[A/N: Greetings all! Just a quick note – this is a companion series to my other series "Fifth Year Kix Grass: Hannah Potter". It's not important that you read it (though I do encourage it), but in case you were wondering where some of these characters magically come from that's where. Ciao!]

"Welcome back," Sirius said as I took my seat at the table. I'd just returned with the other half of the Order from bringing Harry from Privet Drive to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix - Number 12 Grimmauld Place. "Everything worked as planned I assume."

"Of course. And it's just like I told you, their house is just as neat and pristine on the inside as it is on the outside," I said. "Weirdoes."

"While I'd love to continue this discussion of muggle lawn care and cleanliness, we've got a meeting to run, Tonks," Snape said.

"Sorry," I said rolling my eyes. "But on the note of the advance guard, I don't think Moody should be allowed to be in charge of any expeditions that involve flight."

"Just because you can't see inside of a cloud. . ." Moody grumbled.

"In other news," Snape went on, "we recently-."

"Take that back my freckles are cute!" I heard Hannah yell upstairs.

". . . Anyway, we received word that Voldemort is gathering followers-."

"I didn't want to go to that stupid party anyway!" Harry shouted this time.

"Fine well next time I'll let you rot in your little cupboard under the stairs," Hannah said.

Next to me Remus shook his head. "Oh, Hannah, that was not kind to say at all."

"And you didn't think it was so stupid when you were letting Kristen grind all over you," Hannah went on.

I glanced over at Sirius who was looking just as confused.

"Wonder what that's all about," Arthur said.

"Having a meeting of their own," Kingsley chuckled.

"Oi! You two shut up and act like you've got some God damned sense!" Hermione interjected.

"Always the voice of reason," Remus said with a nod.

"Harry started it!" Hannah said.

"I did not! You did and you know it!" Harry said.

"Yes! It's always Hannah's fault! Hannah always gets in trouble! Well alright, Snape, blame it all on me because it's all my fault!" Hannah said.

"Don't compare me to SNAPE of all people! What's wrong with you? I am deeply offended!" Harry protested.

"As well he should be," Sirius muttered. I chuckled.

"Why not? You've got the same nasty, messy greasy hair!" Hannah yelled.

"MY HAIR IS NOT GREASY!" Harry protested.

"Maybe we should send someone to check on them," I suggested.

Suddenly there was the sound of something shattering to ground.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Hannah shouted.

"I second that motion to send someone upstairs," Emmaline said.

"Just wait a moment," Remus said.

A moment later we distinctly heard someone say "hug it out" and the yelling ceased.

"Sibling rivalry at its best," Remus said.

"At its worst. Never heard them like that before," Molly said. "A bit of self-control. That's what they both need."

For a while the meeting continued on as planned, at least for a few minutes then we distinctly heard a squeal outside the door of kitchen. We all looked over.

"So, who wants to go see who's the leader of the eavesdroppers?" Snape asked.

"Well it was definitely a girl so it was either Hermione, Hannah, or Ginny," I deduced. "If it's Hannah or Hermione then Sirius should go check. If it's Ginny send Arthur."

"Sounds fair," Moody said.

"Well how can you tell who is who?" Arthur asked.

"And why do I get Hermione too?" Sirius asked. "I think if it's Hermione, Remus should go."

"That cat is freakishly strong," Hannah whispered.

"That's you Sirius," I said patting him on the back. Sirius groaned and rose from the table. He opened the kitchen doors. Of course, from where he was standing he didn't see anything but Crookshanks. For the rest of us sitting in the kitchen we could see Hannah dangling upside down over Sirius' head. Holding her by the foot was Harry, and someone was holding him up over the banister.

Remus face plamed himself.

"Sirius," Molly said pointing.

Sirius looked up.

"What the deuce?" Sirius asked.

"Hello, Sirius!" Harry said casually.

"What are you doing?" Sirius asked.

"Oh, you know, just hanging around," Hannah said.

Sirius face palmed himself, as did several of the people in the kitchen.

"I get the feeling there's going to be a lot of that this summer," I said to Arthur.

"Sadly," he replied.

