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Odd One

HP Yaoi


Kiyoshi Michi

A Birthday Come and Gone

Harry stared up at the ceiling above his substandard bed, emerald eyes unfocused as they tried to blink away the drying blood. He felt desensitized, like nothing in the world could faze him any longer. Slowly, he raised his arm to stare at his hand, covered in the same blood that was starting to dry and flake in some areas. He looked over to the night stand to see it was but five minutes to midnight.

Another birthday come and gone.

Harry knew better than to expect gifts from his friends. He had finally taken down Tom Riddle all based on the whims of a crazy old man. The only man who proved a fight to him, the only one to help make him feel alive when nothing else went right, was dead and rotting in a ditch somewhere. No one even had the decency to bury the man. He was a little crazed, like Dumbledore, but the Headmaster was the only one to buried... extravagantly. So Harry had planned what he was going to do next for months.

In another minute, he would be seventeen, old enough for legal magic outside Hogwarts. This was wonderful since he did not plan on returning. He slowly sat up, still fresh blood running down his face a little faster. Midnight. There was no special bang, no pain, no flash of color and magic. He just aged another year and that was it.

Stumbling along, Harry was creating a trail of blood on the wall as his hand dragged down the length. He was down the stairs in seconds, almost forgetting where he was as he stepped lightly over the decapitated body of Petunia. She would not stop screaming and the sound was giving Harry a splitting headache, so he did what he thought best to silence her and took a butcher knife to her throat. It took a few moments of hacking and her gurgling, but he finally did it.

He looked around, seeing the limbs tacked up on the walls. They were Dudley's as the boy tried to fight him off. He did not like the fact he was being hurt and now sported a few bruises, so he literally ripped off his arms and legs with his bare hands, finding a strength he had no idea he had. Harry watched as he bled out, trying to roll over so he may be able to sit up.

But Vernon had been the hardest to deal with. He was bigger then Dudley and Petunia and nearly knocked him out at one point fighting. Harry just retaliated and jabbed a broken piece of wood through his spine, effectively paralyzing most of him. Harry then did the most beneficial thing to mankind he could have possibly done - Vernon could no longer reproduce. Period. There was no hope. With a smirk, Harry had left him alive and in the same spot to stare at the carnage while he went upstairs to get his things.

As he was leaving after midnight came and went, he could hear the sirens. He walked out the door, leaving it open to make it easier for the police to get in. It seems one of their neighbors heard all the commotion and decided to be a hero. The smirk on Harry's face was deranged as he slowly walked out of the wards before disappearing in a crack.

Severus could not believe his eyes. The pure carnage was a shock to even the coldest of men and he was among the top ranked.

When the wards on the Dursley home went off, Severus was the first there, using Obliviate on everyone there so the staff of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic could see the damage for themselves first. When Severus walked into the house, he nearly turned back around to heave the contents of his stomach. The amount of blood was more than he had seen in one place, but Voldemort had liked to keep his torture subjects alive and clean. This was just death for the pleasure of seeing the blood run out.

He found one of them alive, but severely paralyzed by a piece of wood in his back.

"G... get the... freak..."

Severus furrowed his brows. Yes, it was obviously a freak who had done this. Looking around, he noticed blood on the railing of the stairs and slowly followed it up, careful not to touch the blood. When he reached the landing, he noticed a trail on the wall that stopped in front of an almost hidden door. Following this, he cautiously opened the door, ready to grab his wand, when he noticed no one to be in there.

Still cautious, he walked into the small room and noticed a number of Potter's things to be in the room. He continued to look around, noticing a letter laying innocently on the bed. Thinking it to be a ransom note of some nature, Severus brows nearly shot to his hairline when he read the words on the paper.

Hey, I wonder who gets this first. Maybe Severus. I wouldn't put it past you, Severus. But what the hell does it matter - I'm gone. Not dead because I refuse to kill myself, I leave that job to someone or something else. But as I'm sure you have noticed, most of my 'dear, loving family' is dead or severely injured. Yeah, I'm the freak who did it. I have been a freak since the beginning, why not continue? I think I am too desensitized to the world anymore - I just did not care what I had done. Revenge was my only reason - I was fucking tired of the beatings, the mind fucks, the rape. It just made something snap. But I seem oddly sane in this letter, don't I? Maybe I am just sick... who knows? Anyway, it is likely I am off the radar since I am somewhere well hidden by time and magic.

If you come to my doorstep, I'll fucking kill you too.

Just leave it be. Let me die either naturally or by someone's hand. And don't think I'm not serious, because if those bodies have anything to say about it, I am. So just stay away and everything will be fine.

~The freak, Harry

Severus could not help but stare at the slightly bloodied parchment. The saint Harry Potter had done this? Even more concerning was the fact Harry was apparently severely abused and Albus had only continued to send him back, even when he knew Harry had begged to be anywhere else. He could hear the others arriving and quickly shoved the letter into a pocket, not yet willing to share the secret of Harry. It was then that something odd struck Severus.

Today was Harry's birthday.

'What a wonderful way to start a birthday,' Severus thought bitterly as he walked back downstairs to greet those arriving. Hopefully no one would freak out when they saw what had happened to Harry's family.

