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Jace PoV

Alec coughed as he was reading his novel. "Wow, Jace. You 'love' her? I never thought I'd hear you say those words. Is she 'the one'?" he teased.

I want her to be, but I don't think she really is.

"What did you say, Jace?" Alec asked. I looked up, not aware that I had actually said that out loud.

"Nothing, Alec. Just shut up and read your girly book," I snapped back. Love was a touchy topic for me.

"It's not that girly," he said, tucking the paperback under his arm and looking stung.

"Yeah, Alec, it's not girly in the least. Even though it's about vampires, and the main character is a girl," I said harshly. I wasn't in a good mood today.

My leg didn't hurt that much, and at the rate I was healing, I could probably make it though the whole night walking on it. What I didn't want was to run into her.

I hadn't seen her since I was shot. She never visited me in the hospital, but Isabelle did bring me a super-generic Get Well Soon card that had her name signed on it.

Yes, I was still not naming her. Every time I said or thought her name, memories would come up, horrible unwanted memories that I worked so hard to keep out. Any walls I had built around those memories would dissolve, and the memories would bombard me. There weren't many memories locked up in that category, but they were all powerful.

The more I think about this, the easier it will be for the memories to come back, I thought. No more thinking.

I turned to Alec, about to comment on his bookmark—it was pink and sparkly—when the doorbell rang.

"Jace, go get the door," Alec said, not glancing up from his book.

"I'm injured Alec. Your legs work fine; why can't you go get it?" I demanded.

"I can't go get it because Stevie Rae is dying and if I get up I might start crying," Alec mumbled.

"He died a while ago, Alec. What kind of vampire book is that?" I asked.

Alec shook his head at me. "Not the famous blues musician, Jace. It's a girl, and she's dying because her body is rejecting the change from fledgling to vampire!" Alec's voice rose to a shriek at the end.

"Calm down, Alec. You're turning into Isabelle. I'll get it," I caved, gingerly standing on my leg. In all honesty, it felt perfectly fine, but I didn't want to risk re-opening the wound before tonight.

"Is someone going to get that?" Izzy shouted from upstairs. She got back from her spa treatment about an hour ago and had locked herself in her room to get ready for prom.

"I'm getting it, Iz. Go back to whatever you were doing," I called. I was almost at the door when Isabelle answered.

"Okay. Well, send her up when you get to the door! Tell her my door is unlocked even though it's shut and that she doesn't need to knock on my bedroom door."

Wait. Her? I took a deep breath and opened the door. Sure enough, she was the one standing on the porch, a dress bag slung over her shoulder and strappy black stiletto's dangling from her fingers.

"Hi, Jace," she said, leaning against the doorjamb.

"Hi," I said shortly, opening the door a little wider. "Iz told me to tell you that she's in her room, and although her door is closed, its unlocked and you can go right in." God, I'm such an idiot.

"Thanks," she said, staring awkwardly at the ground. "Your leg must feel better if you're walking on it," she said, the same way you would say 'It's colder out here when the sun's gone'.

"Yeah, it's better," I said, the way you'd say 'Yeah, it's pretty cold out'. I had to force my next words out, not because I was a stubborn ass, but because talking to her like this hurt. A lot. "Thanks. For . . . everything. Calling the hospital, I mean." What happened to being eloquent?

She stared at her shoes. "Oh, that. It was no—no problem. Standard first aid practice."

Of course it was. "Well, it was good thinking of you. Izzy's waiting for you, if you don't get up there she'll probably assume I torturing you down here." I got out of the way so she could walk in.

I left her to shut the door and walk up the stairs and made my way back to the living room.

"Damn you," I told Alec, sitting back down and lifting my leg to rest on a pillow.

"Huh?" Alec looked up, his eyes a little teary.

I sighed and put my head in my palms. "Alec, are you seriously crying because some girl named after Stevie Ray Vaughan just died in a fictional book?" I asked him.

"Yes, Jace. And I'm not afraid to show it," Alec said, holding his head up high with a dignified air.

