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Stefan and Elena quickly began packing their things up as Caroline and Matt ran to get the van. The rain was coming down hard on them, but thankfully they were still in their bathing suits.

"Where are they?" Elena asked, looking around the beach at all the people scattering to their vehicles, "We gotta go!"

Stefan shrugged, "Knowing Bonnie she probably called a cab and went home already..." His jaw dropped when he saw the said witch and his brother running towards them, holding hands. I was afraid of this.

"Where were you guys?" Elena asked, her eyes darting to their connected hands. Bonnie quickly pulled away from Damon when she noticed the looks they were giving them. "Um...we should get to the van. Matt and Caroline are already there..."

Damon rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're aware Mutt and his rebound are in the van but I have terrific news for you guys!" He placed an arm around Bonnie, grinning, "We're finally getting along! We went on our first date and..."

"What?" Stefan and Elena shouted, sending them a shocked glare.

"See they won't even let me finish..."

Elena stepped forward and grabbed her friend away from the vampire. Brown eyes peering into hazel ones, she wanted to make sure everything was ok. "Bonnie...did he threaten you? Blink once for yes, twice for no."

Bonnie laughed, "Elena, calm down! Me and Damon are on...alright terms. I'm not trusting of him still but I figured maybe he's not as bad as he wants others to think."

"Bullshit. I'm fucking demonic."

Stefan glanced between his brother and Bonnie. Why did witches always fall for him? And it never ended well for them...then again Damon never cared about anyone but Katherine. But now that he knows the truth about how she played him then maybe he'll open his heart to another. To Bonnie...

"You ok, little brother? You look like you're thinking really hard there." Damon said, "Don't hurt yourself."

Stefan shook his head and turned to Elena, sensing she wasn't liking what she was hearing either. "Uh...Elena, can you go to the van with Matt and Caroline. I need to talk to Bonnie and Damon."

Elena shook her head, "No! I wanna hear what you have to say because if it's anything like what I'm thinking then I think I should put my five cents in this!" she protested.

"We don't need your cents, Elena." Damon spoke up, "And Stefan, whatever you have to say I'm most likely not gonna listen so can we save this for another rainy day?"

"Fine." Stefan sighed, realizing the weather was getting worse. "Let's go before one of you girls catch a cold."

On cue, Matt pulled up with the van. Damon quickly grabbed Bonnie's arm, dragging her to the back of the van with him.

"What's going on with him?" Elena asked in a whisper, "He's treating Bonnie like his property!"

Stefan shrugged, "No vampire truly owns someone or something till that thing has a taste of their blood willingly. He put some of his blood in you which would explain some of the more connections he's starting to feel for you other than looking like Katherine...I'm sure he's just fond of Bonnie because he has no one else to bother." Even saying it out loud, Stefan knew he was lying. "Come on, let's get home."

The ride back consisted of Damon telling Bonnie some things about his childhood. She had no idea why he decided to automatically become open to her but she surprisingly didn't mind. For some reason every time he talked she felt a warm spot she needed to have him near her.

"And Stefan liked wearing dresses." Damon finished as he told her about the time he caught Stefan in a dress.

"I put it on because they needed to fit it and I was the same size as the girl going to wear it!" Stefan defended himself.

Damon grinned, "Right. My little brother had the body of a teenage girl."

Elena tried to hold back a giggle as Stefan chose to ignore him. He liked it better when Damon hated everyone in the van.

Damon shot Bonnie a sideways glance, seeing that the blood was starting to finally have an affect on her. He scooted closer, giving the witch a little nudge.

"So, Bonnie, what do you say we take this convo back to your house?"

Bonnie glared at him but felt no anger. "You must be crazy."

He bit his lower lip in consideration. "I don't want this day to end. You don't want this day to how about we just spend a night together and..."

"I'm not letting you into my house, Damon!" Bonnie shouted. The others in the van looked at them in confusion.

Ok maybe the blood hasn't had its full affect. Damon thought as he moved back to his side. The rain continued to pour down hard, making him wonder if this was all Bonnie's doing. She did have an affect on it earlier, maybe she made it rain because she knew that little kiss they shared was gonna lead to something else.

Looking at Bonnie, he could see she was exhausted. Maybe he was messing with her too much today because she looked like she wanted to pass out. But he figured she could handle it...actually earlier he could care less if it wore her out but now he was feeling like the number one prick of the century.

He moved back towards her, placing an arm around her. She accepted his embrace and laid her head on his shoulder, wrapping an arm around him. She was starting to think this weather was having a huge effect on her attitude because now she was cuddling with Damon.

Stefan glanced at the rear view mirror, seeing the two in the back. He never understood how people would easily accept his brother and forget the bad things he's done just by spending a little time with them. But then again, Stefan was positive Bonnie could take care of herself even if him and Elena disapproved of the two becoming buddies. Because when a vampire had a witch under his wings, all Hell could break loose.

They finally made it to Bonnie's house, having dropped Matt and Caroline off first. Stefan turned off the van, seeing that Elena had also fallen asleep in the passengar's seat. He then glanced behind him to see Damon staring right back at him with Bonnie sleeping in his arms.

"I'll take her to her door."

"What went down between you two today? Because last time I spoke to Bonnie she was the number one fan of the burn Damon alive club." Stefan replied.

Damon grinned, "Oh Stefan, no one can resist this charm."

"Bonnie's not just any one, Damon. What did you do? Force your blood down her throat like you did Elena?" He searched his brother's face for a hint of truth, but what he saw he didn't like. Damon's face went hard, turning into his demonic one.

"I didn't force shit on her! She took it willingly." With that said, him and Bonnie were gone.

Stefan sighed, placing his head in his hands. So Bonnie willingly accepted his blood? This was not good.

Bonnie slowly opened her eyes to see Damon staring down at her. That's when she realized they were on her porch.

"Wow...must've dozed off..."

"In my arms." Damon added quickly with a sly grin.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and stood as he placed her down. She turned to look back at her front door then back at him. "You carry me here or something?"

Damon shrugged, "If I say 'yes' would that get me an invitation in?"

"Bye, Damon!" Bonnie replied, opening her front door then stepping into her house. She turned to look back at him, seeing that he wasn't moving to leave. "You can go now. I'm safely home."

"Any time now..." He replied, imaptiently waiting.

"What are you..." Bonnie stopped, feeling a sudden urge to invite him in. "What did you do to me?" she asked angrily.

Damon grinned, "Blood in your system, Bonnie. You're pretty much mine."

"You! You son of a..." Bonnie tried to yell at him, but something suddenly came over her. "You wanna come in?"

"I'd love to."

Guess what! There will be a sequel! Yay! It'll be called "A Day at the Mall" : )