"Seriously, what are you up to? Not eavesdropping are you?"

"Of course not," Hannah said dismissively.

"Don't be ridiculous," Harry replied.

"We were playing Monkey's in a barrel and that got boring so now we're playing extreme wizard's in a barrel," Hannah said.

". . . Stop it. Now," Sirius said. "I know what you're up to and it stops now."

"Okay," Harry said, his face turning red. "Crap."

"Harry, don't you dare," Hannah warned.

"I can't. . . Hold. . . On. . ." Harry said. His fingers let loose of her jeans.

I looked away as I heard her crash to the ground landing on top of Sirius.

"Harry you failure!" she shouted.

"I'm sorry!" Harry said as he climbed over the railing.

"And you call yourself an athlete," Hannah said.

"Hey. . .Goober. . . Can you get off me?" Sirius asked.

"Oh, sorry," Hannah said climbing to her feet.

"Go upstairs. Stay up there until we're done," Sirius said getting to his feet, straining as he did.

"Are you alright?" Hannah asked, concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. . ." he said. "Oh. . . My back. . ."

"I'm sorry, Sirius, but. . . It's all Harry's fault," Hannah said looking up at who I could only assume was Harry.

"What? You lying son of-!"

"Hey, we have the same parents!" Hannah shouted. "And I'm not a son in any respect of the word!"

"Both of you stop it, now!" Sirius shouted at us. Suddenly, Hannah gasped in offense and dashed upstairs.

Sirius dragged himself into the kitchen and slumped back into his chair.

"Oh. . . My back," he groaned.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood," Arthur said. "And you'll have to deal with them all summer."

"Yippee," Sirius groaned.

"At least they'll be entertaining," I said encouragingly. "You know, I'd just discourage any more games of extreme wizards in a barrel."

"Thank you, Nymphadora-."

"Tonks," I corrected Snape.

"Thank you for your comedic input, but as all the children have left, it would be prudent for us to move this meeting along without the interruption of childish antics," Snape said.

"I'll tone down the comedy when you pull the stick out your ass," I said giving him a thumb up.

Snape leered at me. Molly whacked me upside the head with a wooden spoon.

"Honestly, Tonks," she said. "Language."

Moody went on to talk. I listened for a moment then I happened to glance down to my hands.

How did my finger nails get so dirty? I asked myself. I'd taken a shower this morning and then only places I'd been today were Privet Drive, which was pristine, and Malfoy Manor which was also pretty clean. Other than that, I'd been here. Then again, Grimmauld was old and pretty dirty, well dusty. It was properly lived in anymore. Dusty settles everywhere.

My next off day I would be here helping to get this place in tip top shape. I would never tolerate dirty finger nails again.

". . . Nymphadora are you listening?" Moody asked.

I looked up slowly as my face blushed a deep shade of red.

". . . I was but then my brain went in a completely different direction. You know how it is. I have the attention span of a goldfish," I said with a laugh, trying to be calm. I hadn't heard a word he'd said at all. "And it's Tonks by the way."

"Constant vigilance, Nymphadora-."

"Tonks," I corrected him.

"Constant vigilance, Tonks. Without it you're more vulnerable to attack," Moody said.

"Is that why you were locked in a trunk for nine months?" I asked, though I had only meant to think it. Moody glared at me. "Sorry, Alastor. That was uncalled for and completely disrespectful. I didn't mean to say it aloud. I mean- You know, I just kind of, well, what it is is that, well, er. . . I'm beginning to realize why they say silence is golden."

"Well spotted," Snape said.

I rolled my eyes.

"I think it's time to call this meeting to a close before Miss Tonks' has a brain hemorrhage from all the information she's had to absorb this evening," Moody said.

Everyone piled out of Grimmauld and I slammed my head onto the table.

"Embarrassing," Sirius said.

"At least my children weren't out in the hall playing monkey's in a barrel," I said.

"True," Sirius said. "You know, I remember Hannah and Harry getting along a lot better when I last saw them."

"I don't know what to tell you. I have neither children nor siblings and therefore no experience to draw from either way," I said.

"Useless," Sirius said.