Summary: Elena and Stefan plan a "normal" day at the beach, hoping it'll get Bonnie and Damon to finally befriend each other after all they've been through. But a stubborn vampire and pissed off witch is not something you want at the beach. Bamon.

Bonnie glared angrily at her best friend who was rummaging through her drawers with determination. She smiled widely, pulling out a nice blue bikini and turned to show the unimpressed witch watching her.

"This one." She said simply, ignoring the daggers her friend was throwing her.

"No." Bonnie replied without even glancing at it. "I'm not going...I told you I don't want to have a friends day out with that..."

"Bonnie!" Elena interrupted, frowning slightly. "You promised to try to make things work with them. You said you'd give them a chance and that we'd have a day of 'normalcy'...well as normal as we can make it with two vampires."

"And a witch." Bonnie quickly added, causing Elena to frown deeper.


"Whatever, I've come to terms with what I am. It's fine to say it out loud. I'm a witch...witch, witch, witch!"

"It's nice to know you have a big opinion of yourself, Bon." The two brunettes turned towards the doorway to see their blonde friend Caroline standing there trying to conceal a huge grin which she failed at. "Anyways, I went out and bought a brand new pink bikini just for this occassion!" She held the said thing up, showing them. "Isn't it hot? Matt will just love it!"

To Bonnie and Elena the bikini was barely a piece of string and cloth. But of course their more outgoing and prideful friend wouldn't mind wearing something like that out in public where absolute strangers can gawk at her terrific athletic body.

"Where did you get that at? Brazil?" Bonnie asked sarcastically.

Elena tried to hold back a giggle, "I was gonna ask if she went shopping in the kids section for that!"

They both recieved an evil look from Caroline, who was not discouraged at all. "Actually it's from Victoria's Secret, smart-mouths!"

"Well the secret is out..." Bonnie muttered, finally looking at the bikini Elena picked for her. "Are you insane! I'm not wearing that! It pushes my boobs up making them look huge! Plus the bottoms barely conceal my backside!"

"I bought this for your birthday last year! You said you loved it!"

"I lied, Elena! You know, something friends do to not hurt other friends feelings!" Bonnie then got up and made her way to her drawers, pulling out a simple one-piece bathing suit. "This one will do."

Elena did a better job at hiding her disgust of the hideous bathing suit than Caroline did.

"Seriously, Bonnie? You're going to the that?"

"What's wrong with it, Caroline? It's for swimming and it hides all my goodies from peeping strangers!" Bonnie responded, throwing the one-piece in her beach bag. "It's perfect. Plus I'm not stupid enough to show a lot of skin around..." Elena gave her a quick look before she could continue.

"Around what?" asked Caroline, waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"Uh...horny teenage boys." Bonnie finished as Elena smirked at her.

Caroline rolled her eyes in annoyance. "You really need to get laid, Bonnie."

Bonnie let out a humorless laugh. "Whatever, sex is the last thing on my mind." She looked to Elena. "I'm going, but I'm not going to enjoy this. I'm doing this for you, remember that. I don't mind Stefan so much...but Damon...keep him away from me."

"It'll be fine, Bon, I promise." Elena smiled sincerely.

"Right. I need some water." She walked past her two friends and out the room, leaving them to stare sheepishly at each other.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Elena asked.

Caroline nodded. "Switch the bathing suits so she won't look like a complete nun at the beach today?"


"See, Elena, this is why I love you!" Caroline exclaimed as she grabbed the one-piece and threw it in the trash while Elena placed the blue bikini in Bonnie's bag.

"Tell me again why I agreed to do this crap?" Damon asked as Stefan packed his things for him. He continued to watch as his younger brother grabbed two black swimming trucks, examinied them for any holes, then placed them in a bag. Damon had no idea how he was roped into attending a stupid teenage day at the beach with his boring brother and his human friends.

"Because Elena asked you to and you can't tell her no." Stefan replied, trying to hide his grin. "Come on, Damon, when's the last time we've been to a beach anyways. Should be fun."

"Oh dear lord! Stefan knows the word 'fun'!" Damon exclaimed. "Too bad your definition of fun is way different from mines. See fun to me is getting a fine piece of teenage girl ass and bringing it back here to suck dry."

Stefan frowned. "Damon, don't kill anyone today. I'm really not in the mood to lie to bystanders saying some shark attack killed a poor innocent girl."

"Do they even have sharks here?" Damon asked curiously. He then shrugged and gave his brother a devious look. "No...I suppose not. If they did you'd probably be sucking them dry, wouldn't you my little animal-killer brother?"

Stefan ignored him as he continued to pack both their things.

"Plus who are you to tell me when or when not to kill? You don't see me telling you not to go eat somebody's dog while we're out!"


Damon threw his hands up in surrender. "Whatever, I'll be good today. Scouts honor." He got up and walked over to his younger brother, grabbing the car keys. "But I'm only doing this to see Elena in a bikini." He winked, getting a dark glare in return.

Bonnie couldn't believe what was happening. Matt, Stefan, and Damon all met up at Elena's so they could borrow her Aunt Jenna's van for all six of them. Matt and Caroline seemed all cutesy with each other while Elena and Stefan began grabbing everyone's things and put them in the trunk of the van. Damon on the other hand was watching everything and everyone with annoyance and disgust. Smug, jerk. Just standing there thinking he's better than all of us. Bonnie thought to herself as she continued to watch the older vampire with inner rage.

"Bonnie, you ready?" she heard Elena call from the back of the van. "You've been staring off in la la land for minutes! We're about to leave you!"

"Oh please do." Bonnie replied, a hint of begging in her tone.

Damon then grinned widely, tossing the keys to his brother, who in return caught them and stared at him in suspicion.

"You drive, Stefan. You do have you're license right?" He asked, not really caring for a response as he walked towards Bonnie. He placed his arm around her shoulder and smiled down at her. "I wanna sit in the back with my favorite person in the world, Bonnie!"

Elena frowned, "Damon..."

"Don't worry, Elena! I thought this was suppose to be a day for all of us to get along! I just feel me and Bonnie aren't getting along good enough so it's time we talked!"

"I'm going to murder you." Bonnie whispered angrily to him as he tightened his hold around her.

"Oh, Bonnie, don't just stand there thinking you're better than me! If you give me a chance you might even learn to love me."

Elena gave Stefan a hopeless look as he shook his head at his brother. "Damon, don't annoy her."

"No one's annoyed. Am I annoying you, Bonnie?" He asked the fuming witch next to him, his cocky grin not once leaving his face.

"I'm going to burn your penis off if you don't release me." She replied softly.

That in return got a mock hurt expression from Damon who grabbed his chest, frowning slightly. "Elena! Bonnie isn't playing nice! She's threatened to burn off my penis!"

"Damon!" Stefan yelled as Caroline and Matt gave him a disgusted look. "Just please...get in the van. And be quiet till we get to the beach."

"Sure thing, bro." Damon saluted to him, turning to Bonnie once more. "Look, witch, I know you're about as thrilled about this outing as I am so till this is over I'm going to make this day as miserable for you as I can. Because let's face it, us almost killing each other hasn't put us on best terms. I don't trust you and I don't like you, but I do enjoy getting a little rise out of you. Feeling your blood boil is exciting."

Bonnie pushed him off her, trying her hardest not to turn him into ash then and there. "You're disgusting. And if you try anything stupid today, mark my words I will kill you, Damon. You don't scare me anymore and I'm not up for your childish games." With that said she stormed past him to the van, climbing into the back.

"Fiesty." He grinned. Maybe this wasn't a bad idea after all. This could be the most fun he's had all year.