Chapter 4

All through classes all I could think about was the guy I bumped into and compare him to a vampire. Now I know he could just be a human who's lived in forks too long and become pale from being here too long. But there are the similarities between him and a vampire. The cold skin, pale features, the purplish bruises under his eyes. I was concentrating on class but my mind kept going back to that guy. The end of the day came before I knew it and now on to work. I work at a daycare. It seems that working at a daycare is the best fit for me. It can be tiring but worth it when you see the kids faces when you come in. The same feeling came back as I was driving to work. Looking behind me I saw the same car from before I just couldn't place where I recognized it from. Anyway now at work concentrate on the kids.

After work it hits me where I've seen that car before and I can't help it but I start laughing. I must be going crazy. Though that wouldn't be the first time that something strange has happened today. First off I meet William who sets the dog off then I meet the guy I bump into, now the car. First things first need to check online about the car. The model looks like a 1967 Chevy Impala. Someone in this town could have a fetish for old cars but still there's a feeling that it's not just any car.

Once in the apartment I go online and put a DVD in and search for the car online. The search comes up with Supernatural and once the DVD gets ready I play the first episode and the car that dean comes with is the same. After this revelation I look out the window and see three guys sitting in the car who look very familiar. I just can't wrap my mind around it. As I'm looking out the window my cat comes purring around my legs.

"Hey there kitty."

This cat has been my salvation from losing my sanity when I start thinking about the past. The dog is too. Though sometimes the cat can be really annoying. Especially when she wants attention. But I love her, anyway I need to get started on my homework. One of the classes I'm taking is Mythology. A class I wasn't able to take in Moorhead but taking now. I've always had an interest in mythology. A knock at the door, wonder who that could be considering I only really met just one person in this town already. Not counting my classmates, the cashier at the market, and the guy I bumped into. When I go to open the door I see it's William.

"Thought I would bring you an apartment warming gift." William said.

"I thought that was only for homes."

"Well I'm making an exception." He said.


"Would you like to come inside?"

"Thanks but I have to get going. I'm heading out to work."

"Okay see you when I see you."

"Why would you say that."

"Actually I don't know."

"Ok. Well I'll see you."

"Yah you too."