I reached into my pocket and took my phone out, pointing the camera at Alec's face. "Really? So can I take a picture and post it on Facebook?" I asked.

"Shut the hell up, Jace. Put the phone away and turn on a damn sports game or something," Alec seethed, clearly through with the all crap I'd been giving him all day.

I was too busy trying to calm myself down to do anything but sit there. I didn't even know why I was upset. Actually, I know why. I was so upset over all of the unwanted memories that Clary made me think of that the only thing I could do to ease the pain was piss others off. And I was doing a damn good job.

Isabelle PoV

Watching two people break each other's hearts is hard. I have had, and caused, my fair share of heart breaks, but I had no idea that they actually hurt the people close to the heart-broken. I had my first heart break when I was eleven. His name was Jack, and if you had asked the eleven-year-old-Isabelle if she loved him, she'd have sworn yes, up and down. He was a year older than me, twelve, and I thought he was the hottest thing on the face of this earth. He was your classic middle-school bad-boy. His hair was the same colour as my favourite chocolate brown Coach tote, and his eyes were greener than anything I had ever seen before. I remember thinking that the best thing about him was that he was taller than me. If I had wanted to, I could've rested my head on his chest. And did I ever want that.

It was June, close to summer vacation, and my best friend Anne and I made a pact to have a boyfriend by the end of the school year. I had my sights set on Jack, and I oriented my whole day around flirting with him and getting to know his friends. His best-y was a super-cute guy named Tyler and, if I wasn't head-over-heels in love with Jack, I would've wanted him. Ty was hilarious and hot as hell, but he had a girlfriend, and even I knew enough to not go after an already taken boy.

Anyway, back to Jack. Rhyming not intended. So, on the last day of school before summer vacation, Jack kissed me. On the lips. My world was spinning. That was my first kiss, and I swear to God, I compare every kiss I have to that one because regardless of who the kiss was with, it was the perfect mix of rose petal sweetness and firework spark that every girl wishes for.

Jack and I dated all summer, and it was like magic. We went on walks through Central Park, he bought me teddy bears—of every colour imaginable— and he even went shoe-shopping with me. Amazing, right? More like too good to be true. Here's where the heart-break comes in—I caught him cheating on me with my best friend. They were making out under my window, like he was flaunting the fact that he could have both of us. So I did what any other girl would've done. I walked down, wearing my purple silk Victoria Secret pyjama's and slapped him. Hard. Then i turned on my heel and walked back inside, like I was just checking the rain gauge or something. From that day, I swore to never give my heart away again, because it only ever leads to heart-break.

Until now. Here I was in my bedroom, standing in front of my huge mirror, getting ready for prom. And this time, it wasn't an oh-you're-hot-so-I'll-go-with-you-because-we-compliment-each-other's-social-statuses. I had actually give away my heart to one Simon Lewis, world-ranked COD and D&D player.

A knock on my door broke me from my thoughts. "Come in Clary! I'm dressed!" I called, waiting for my best friend to open the door. It opened slowly, as if she couldn't tell if I was serious or not. Finally. when it opened, I could see Clary shaking.

"Iz, he opened the door. I thought you said Alec would get it," Clary said, her voice showing the tears she was holding back. I walked over to her and took the dress bag from her hands. "I wouldn't have agreed to come over if I knew he would be the one answering the door."

"Clary, I didn't know. He's been a lazy ass all day, but I guess he might've thought it was Val. She was over all morning, so he might've thought she had come back because she forgot her phone or something. Why are you two being so stubborn?" I demanded. They made love seem so complicated.

"Look, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Just know that I still lo—like him the same as I always have, but I'm doing this to protect you. Just, please, Iz. Trust me," Clary pleaded. Looking at her face, I knew it was the truth.

"Fine. Let's get you dressed then. Even though you don't have a date, I want you to look perfect, so that all the guys who didn't ask you will be eating their hearts out." I said firmly, leading her to my vanity table, which looked like a M.A.C truck had exploded on it. I handed Clary my container of make-up remover pads. "Wipe you mascara off, then go wash your face with this—" I handed her a bottle of face scrub and a towel "—in my bathroom. I'm going to set up a palate for your dress."



