Chuck Bass stretched and gave a contented sigh as he realized that he had actually slept. Slept better than he had in months. And he knew the reason for that was snuggled tightly into his chest. He wrapped his arms tighter around his wife and took in the smell of her hair. That had been one of the things he missed most about being away from her for so long. He had become accustom to the smell of her hair greeting him every morning.

He lay there a bit longer, thinking about getting up to go in search of his daughter, but he couldn't surmount to will to move. He was just too happy where he was at and if Eve need them, she'd be the first to let them know about it. Maybe she was sleeping in as well.

A glance over Blair's shoulder at the clock said it was creeping up on ten o'clock. He couldn't remember the last time he'd still been in bed at this hour. Then he almost laughed at the thought. In his youth he hadn't been able to pull himself out of bed before noon most days. Now at nine forty-five, he felt lazy for still being in bed.

Blair shifted and stirred beside him, showing signs that she was waking as well. Pressing his hips a little more securely into the curve of her bottom, he wondered if anyone would miss them if they stayed in bed just a little while longer.

When she gave a little groan at the movement and pressed herself back into him, arching her back in the process, he knew he just didn't care if they were missed.

He leaned up, turned her in his arms to find her awake as well and processed to enjoy waking up next to his wife once again.

An hour and a long shower later, he was standing in front of one of the bathroom's mirrors shaving while Blair was beside him, looking into the other as she brushed her teeth. It was domestic bliss at its best. And he couldn't have been happier about that.

" Are you going to the office today ?" She asked as she finished with the toothbrush and move on to mouth rinse.

" I probably should. I need to call a meeting with the board members to let them know the danger has passed." He answered, wiping off the remains of shaving cream from his now smooth face.

" Speaking of that..." She began and she was using that voice that said he wasn't going to like what came next. He braced himself and waited. " I want to hire a lawyer for Georgina."

He dropped the towel he was using and turned to look at her like she'd just spoken in some alien tongue. " Why would we do that ?"

She took a deep breath and a step closer to him. " We both know who Jack was. He was manipulative and evil. We can't begin to understand what he told her to make her join him. But I know Georgina. You know Georgina. She wasn't a nice person. But she wasn't really that different than you and I used to be."

He thought about that for a moment. She was right. Georgina wasn't an evil woman. She had her moments. And at times she went far too far with her scheming and lying, but she had never done anything to truly hurt another person.

" Alright." he agreed finally. " I'll make some calls."

" Do you think we might get to talk to her ?" Blair asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek lightly.

" You want to talk to her ?"

" I just thought, you know, maybe she had some answers that we don't have."

" I really don't think talking to her is a good idea." He argued. " I'll hire her the best lawyer money can buy, but beyond that, I think it's better if we just forget she ever existed and go on with our lives."

She rested her head on his shoulder. " Maybe that's why I want to talk to her. It's about closure. If I can understand why all this happened to us, maybe it'll be easier to put it behind us."

" I know they plan to extradite her back here for the kidnapping charges." He answered with a heavy sigh. " Mike told me. So I suppose, once that happens it wouldn't be that hard to gt in to talk to her. But that's only if she wants to talk to us."

Blair nodded. " I understand."

She nuzzled her nose into the side of his neck and it instantly served to speed up his pulse. Then she began laying soft kisses along the column of his throat and his arms tightened around her on instinct.

" Blair." He whispered in protest. " I really have to get to the office."

" Hmmm," She moaned in answer as her hands skirted across his bare chest.

He grabbed one of them in his to still her only moments before she made it to the towel around his waist. " You are incorrigible." He smiled before kissing her.

" I've missed you." She replied. " Are you sure you have to go in today ? I was thinking we could take Eve to the zoo."

" The zoo ?" He chuckled. " I haven't been to the zoo since I was a child."

" Me either. It'll be fun. We can show her all the animals and play with her all day long." Blair enticed him.

He kissed her again and the smile on her face said she knew she'd won the battle. " How about this ? I'll go into the office," Her bottom lip came out in a pout and he paused long enough to draw into his own mouth and nip at it lightly. She jerked in surprise and pulled back with a smile. " See that's what happens when you stick that out." He warned her. " Now, as I was saying. I'll go into the office for a few hours. Just long enough to make sure everything is running along fine without me. Then I'll come home and you can have all the time you want with me."

" A few hours ?" She asked as if she were certain he was playing some kind of trick on her.

He glanced at his father's watch which was fastened around his wrist. " I'll be home by three at the latest."

" If you aren't here by three. We're coming to get you." She replied as she let her arms slip from his shoulders.

" It's a deal." He agreed.

In the limo as he rode to the office, he thought about how difficult it had been to leave them. Blair had walked him to the elevator with Eve tucked onto her hip. After kissing them both goodbye he'd nearly turned right back around when Eve raised her tiny little hand and waved at him right before the doors closed.

He could easily imagine that scene replaying itself over and over as the years went by. Soon Eve would be standing on her own, leaning on her little tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Soon she'd be running after him, begging him to stay home and play with her instead of going to work. All too soon, he'd be taking her with him, dropping her off at school on his way. He imagined teaching her to ride a bike. Playing with her in the park. Dance recitals and scout meetings. PTA and report cards. School dances and boys that weren't nearly good enough for her.

His chest tightened at that thought and he had a sudden whimsical urge to buy a gun. He wondered if she'd grow into the kind of teenager Blair was, all reserved and refined. And he prayed with everything inside him that she didn't turn out more like him. God help him, if she did.

Suddenly the urge to go to the office seemed silly. He'd already missed so much. The office would just have to carry on without him for a little while longer. He had some catching up to do and it had nothing to do with work.
He leaned forward, pressed the button to lower the glass between him and the driver and ordered him to turn around.

It was time he started getting reacquainted with his family. It was time to start living the life he wanted to live. It was time to remember what it felt like to be happy.