"Gabriella, let's go!" my mom called.

I sighed. Today was the day I was to move to my new house. "No, Mom. I'm not leaving," I defied after a moment of thinking as I plopped down beside Troy on his bed.

"Yes, you are," my mother insisted. I heard her walk up the stairs and then, a few moments later, saw her enter Troy's room.

"I'm not packed," I explained.

"And why is that?" my mom demanded, glaring at me.

"Because I'm not moving. I'm staying here with Troy." I climbed into Troy's lap and smiled as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Come on, Gabriella."


"What's going on?" asked Lucille as she entered the room.

"Gabriella won't leave," my mom replied.

"Troy, let go of her, please," Lucille said politely as she noticed her son was blocking me from leaving the bed.

"No. I will not let her go. I refuse to allow her to be taken off to some place where I'll never be able to see her again! Our relationship is very important!" Troy shouted, his grip on me tightening.

"Gabriella, get your butt out to the car this instant!" my mom yelled, her eyes glittering with anger. "We're going to miss our flight if you don't go there right now!"

"Mom, please...I don't see why I can't just stay here! Everything's fine! I didn't even get pregnant from Troy!" I shouted. I had taken a pregnancy test that morning, and it had been negative. "And I promise we'll use protection from now on!"

"The point is no sex at all," my mother explained.

Just then, Jack joined our moms. "What's all this noise about?"

"We need to be heading off to the airport, but Gabriella's not moving."

"Come on, Troy. Let her go," Jack instructed.

"I refuse to," Troy said firmly.

My mom glanced at the clock. "We're late! Oh, I can't believe you made us late, Gabriella Anne Montez! You are in so much trouble! Now we won't be able to leave until the time of the next flight to New York! Well, if you're packed by then, that is. If you're not, then we'll be stuck here even longer."

"Could I go with her?" Troy asked, looking at our parents.

Lucille sighed. "I don't know, Troy. I would rather you stay here where your father and I can keep an eye on you."

"Please, Mom," Troy begged.

"Let me talk to your father and Gabriella's mother about it," Lucille decided after a moment, wheeling around and heading out the door while the two other adults followed her.

"I really hope they say 'yes,'" I said, cuddling into Troy.

"So do I," Troy agreed, kissing the top of my head as he stroked my hair.


"Alright," my mom announced as she walked back into the room with Troy's parents. "This is what we've decided. If you two can either leave the door open when you're sleeping or sleep in separate rooms, Troy can come to New York with us for the summer, and you can come back here with him for the school year."

"Really?" my eyes lit up.

My mother nodded. "Yes, but only if you promise not to do anything with Troy."

I looked down at the ground. "I'm afraid I can't make that promise," I decided slowly.

My mom sighed. "Please, Gabriella." When she saw I wasn't making any move to change my mind, she added, "At least wait until I can talk to you about this and we can get you on birth control pills. If you could just hold out through the summer, that would be great. And if you do well on birth control and you use protection, during senior year you can go back to having sex with Troy. I just want to make sure I discuss with you all the different ways you can prevent becoming pregnant and make sure you're responsible enough to handle having sex."

"Thanks Mom," I smiled.

"And Troy, don't bribe her into doing 'it,' sooner than she's allowed," Jack reminded before leaving the room, our mothers following him.

"So, that worked out nice," Troy remarked, leaning in to kiss me.

"Yeah," I smiled, accepting Troy's kiss, which seemed to last for hours.

"So, I guess we'd better start packing our things," Troy said when we finally pulled apart.

"Can I sing you this song I made up first?" I asked. "It's about us."

"You wrote a song about us?" Troy sounded surprised, yet pleased. "I never knew you were into music before."

"Well, it's sort of like my hidden talent." My cheeks darkened a little.

"Alright, well, go ahead and play sing it! I'm sure your voice is beautiful." Troy placed his hand on my cheek and stroked it with his thumb.

A smile crossed my face as I opened my mouth and allowed the words to pour fluently out:

When I saw the storm of a tornado coming,
I went to run and hide.
I had no choice but to save myself,
Leaving someone behind.

When I showed up at your house,
You were reluctant to take me in.
You were stuck in your own little world,
You never cared where I'd been.

I'll try to let you know,
But I doubt you'll give me a chance.
I really care about you,
But you barely give me a glance.

I'll try to say this in words,
Though I hardly know where to start.
The winds might have destroyed my home,
But the real tornado's in my heart.

You broke up with your girlfriend for me,
Once you thought you liked me best.
We were happy as could be together,
But then came the real hard test.

You kept comparing her with me,
And I became sad.
You didn't realize how I felt,
And just got mad.

I'll try to let you know,
But I doubt you'll give me a chance.
I really care about you,
But you barely give me a glance.

I'll try to say this in words,
Though I hardly know where to start.
The winds might have destroyed my home,
But the real tornado's in my heart.

You said you were through with me,
You ignored me still.
You dated your old girlfriend again,
And didn't try to clean the spill.

But then you got really jealous,
When I started dating someone new,
You didn't like him,
And didn't know what to do.

You said that you loved me,
I said I loved you, too.
You said that you didn't want us apart,
And I said 'I need you.'

You took me back and broke up with your girl,
And said you were sorry for what you'd done.
And we were happy together,
Until again the clouds covered the sun.

But we cleared everything up fast because we're together,
We made it all right,
Because we're stronger now.
And the tornados in my heart have stopped.

Oh, the tornados of my heart. Tornados of my heart.

"That was lovely, sweetheart," Troy complimented, kissing my cheek.

"Thanks," I smiled.

And from that day on, Troy and I remained inseparable. Our relationship grew beautifully, both of us falling more in love with one another than the day before. Sure, we had our bad times, but we sorted them out maturely, just like what we were supposed to do.

The tornados of my heart had come to a stop.


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