Isabelle PoV

"Clarissa Fairchild. Hold still while Isabelle does your makeup," Jocelyn chastised her daughter. I smirked. "You heard her Clary. Hold still.," I said, patting Clary's face with a blush brush. "What do you think, Ms. Fairchild? Too dark?" I asked, spinning Clary around to face her mother. Jocelyn looked at the blush I had put on Clary's cheekbones. "Maybe just a little lighter, Isabelle. Try that Fairy Dust Pink you bought yesterday," Ms. Fairchild suggested. I nodded and started wiping the blush from Clary's face. "Clarissa, stop scrunching your face," I said sharply. Charmeine giggled. She and Chaos were sitting at the foot of Ms. Fairchild's bed, all done up and dressed. They were going to be part of the wedding party too. Clary was the maid of honour, Charmeine, Chaos, and I were her bridesmaids, and we decided that Sky would be flower girl because she looked like a ten year old. She was running a little late.

I did one final swipe on Clary's cheek and decided that Jocelyn had been right. Fairy Dust Pink was perfect. I plucked a pearly coloured liquid eyeliner off of Jocelyn's dresser and shook the bottle. I gently applied it to Clary's face and Charmeine and Chaos were almost crying from laughter at Clary's expression as I applied it. "She's not stabbing you, Clary," Chaos pointed out, almost rolling on the floor. "Chaos get up. Don't ruin your dress," I scolded. I moved o to the eye shadow and applied a pink-and-beige palette to Clary's eyes. I gave Clary the mascara wand. "Don't stab yourself. I'm going to get your dress," I instructed Clary. I walked over to Jocelyn's closet where all of the dresses were. Jocelyn's dress was a pure white silk dress with a sweetheart neckline and one strap. It was floor length. For a mom, Jocelyn looked gorgeous.

The bridesmaid dresses were pale pink and strapless. The pink was slightly metallic so it was more of a pearly pink than an actual pink. The dresses were strapless and came to about mid-thigh with a little silver bow at the waist to cinch the bodice. I hadn't put mine on yet because I didn't want to get it all powdery from doing everyone's make-up. I did Jocelyn's make-up first because she was the bride. "Sorry I'm late! My mom had, like, a million things for me to do this morning!" Sky rushed in. I brought Clary her dress and signalled for Charm and Chaos to help her get into it. "Sit down Sky," I said in an ominous voice.

Skylark complied and sat on the other make-up stool. Sky had gorgeous purple-red hair (which she was considering dyeing blonde again), so her flower girl dress was all shades of purples. I used the same Fairy Dust Pink blush on Sky. She wrinkled her nose at the irony. I quickly moved on to the eyeliner. I chose a sparkly metallic purple and a purple-and-silver eye shadow palette. I had Sky apply her own mascara so I could get into my dress. Clary helped me into it and I tried to convince her to wear the stilettos. "Sky, honey, you look gorgeous, but what about your eyes?" Jocelyn pointed out to Skylark. Sky held up one finger, her all-blue eyes twinkling devilishly. She closed her eyes and rubbed them lightly through her eyelids, being careful not to smudge her make-up. "Tada! My mom finally taught me," Sky announced, opening her eyes to show fully human eyes. We all clapped and smiled at her. I helped Sky into her dress, which was strapless and silver with purple floral designs on it. She looked so cute. We chose little metallic purple flats with a silver flower on the toe to go with her dress.

We all got into our shoes and my phone rang. "Hey? Ready?" I asked, knowing that it was Alec. "Hey, Iz. Yeah, everything's set down here. How about you guys? All done up yet?" Alec asked. I glanced over my shoulder to see everyone dressed and in their footwear. "Yep, all ready here too. The limo just pulled up," I replied. None of us could drive except for Jocelyn, so we decided to order a limo. "Okay., see you in a few," Alec hung up. I could hear the limo pull up through the window. I motioned for everyone to go downstairs.

