outside and gasped. "I'll call you back, Jen."

There was one thing about Candace that remained unchanged: her burning desire to bust her brothers.

No matter how much more she may have liked them now, it didn't change the fact that her life's dream had been to finally show their mother what the boys really did in their spare time. She would never give up. No matter what.

"What is that?" she exclaimed.

"Baljeet," answered Phineas.

Baljeet waved.

"No no!" Candace pointed to the machine. "I meant that!"

"Oh. A teleporter."

"No, it's not," said Candace. "It's a one-way ticket to Bust-ville, that's what it is!" She dialed a number on speed dial. "I'm calling Mom," she grumbled.

"I thought we were past this," Ferb sighed.

"But… Mom and Dad are in Thailand," Phineas pointed out.

"Thailand…" Candace sighed. "Of course. Okay, you're off the hook 'til they get back. But be careful, okay?"


In her years, Candace had learned that patience was key. It was what earned predators their food, and assassins their kill. It was crucial to wait for the precise moment to strike.

For Candace Flynn, this was not a defeat. It was a postponement.


A man stood in a cemetery alone, the moonlight reflecting off his long, tied-back green hair. The man was dressed in all black, from the long trench coat that spanned from his shoulders to his knees, to the shades he wore to cover his eyes, despite the fact that it was nighttime.

He took out an old, faded photograph of a fifteen year old boy with red hair. He sighed.


Ooh, who is the man? Dun dun dun!

If you're smart, you already know. I actually gave it to you, pretty much.


Heights (to show you how tall everyone is… Didn't have to do this, just thought you guys'd like it):

Phineas V. Flynn: 5'4"

Ferb T. Fletcher: 6'1"

Buford VanStromm: 5'10"

Isabella M. Garcia-Shapiro: 5'6"

Baljeet : 5'8" (has glasses now, too)

Candace G. Flynn: 5'8"

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