Hey everyone. So after the season finale (which was great but so frustrating) I couldn't just sit there and keep all my thoughts in my head. I had to write something. So basically I thought of this story. It's made up of a bunch of little 'ficlets'. Basically each chapter is it's own little fic or scene with the brothers. They all deal with the brothers trying to resolve the issues between them that have torn them apart over the past two years or so. Each chapter deals with them healing in some way and/or resolving something. Some chapters will deal with things such as the whole Sam choking Dean incident, what Sam became when he was brought back, Ruby, Dean's alcohol problems and so on. All the while the brothers bond and I wanted to show them fixing their relationship and how they heal together.

Most of the chapters are done. So this isn't exactly a WIP. I'll post the next parts after a few days or maybe sooner, all depending on if people are interested or not.

This one starts is about Sam and Dean getting back together after it all. Dean saw Sam when he was standing by Lisa's house but Sam wanted to go off on his own. It didn't work out all too well. lol

Dean hurried frantically down the hospital hallways to the room his brother was in. Stupid fucking Sam, Dean had warned him about this...about hunting alone. But no, Sam had whined that he needed to try to discover who he was after everything that had happened. That he was a different person now and he didn't know where he belonged.

"No Dean! Don't! I don't even think I'm human anymore." Sam had told him the night they were re-united, which was actually the same day that Sam had jumped into that hole. Dean had needed to take a breather (actually sob his heart out) and wanted to go sit out in the Impala for a bit when he had spotted Sam standing by it. Every fiber in his being had screamed that the man standing there was really Sam, not some shapeshifter or demon. However it happened, Sam was really back. Just like Castiel and Bobby. So Dean had rushed toward Sam, ready to embrace him when Sam had backed up.

"You're my brother aren't you?" Dean had asked, honestly not surprised by anything anymore.

"Well, yeah. But I could hurt you."

"No you won't dumbass." Had been Dean's response as he crushed Sam to him, holding on for all that he was worth. Sam held on too and they had cried and laughed together, trying to realize that after everything that just went down, they were both alive...somehow.

Sam had told him that he's pretty sure it was Castiel that pulled him out of Lucifer's cage. He said he'd only been there for what seemed like a few seconds before there was a bright light and then he was back on Earth, stumbling along the streets and somehow ended up here.

"I feel different thought Dean. I practically know I'm not human just from that alone. I feel more powerful, I feel colder like my temperature is screwed up and if anything I feel more together than I should."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Think about it. I just housed Lucifer in my body. There's no way a human body should be fine after that. It would be torn, bleeding; I would have been catatonic or something. But I feel fine; I'm definitely not human anymore."

"Okay....so? I don't give a shit. As long as you're okay."

"It doesn't bother you at all?"

"No. Why should it. In the five minutes we just talked it's obvious that you're still Sammy and not some evil creature."

Dean had asked Sam to come in, said they had enough room but Sam shook his head.

"Dean even though I feel fine, I feel confused. Like what am I supposed to do now? What is my purpose in life? I'm not the same person I thought I was. I just need some time to figure that all out. I guess I'll hunt for a bit and see how it goes."

Dean didn't like it one bit, he tried to protest but Sam was adamant about the whole thing. And despite his big brother instincts telling him not to…Dean let Sam do what he wanted because Sam was an adult now, he saved the whole freakin' world. He could make his own choices.

Before they separated Sam had opened the glove department of the Impala and grabbed something from it.

"I left this in the Impala so you could find it back when I thought I was going to stay dead. But now that I'm not anymore...I want to give it to you myself. I hope you'll accept it."

And with that he reached over and put Dean's amulet necklace back around his neck, where it belonged. Dean thought he hugged Sam for about five minutes straight after that. He promised his brother he'd never take it off again.

After some encouraging Dean finally got Sam to take the Impala with him, telling him he'd need it on his own. It would be a safe haven for Sam as well as a reminder of Dean and his love for the kid. Sam promised he'd call, that they'd keep in touch everyday. He kept his promise. Even today when he had called crying on the phone, telling Dean he needed him.

After what seemed like a lifetime Dean finally reached Sam's room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his younger brother.

Boy had Sam changed.

He had grown his hair out even longer, which made sense since Dean was the only one that ever really cut it for him. Dean could easily say the look didn't fit him at all. Sam had gotten thinner as well, he looked about as scrawny as he did when Dean first picked him up for college, kid probably wasn't eating enough. But that wasn't what shocked Dean. The thing that had him cringing was the scar that started at his hairline, disappeared under the fricken' eye patch and continued down his cheekbone where it stopped near his lip. And then there was the fact that Sam's left hand lying across his chest had two of its fingers missing, the skin around the missing fingers looking red and scarred.

"Hey Dean." Sam said sheepishly, blushing. "Hunting accidents. The eye's older. The hand's the new one."

Dean stormed over to his brother and ripped off the eye patch, causing Sam to yell in surprise and Dean to gasp and horror. The scar had crossed over Sam's eye and the skin around it still looked a bit inflamed, even though the wound was older. Not to mention Sam's eye was covered in a grayish-white film. He was blind in his left eye.

He ruined his hand and his eye in a period on two months?

Stupid moron.

"You okay?" Dean asked lamely.

Sam nodded and he looked extremely nervous. Both his good eye and his blind eye filling with tears.

Dean couldn't find it too be mad at the poor kid any longer. He sat down beside his brother and took him into his arms.

"It's alright Sammy, I'm here."

"I'm sorry." Sam mumbled, repeating himself over and over and Dean wasn't sure what he was apologizing about.

"It's alright." Dean said anyway.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do." Sam continued. "A normal life didn't work and apparently these injuries are trying to tell me hunting isn't working out either."

Dean shook his head, chuckled. "I don't think anything is trying to tell you that those lives aren't meant for you. I think it's trying to tell you...to tell us that we aren't meant to be separated."

"Huh?" Sam sniffed, even though Dean knew his brother heard him clearly.

"Whatever life you choose Sammy. Whatever either of us choose to do…I think it will all go to hell unless we stick with each other. So whatever we do…we're both gonna do together."

Sam nodded against Dean's chest. "I think you're right."

Thanks for reading this part. The next will deal with what happened with Lisa and other stuff that I don't want to give away. Let me know if you like this idea I'm doing!