We loaded into the limo and I paid the driver with the cash Mom had left me. We had Jocelyn sit in the centre in the back. The limo driver was a very chatty blonde lady who enjoyed telling us stories about the times she had celebrities in her limo. Luckily, we only had to hear about 5 minutes of them because the clearing wasn't far from the Institute. All of the chairs were filled with unfamiliar people. I recognised Simon standing off to the side with the ring and I saw my brothers handing out wedding programs. Clary's eyes widened at the sight of Jace in a tux."Wow, Jace can clean up well," Sky remarked, nudging Clary. Jocelyn shot her a look and Clary blushed. The limo parked and we stepped out, careful to make sure that no one would see us.

Sky PoV

I took a deep breath as we stepped out of the limo and focused on looking about eight years old. Jocelyn wanted the 'cute factor' in her wedding, so of course Isabelle volunteered me. I mean, I love weddings, but seriously? A sixteen year old flower girl? I grabbed my basket of flowers and put my corsage and flower head band on. Luke nodded at me from across the clearing and the music started playing. I skipped down the center of the two wings, throwing flower petals out and being cute. Everyone clapped as Jocelyn came into their view and I stopped walking once I came close to Luke. Luke was actually wearing a suit and tie and he looked like he just shaved. Nothing like the werewolf pack leader and I knew.

The middle of the ceremony was a blur. A guy in a suit from the Clave read the wedding passages and Simon brought Luke the wedding ring and came to stand beside me. He grabbed my hand and squeezed once. Luke slid the wedding ring onto Jocelyn's finger and they said their I do's. They then kissed and you could feel the air around them spark. We all clapped for them and once they were done the Clave guy said a few words to wrap up the ceremony.

Pictures immediately followed the ceremony. As part of the wedding party I probably posed for at least six or seven pictures. Several people came up to me and told me that I looked adorable. I think they were all under the impression that I was, in fact, ten. Simon stood next to me the whole time, towering over me. Good thing about being short: I can rest my head on his chest. Bad thing about being short: his mouth is harder to access.

When Luke finally announced that we would be having dinner inside I was incredibly happy. The sun was going down and the air rapidly getting colder. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but everything was tense, like the slightest move would throw everything off balance and throw the world into shambles. I was pretty sure that the others could feel it too. Simon kept glancing over his shoulder, as if to check we weren't being followed. Clary and Jace kept splitting up and scanning to perimeter. The angels, Charmeine and Chaos, were acting shaky and I'd bet anything that they were feeling the upset balance.

"You okay, Sky? You keep shivering," Simon noticed. "Yeah, I'm fine, Si. Don't worry. We're going inside for dinner anyway. I'll be fine," I said, doing my best to keep a straight face. Staying emotionless was a lot easier than I thought it would be.


Shadowhunter Reunion


"She wants what?" Clary asked incredulously, staring at Isabelle with her green eyes wide open.

"I'll repeat this for the last time Clary," Isabelle said with exaggerated patience. "Jessamine likes Jace. She knows you're with Jace. She wants him anyway. She told me that if I introduce her to Jace and they hit it off, we can have both beds and the big dresser. So really, if we just tell Jace to pretend to like her and then dump her once she gives us the beds and dresser, she won't really be stealing your boyfriend. Capito?"

Clary sighed and collapsed onto the cot she dragged up from the basement. Stupid Jessamine and her stupid prissy-ness and her stupid looks. "You know that she only put the big bed on the line because she thinks that she'll be sleeping in Jace's every night?" she asked Isabelle, trying not to show her total frustration.

Isabelle let out her breath until her lungs started screaming. Clary was for sure her best friend until the end of the universe, but sometimes Clary could be so innocent. "Jace isn't going to invite her to bed. He's going to entertain her for one night and then he's going to push her into the fountain in Angel Square. There'll be no smoochy-smoochy or any kind of physical touching except maybe holding hands, and even that is pushing it. I swear on the Angel, Clarissa, I am not saying this to get between you and Jace. I hate Princess Jessamine as much as you do."

