Chapter 1

Standing in the airport getting ready to leave this town all the emotions are just filling me and wanting to burst but I settle them back down. Not letting mom see me almost breaking down. I tell her I'll call her when I get to Forks. I get on the plane leaving my past behind and hopefully starting a better future. Boy was this was a long flight. Side note, never ridden on a plane before. First time for everything as anyone human would say. Scenery just blurred by like I was on a roller coaster going more than a 100 miles an hour. Though considering I was holding my stomach together (metaphorically speaking). Considering what I'm leaving behind it's hard to even contemplate losing my stomach. I can't even concentrate on the past, only the future, moving forward with my life. Anyway I'm almost to Forks, Washington, after that a twenty minute drive to my new apartment. The home where no one knows my past, starting over. Yes I know what people would say "You're moving there because of the Twilight Saga." But that's not it, I want no need to be someplace where no one knows me. Plus the temperatures are perfect for me.

Now in Forks, I just wish my stomach would calm down. Now to find my car, hopefully they got it to the right spot. As I was flying I had my car brought along with everything else. Hopefully everything else got to my new place. Before I left I got a GPS unit put in the car. New place, new directions, new areas, don't want to get lost. Twenty minutes ahead of me till I'm at my new place. Hmm what should I listen to, country or alternative rock? Probably rock. Rock tends to keep me awake better than country though it depends on the song. A landscape of mountains and forest as I drive through Forks. The greenness of everything makes me feel more at home than where I was before. The pine trees blowing in the wind. Forests surrounding me on every side of the road.. Smaller than where I used to live. I used to live in Moorhead, MN. A town I'm glad to getting away from. Driving into town is like going into a movie. It's surreal. Seeing the spots that were seen in the movie. But seeing them in real life. It makes me want to get out of the car right now and take a walk through the forest One stoplight, that's helpful. As I'm coming up to the apartment I notice it's like the apartments where I used to live. Brown bricks of different colors. Though these look newer then Skaff Apartments in Moorhead. They have a deck on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The decks look new. Like the buildings and decks were just built. Enough thinking about the past. Hope the moving truck is here. A little moving truck but still not much to move. Just a bed, dresser, couch, and little things. Once in the apartment it's just a matter of putting things where they go. First telling the moving people where to position the bed and dresser. The bed is the shape of a couch with white metal, a bluish comforter, dark blue pillow, and a Twilight pillow case. The dresser is the kind with a mirror attached to it and it's made out of white wood. Second is positioning the couch and T.V. The TV. is to the left of the deck and the couch is to the right, when your looking straight at the deck. A glass coffee table in front of the couch. The TV. is in an entertainment center with the DVD and VCR on the top. A wood dining table in the dining room. The way everything is positioned is the way I've pictured it in my head since I knew I was going to be moving.

Third is getting boxes of kitchen items, bedroom items, bathroom items and miscellaneous put away. Peace and quiet except for my cat and dog. Forgot to mention that yes I have a cat and dog. The dog is a miniature poodle looks a lot like the dog I used to have. Her name was Jiggers. The cat not sure what type she is, her names Aqua. I had the cat and dog on the plane but with me on my seat, though in order to do that I had to give them both a pill to help keep them calm. Aqua I was worried about seeing as how she doesn't like to be in a kennel. But her and Princess made it. Time to get the boxes unloaded. Let's see what should I do first. Get my bedroom items done first. Along with the normal items I also have posters to put up, and yes they have to do with the Twilight Saga. Need to get my clothes unpacked along with the hangers to hang up my good clothes. As I'm hanging up my good clothes I put on some country music, primarily Keith Urban, Defying Gravity CD. Music helps me stay on track with whatever I'm doing. About 2 hours later or maybe 3 the bedroom is done and it's already dark out.

Should get something to eat. Probably should just order pizza until I can get food in the apartment. Should do that tomorrow. As I'm waiting for the pizza I get my plates, bowls, cups and utensils put away. After that I work on getting my bedroom in order.