I don't own the characters! I'm just toying around with them a bit, they belong to Stephenie Meyer. Any resemblance to people, places or other stories was not intended and merely coincidence!

I have Edward, she has Jasper, but still, it keeps happening.

Chapter 1: Shopping

It all started about two years ago, half a year after I had become a vampire.
Alice and I always went shopping together, nothing unusual for best friends. In the beginning of our friendship, before I became like her, we would show each other the things we liked and give our opinion on the clothes the other person was wearing, but after a while, we had got such good friends, we would share a changing cubicle. It was a lot of fun, lots of giggling, lots of laughing when something was too big or we couldn't squeeze into that particular pair of jeans. We would even help each other zip up dresses or in case of the jeans squeeze in. But the changing cubicle always seemed a bit small for both of us. Not that we cared.

About a half a year after I had become a vampire, we went shopping again. It was the first time after I had become a vampire. I had run out of clothes. As always we shared a changing cubicle but I couldn't resist watching her undress slowly as I pulled of my own clothes.

I was shocked by how beautiful Alice actually was. I had never seen her so sharply, never seen the absurd beauty that lied within her, on her skin, everywhere. She pulled off her green summer dress, dark green high heels, a dark red balconet bra and dark red panties she had obviously bought together with the bra. Slightly stunned I watched as she undressed even further to try on a set of black silk lingerie. I wasn't able to look away as she slowly unclasped her bra and pulled it off, exposing her beautiful breasts, her nipples slightly hard and a stunning shade of pink.

I looked up to see her expression. She smiled gently at me. Embarrassed, I quickly looked away and continued pulling of my own clothes. I didn't dare to look when she slid out of the dark red panties.

She tapped my shoulder.
"Bella?" I turned towards her, and was glad I still had already put on a green bikini because my nipples were hard as rock as soon as I turned to face her in her black silk lingerie.

"So, what do you think?"

"I...like it." I said slightly stunned and added in a whisper so low it was bearably hear able "a lot."

"Thanks" she said, blushing. She had heard my whisper. I was so embarrassed my head was probably as red as a tomato. I changed the subject.

"So what do you think about this bikini?" She smiled at me. She had noticed my embarrassment and the change of subject.

"I like it." she said, confident, and added "a lot." "But you seem to have a bit much space in there."

And then suddenly she was pressing very softly into the bikini, apparently checking if I had been overconfident with the sizes.

"As it seems, you actually chose the right size, for once."

She was right, I did usually chose the wrong size.

"I totally love the push-up." She added, and smiled.

"Same goes for you." I countered. The black lingerie was barely covering her nipples.

"I'm sure Jasper will love it."

"Who said he'll ever see it?"

What the heck was that supposed to mean? Was she going to use it to turn herself on? Did she work at some kind of a night-club? Or did she have an affair about which I didn't know anything?

"No of course not!" She said, clearly having foreseen me going to ask shyly. "Not yet, at least."

Ok, now I was confused.

She slowly started pulling the set of lingerie off again, undoing every suspender with greatest care and in slow-motion. Suddenly I thought she might be doing a private strip-tease for me.

"Alice" I moaned softly.

"What's up Bella?" she asked, alarmed by my tone.

As an excuse for my moaning, I asked her "Could you undo my bikini, I can't reach back so far."

"Sure." she said, grinning widely.

Then her hands were at my back, sliding slowly upwards towards the knot. She undid it, then handed me the strings and whispered in my ear: "you're so beautiful Bella. I know you don't think of yourself that way, but trust me, you are and always have been beautiful."

I was amazed at what she had just said. I tried to turn around to face her, but her lips were at my throat, kissing, caressing my skin. Very slowly and deliberately, I spun around.
I spun so slowly her lips never left my neck while I turned. Then I removed my bikini, and suddenly I felt an enormous relief to be naked while Alice was kissing a line of fire on my neck, over my shoulder. I decided I didn't care she was a woman.

"Thank you" she whispered, having foreseen my approval.

She pulled away for brief moment, smiling at me, and then continued kissing my neck, slowly tracing it up to my mouth. There she paused for a fraction of a second, looked deeply into my eyes, as if asking permission. That's when I kissed her. I couldn't stand the begging look in her eyes and the feeling inside my chest.
Her lips were soft and eager. Mine were too.
Suddenly, she pulled away, letting me freeze in place as her lips left mine. She turned around and put on her dark red bra and panties again.
Maybe she thought this was a mistake. Maybe she thought it was a bad idea for both of us. Or maybe she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
Then, one second after I had thought all that, the saleslady came by and asked how we were doing.

"Fine." we answered in chorus and smiled at each other.

I felt my cheeks get slightly warmer than usual.