"Iz, as much as I want to believe you, I wouldn't put it past that seductress to try. Here, let me put this in perspective for you. Let's say that, hmm, right now for example, you go away and Simon is left in New York all by his lonesome and Maia comes over to his house. Would you want her there with him while you're gone? Be honest with me Isabelle, what does Simon do when you're gone?" Clary asked Isabelle.

Iz had to think a moment about that. "Well, whenever I ask him that, he says that he spends the time thinking about me and bragging about me to his band mates, but I think that he spends most of it on his house watching reruns of CSI and Grey's Anatomy on the TV. Oh and I think he watches Gossip Girl sometimes, but I can't get him to admit it."

Clary stifled a giggle. Simon did watch Gossip Girl and he was the one who got her into watching The Vampire Diaries. Apparently it was the only vampire show he could watch without feeling the need to throw up because they actually got the fangs right. "And now let's say that Maia knocks on his door and asks if he wants to hang out. Immediately all thoughts of you fly out of his mind and you're forgotten because there's a pretty girl in front of him and you're not around to give him his female company fix. Can you see why I'm so against leaving Jessamine with Jace?" Clary asked. She decided to keep the Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl thing to herself. It would make good bait to bribe him with.

Izzy glared at the red-headed Shadowhunter across from her. How dare she suggest that her boyfriend was hanging out with that werewolf. "I get what you're trying to say Clary, but Jace is good at the one night stand thing. Before you came along he had a new one every night. I'm pretty sure that you can trust him to stay loyal. That boy would put his life on the line for you. He loves you. There is no way in hell Jessamine can break that apart. You guys are indestructible, nothing can pull you apart—"

"They said the same thing about the Titanic, but that iceberg took care of the unsinkable ship pretty quickly," Clary cut Isabelle off.

"Yeah, yeah and Leonardo di Caprio dies at the end, I know the story. The Ice Princess can't pull you two apart, though. You're like Romeo and Juliet, no screw that they both died at the end, you're like Darcy and Elizabeth, John and Sav—nevermind. Well, you know what I mean. You do, don't you?" Isabelle looked Clary in the eyes and saw the defiance written across them in black Sharpie. Angel, she's so stubborn! Isabelle thought.


Will adjusted his black t-shirt so it didn't look like he'd just gotten run over by a double-decker bus. He had a nice blood-moustache from when Jace had smashed his face into the bedpost. Thankfully his nose wasn't broken, and the dried blood would come off with a little water. Will took a deep breath and splashed his face with water from the wash basin.

He had whole room to himself now that his cousin had decided to go for a walk to cool off and get his act together for the dinner that night.

How the hell did that idiot manage to surprise me like that? ran through Will's mind. No one ever got the better of him. Ever. He was Will Herondale, Shadowhunter supreme. The fact that his loser cousin beating him was pissing him off.

Of course, Jonathan isn't normal, his mind reminded him. Valentine just so happened to genetically alter him, so really it makes total sense that he beat the crap out of you.

Will inwardly glared at the voice. Sometimes, like now for instance, it was right, no matter how wrong he wished it to be. Will wished his cousin hadn't taken him down to quickly, hadn't been able to overpower him so quickly.

Will turned off the tap and pulled his bloody shirt off. He loved that shirt and was pissed that his cousin had the nerve to bloody it. I should've shredded his leather jacket while I had the chance, Will thought to himself, thinking about the two minute window he had where Jace went to the washroom to calm himself down. In the mundane world, that child would've been in anger management classes.

Will could hear a knock at the door of his room. He slipped on a clean dress-shirt and walked over to it, opening it to reveal a pretty red-haired girl in a black dress. She eyed him nervously, biting her lip. Hello gorgeous, he thought.

"Hi, I'm Will Herondale. How can I be of assistance to you?" he asked, putting on his best smile.

The girl flushed a pretty shade of pink. "Hello, I'm Clary Fray-Fairchild-Morgenstern. I go by all those last names. I'm looking for my boyfri—Jace. I'm looking for Jace. Is he here?" Clary took a peek inside Will's room, as if searching for his stupid cousin.

