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Perry had easily grown accustomed to his new life.

He still had two sides: One, the every day, lazy Perry who wandered about the house aimlessly around the house like a ghost and slept a lot (his cover), and the true him, stealthy, badass, short-tempered Agent P.

And another thing would never change. The most important thing to Perry was, and always would be, his family, and especially his little brothers. He knew and loved everything about them, from the fact that Phineas found the word "nougat" funny for whatever reason and was neither sensitive about or even that aware of the fact that he still looked like a little boy even at fifteen, to the fact that Ferb always got secretly pissed off whenever anyone mentioned his eyebrows and would never stop wearing purple, no matter how many times Buford called it a "girl color".

Those two were Perry's life, as they had been for a very long time, so long that Perry considered them more like sons than brothers, despite his young age. If anything happened to either one of them… Perry refused to even think about it.

"Perry! Look!" Phineas called.

Perry was snatched into attention by his brother's voice, and moved to where he, Ferb, and a small gaggle of their friends were standing.

"Hauu! It's so cute!" squealed Isabella. "I wanna take it home with me!"

"Why don't you?" asked Phineas.

Isabella sighed. "There's no WAY my mom would let me keep it. Anyway, I already have Pinky."

Phineas turned. "Oh. There you are, Perry." He beamed. "Look at what we found!"

Perry stared down in curiosity. At his feet was a fluffy, snow white bunny rabbit. It started nibbling at his feet, and he jumped back.

Isabella raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Perry couldn't help but to feel uneasy. The last time that anyone in their house had found a white rabbit… Things weren't exactly pleasant.

Buford glanced around, then whispered to Perry cautiously. "I don't trust him either."

"Buford," sighed Baljeet, "Are you still afraid of bunny rabbits?"

Perry rolled his eyes.


Ferb picked the bunny up and held it in Buford's face. "Bunny."


Phineas made a sad face. "How could you be afraid of bunnies?"

"Like THIS." Buford made a terrified face.

The rest of the group sighed.

Ferb looked down at the rabbit he was currently holding, and without warning, placed it on Perry's head.

Isabella squeaked. "Cute!"



That night, after Perry was sure that everyone else was asleep, he took out an old faded photograph of two teenage boys, one with teal hair and one with white.

The teal-haired one was obviously himself, grinning like a fool, while the other boy had him in a headlock, grinning as well, possibly even wider.

Why did things have to change? Perry sighed. As much as he hated the other now, a small part of him wanted things to go back to the way they once were.

Are you… Still out there?



The Final Chapter

"Okay, Sebastian," Stan sighed. "You've dragged me all around this flipping hospital, annoyed me half to death, and even brought SHEEP in here. I think it's time to go home."

"WAIT!" Sebastian cried. "LOOK!"

"What-" Stan cut himself off. "Oh my God… Is that…?"

"It is…"

"I don't believe it…"

There right in front of them was the room they'd been searching for. They ran like madmen to it, only to find…

…that it was empty.

Sebastian's grin faltered slightly. "…"

"Where are they?"

Their entire quest had been for nothing. They both cried.


Poor them.

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