A searing Sun burns the edges of the sky,

Lighting the darkness? It can only try.

For with it's child, the sharp-edged Fire,

It can only scream as moon plays its midnight lyre.

Flashes of fearful light,

Lash out unceasingly at the night.

Moon has one sweet daughter,

The pure, dear turquoise Water;

She turns all heads with her fluid grace,

As even harsh fire tries to keep pace.

She heals souls with whispered song,

With her, Fire can do no wrong.

Like Yin and Yang swirl to create peace,

Water spins sweet circles, compelling Fire to cease.

Lost in each other's unending dance,

Locked in their eyes and left in a trance.

Moon's child shows Sun's own that he is living light,

A harmonizing response to the night.

In return Fire shows beautiful Water,

That she is all creatures' nourishing fodder.

Fire and Water, two that are pure opposites,

But making a harmony that will always persist.