Hmm, so this is Jace's girlfriend? She probably means more to him than his leather jacket, Will thought. He plastered a sensual smile on his face. "Well, hello, Miss Clary. I have heard so much about you. Jace just stepped out for a minute, why don't you come in and wait for him here."

Clary nodded nervously. "Your room is a mess!" she exclaimed, taking in the disarranged furniture and half-made beds. "Jace is going to go O.C.D when he sees this!"

Will laughed inwardly. Jace, a neat freak. Who'd a thought? "Great. I'm looking forward to that."

Clary leaned forward and squinted at his face. "Sorry, this is probably really random, but is that blood on your chin?" she asked.

Will had to give the girl a hand, she noticed everything. "Yes, I'm afraid it is. I tried to clean it off earlier, but it seems I've missed some." He could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and would bet his last seraph blade that it was his dear cousin.

Clary gave a little laugh. "I can give you a hand. Do you have a cloth or something?"

Will reached over and grabbed a wash cloth off of the floor. He had attempted to strangle Jace with it earlier. Not that he would tell Clary that.

Clary grabbed it off him and leaned in, placing the cloth to his chin, her lips mere centimetres from his. Will leaned in as he heard Jace's footsteps reach their floor. Clary looked startled and dropped the cloth, pushing Will away. Will fell onto the floor with a thump as Jace opened the door.

Surprise flooded over his cousin's face. "Clary? What are you doing up here?" Clary spun around, face going beet red. Will felt a smirk crawl across his face.

"Jace! I was looking for you—Izzy and I need to talk to you about something! I was looking for you and then you weren't here and I got to meet your cousin Will and now you're here!" she babbled, spinning towards Jace.

"Okay, Clary. Why don't we leave Will to his strange meditations on the floor and you can tell me what's so important," Jace smirked at Will, who was now sitting cross-legged on the floor and glaring at the oh-so-cute-couple.

Jace led Clary out of the room, leaving Will on his own. Damn you, Will thought.

New York

New York was exactly like Tessa remembered it. Busy, bustling, and bursting with energy. Even at two in the morning, the city buzzed with life.

Tessa stood by the huge bay window in Magnus Bane's apartment. Magnus had left for a minute to go do 'warlock stuff' and had told her to watch his cat, Chairman Meow. However, to Tessa, Chairman Meow was more of a mouse than a cat. Maybe he was part hamster.

The cat was cleaning himself on the couch, so Tessa had gotten up to give the cat some privacy. Tired of looking out the window and longing to hear Aunt Harriet call her name and tell her it was time for dinner, Tessa began to wander the main floor of Magnus's apartment. It was much larger than the one Aunt Harriet had owned, but Magnus had been alive when the stock markets first opened, so that was to be expected. He probably had stock in oil and brought in hundreds of dollars a year just off of that.

You could tell Magnus was a world traveller just by looking at his living room. There were Greek sculptures in the corners, a totem pole with a lamp balancing on the top beside one of the couches, and all manners of Parisian and Italian paintings lining the walls. But what Tessa thought was the most impressive was the bookcases that lined the walls of his study. Books on everything from cooking, to novels, modern and older, stood on the shelves. All of Tessa's all-time favourites were there, some even the original copies.

Tessa gently picked up the frail copy of Pride and Prejudice and cradled it in her arms. Jane Austen's signature was on the inside of the front cover, with the words Signed for the wonderful Magnus Bane written beside the signature.

"Beautiful collection, isn't it?" a voice asked, and Tessa spun around, letting out a little shriek and almost dropping the book.

"Magnus you scared me!" Tessa scolded him, clutching one hand over her heart.

"Sorry, sweetheart. We have company, come and mingle," Magnus ordered, not sounding sorry at all.

Tessa put the book back on the shelf and walked back to the living room. Sitting on the couches were a boy and girl she had never met before in her life. The boy had dark hair that fell over his eyes and pale skin. Tessa was almost certain he was a vampire. The girl, on the other hand, had skin the colour of caramel, and brown curly hair.


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