Summary: Gabriella Montez and her mother, Maria, lose their Michigan home due to a tornado. Jack and Lucille Bolton, who live in Albuquerque, offer to take in tornado victims, and Gabriella and Maria end up going to stay with them. Immediately, Gabriella develops a crush on their son, Troy. However, Troy has a popular girlfriend, Sharpay Evans. He barely speaks to Gabriella. Will he ever realize she has feelings for him?


March 6, 2009

Today was a hard day at school. I had tests in two classes, and was assigned loads of homework in all the remaining ones. I don't know why the teachers give out tons of homework on Fridays. It's the start of the weekend! I know people consider me a nerd, but I'm not a big fan of lots of homework; I'm just good at turning things in either on time or early and I manage to get straight 'A's.'

This morning during homeroom announcements, my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Skye, told the whole class that a severe tornado warning was going to be in affect for our area around this time. So far, I don't see any signs of a tornado. I have my fingers crossed that one doesn't come.


I sighed as I put my diary back in its proper place-the dresser drawer. I then leaned against the pillows on my bed, hugging my knees, and glanced nervously out the window next to me. I was relieved to see that the sky looked how it normally does in my hometown in Michigan-clear and blue.

"Gabriella?" I heard my mother, Maria, call from downstairs.

"Yes?" I acknowledged.

"Pack up your things," my mom instructed both abruptly and firmly.

"Why?" My heart skipped a beat as terror seized me, causing me to freeze. My mouth was kept partly open in shock, my chocolate eyes were large, and I didn't think I could manage to choke out any more words no matter how hard I tried.

My mom walked up the stairs and through the open doorway of my bedroom. "Gabby, I know it looks pleasant out now, but all this is going to change in about an hour. I was watching the news, and they said that everyone needs to evacuate this area as quickly as they can. We can't take any risks."

I couldn't budge.

"Gabby?" My mother questioned. "Come on; let's go."

"But Dad...." I protested hoarsely. My father, David, was at work at that particular moment.

"Dad will know to evacuate. Now hurry up; get ready to leave."

As I forced myself off my bed and began stuffing my necessitates into a suitcase, I felt as if I were in a horrible nightmare. This couldn't be happening! It just couldn't! Everything was fine at the time. I didn't understand why an evacuation was required. Wouldn't it be getting dark and windy if a tornado was coming?


My mom and I got out of our family car and walked into the hotel we had just parked at. We were to stay there until we were given an 'okay' to go back home-if there even was an 'okay.' It had been growing very windy as we were exiting the tornado zone.

After getting assigned an hotel room, my mom turned on the TV that was located against one wall. She put it on the news, where a weather reporter was talking about the tornado.

"A twister cloud is visible in the northern end of the tornado zone," the reporter was saying. "It's pretty small now, but it will definitely grow in size within the next ten minutes. If anyone isn't out of the tornado zone, they'd better hide in a room without windows in whatever building they're in. It'll be almost impossible for them to come out of the tornado zone alive at this point."

"Is Dad coming?" I questioned as I shakily started pulling clothes out of my suitcase and placing them in the top drawer of the dresser that was in the room.

"I don't know," my mom admitted. "Why don't you try calling him?"

I reached into my small navy blue purse and pulled out my fairly new cell phone. Going to my contacts list, I selected my dad's number and pressed the 'talk' button. I then held the phone to my ear and held my breath while my heart raced and my palms began to feel sweaty. Would he answer?


A wave of relief washed over me as I heard my father's voice. "Dad, are you alright? Are you out of the tornado zone?"

"No. I'm still at work."

"Are you hidden?"


"In a place on the first floor?"

"No. I was on the top floor when I received the tornado warning, so I decided to just find a place up here that will be sufficient enough," came my dad's reply.

"Dad! The top floor is dangerous! The tornado will hit that first! It might blow the roof off!"

"Well, I don't think I can move from my spot now."

I felt hot tears fill my eyes. "Dad, go downstairs!" I begged. "You can get hurt up there!" My father's work building was five stories high. I didn't think staying on the fifth floor would work out at all.

No reply came.


Still no answer.

"Dad! Can you hear me?"

I looked at the screen of my phone. It revealed that the call had lost signal.

"I-I don't think Dad's gonna be alright," I sobbed, burying my face in my hands. "H-He's on the top floor of his work building. He-He said he would be okay, but I-I don't believe it."

"I guess all we can do is wait and find out if he lives," my mother told me while wiping a tear from one of her eyes.


The next morning, the news showed my mom and I that our entire town was in ruins. Not a thing was left standing, and not a person who hadn't evacuated had survived the disaster that had just swept through. Hot, sorrowful tears poured down my face and fell onto my lap. I would never see my home again. I would never walk through the green grass of the local park. But, worst of all, I would never get another chance to see or talk to my father. There couldn't even be a funeral for him.

"Gabriella," my mother began as she walked slowly over to my hotel bed and sat beside me. She, too, had tears collecting on her cheeks.

"I-I n-never wanted this t-to happen," I wailed, clinging to my mom tightly like a little girl. She was the only immediate family member I had left. That was my reward for being an only child.

My mom hugged me in return. "I'll miss your father."

At a mention of my dad, I sobbed harder than I had been sobbing before. I couldn't stand to be hit again with the fact that he was no longer alive.


This is the first chapter of my rewrite of this story. I'm doing Gabriella's point of view for the entire thing now. Hopefully it's alright:)

Oh, and I have a new story: Troy Bolton: Secret Agent. And a fairly new one: Whatever it Takes. Just thought I'd let you all know!