Emerald eyes stared up a the grand mansion, feeling like he was going to taint the beauty but he needed somewhere to stay. Carefully, Harry opened the grand doors to be greeted the vast foyer covered in dust. No one had been here in such a long time but Malfoy Manor was just how he remembered it. Since Narcissa was dead and Lucius was on the run, Draco had decided to stay with his Godfather until he could get a place of his own.

So Harry had decided to steal the manor for his own nefarious purposes. Closing the door silently behind him, Harry vaguely noticed his skin seemed oddly grey before going upstairs to find a bathroom. Harry hated the feeling of the drying blood and how his clothes clung to his skin. Maybe some of Draco's were left behind.

When he finally found the bathroom, he took a quick shower, not once caring that the water never got hot. He got out, not even bothering with a towel - he was the only one there. Harry took some time exploring, trying to find a bedroom with any clothes and he was successful a little later. Pulling on a white silk shirt (he did not bother with the buttons) and some leather pants, he shrunk them to fit and raised an eyebrow when he realized he only needed about an inch taken off. Seeing a reflection, he turned to the full sized mirror and almost laughed.

He was taller, that was certain, and he had a better build. His skin was tinted grey and his irises and pupils a strange silver color while the whites of his eyes had turned black. The nest of hair had grown out, falling in loose curls down to his back and framed a regal face. Harry smirked devilishly - he looked like some extremely sexy nobleman. The grey tinted skin was a little strange, but Harry discovered it was because his heart was no longer beating.

"Interesting. I'm not even alive anymore. Wonder what I am."

It was not a Vampire. He had no craving for blood and his teeth looked mostly the same other than almost all of his teeth had a small point. It certainly made for a dangerous smile. Added to that, Vampires still had a pulse - a weak one, but it was there.

So what in bloody Hell could he be?

Shrugging it off for now, Harry then decided the place needed cleaning and flicked his hand, watching everything in the room lose the dust and gain a bit of a brightness. Hmm... he still liked the sunlight. He continued this throughout the house, most of the way through when it hit him: he was doing wandless magic. And he was not saying a damn thing. Staring at his hand, Harry nearly laughed out loud. He was powerful, to the point that anything he thought he wanted would suddenly come up.

Hmm... maybe he could have fun with this.

Raising a hand, Harry made an oval in the air and a mirror, extravagant in design, of the same shape appeared. He tapped the glass twice and waited until Draco's face came out of nowhere. He smirked when Draco realized what was going on.

"Wh... what the hell?"

"Draco Malfoy, I presume?"

"U-Uh... yes. Who are you?"

Harry loved the face Draco was making, taking in his new appearance and caught unawares.

"Though I do not believe names to be important, Mister Malfoy, I am Vasille Draculesti." Harry almost made a face - where the hell did that name come from? "Malfoy Manor has been abandoned, has it not?"

"Well... yes. No one has lived in there for nearly a year."

"And you are broke, are you not?"

There was a pause in which Draco looked uncomfortable before he finally answered.

"Yes, I have no money."

"How about a proposition then, Mister Malfoy?"

This had the boy's interest.

"You give me the Manor and I give you whatever you ask for it and the rights to come and go as you please."

"You... would let me back into the manor?"

"Absolutely. I know how important it is to the Malfoy family, how important it is particularly to you. Do not make such faces, Mister Malfoy, they are unbecoming of such a lovely face." Harry chuckled when Draco blushed. "But you may even stay months at a time if you wish. You will not have to do something so barbaric as to the pay me rent or some such nonsense. Just come and go as you like. Your room is the one furthest down the West wing, is it not?"

"It is."

"Then that is one of the rooms I shall not touch. Contact me whenever you have decided the appropriate amount for me to pay. Good day."

"W-Wait! I do not mean to offend but... what are you, Mister Draculesti?"

"I have no idea."

Draco nodded before the picture went blank and the mirror slowly faded away. Harry had to admit, that was a fantastic way to communicate. And he was going to have legal rights to the manor soon enough. Time to relax for a long while.

Severus nearly jumped ten feet into the air when a strange mirror popped up in front of him, an image of a smirking man dominating. Severus had seen nothing like him - the eyes were so strange, the color of the skin was rare, and the hair looked like it would be silk to the touch.

"Good evening, Headmaster Snape."

"Good evening...?"

"Forgive me. I am Vasille Draculesti. I am surprised young Mister Malfoy mentioned nothing about me. We do have a business deal. However, I am not talking to you now about Mister Malfoy; I would like to know if you still have openings for teaching staff."

"Yes, we do."

"Hmm. And what positions would those be?"

"Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, and Care of Magical Creatures."

"Oh. Certainly interesting. I am sure you would have to see me and do some assessment, but I would like the Magical Creatures position."

"Ah, yes." Severus was unsure how to proceed at this point. "I suppose... you should come by tomorrow so I may do the assessment."

"Wonderful. And Severus, where has that snarky humor gone?"

Severus went wide-eyed and tried to yell about what the man was playing at, but the mirror was gone and so was the face of Vasille Draculesti. Rubbing his forehead, Severus realized something was bugging him about that man. It was as if he should know who he is... who he really is. And what was this deal with Draco? Severus had so many questions and not a single one answered.

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