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Kiyoshi Michi

The New Dark Lord

Harry cringed as he felt the sting of the needle break his skin, feeling the burn of the liquid as everything in the syringe as injected into his bloodstream. He knew what this did - he would have severe convulsion and would heave everything in his stomach, which was just gastric acid at this point. It was tiring none the less.

"Doctor, it is the same reaction time and time again."

"How depressing. Maybe we will just kill him."

Harry wanted to cry in relief. Death was such a welcome thought at this point, though he was not sure he could even die. He was at full transformation, his eyes completely black and his teeth elongated. He had a tail that would not disappear back under his skin. Webs were forming between his fingers. Now, every detail of his ribs could be seen as he had not had anything decent since he was with Severus.

That was all he had left anymore... those memories that played over and over in his head, his favorite being the last night with that man. It was then he suddenly launched himself at the bars keeping him captive, instantly bending and weakening most of them. He needed to see his mate, needed to hold and kiss that man. With a howl of rage, he bit into one of the bars and set about ripping the metal into pieces with his teeth.

He worked on the bars for hours, surprised no one had come down to see him. However, everyone heard his howl of triumph when he escaped.

Harry Potter did things others could not.

Harry Potter had killed an arsehole twice.

Harry Potter had killed his family in cold blood.

Harry Potter had killed Lucius for his mate.

Harry Potter was mated to Severus Snape.

Harry Potter was the first creature to escape his cell.

Severus stood outside the doors, staring at the metal with a deranged smirk as he held something in both hands he never thought he ever would - Muggle guns. He had found out he was rather good at the damned things. And standing here now, like he was, he knew he was very 'bad ass' as an American teen had called him. With a practiced ease, Severus kicked the metal door in, having woven magic into the boots he wore. Before they could react and get their wands, he had shot two guards in the forehead.

One bonus to Muggle guns.

Another was the pure gore they left behind.

Hitching the guns up further to aim higher easier, Severus made his way through the top level of the facility, taking out everyone with one shot, two maximum. Oh yes, he was a fucking professional with these Muggle guns. He turned to a man who stood when he saw him, holding a hand.

"Hey, you can't b-"

Severus shot him in the mouth, severing the brain stem.

"Shut the fuck up."

He made his way to the elevator, satisfied that he had killed everyone on this level. Thus, he made his way down, stopping level by level to kill the employees and set the creatures free to add to the carnage. Not a single creature ever once tried to kill him; instead, they stared at him and nodded their appreciation or lightly butted their head against his chest. It was with a deep sense of pride that Severus found himself at the bottom level.

He could hear the screams of a mass of people, heading his way if the noise was anything to go back. Giving a lopsided smirk, Severus started shooting as soon as he saw the first person, taking them all down easily. Not a single one managed to get within fifteen feet of him. When that was done, he strained to hear what else was there. With a smile, Severus dropped the two guns - he knew he would not need them - and waited. He could hear something skittering along the top of the wall.

At thirty feet, Severus could see movement, mostly a flicking tail and long limbs moving faster than he could see.

At twenty feet, he could see the long, curly black hair .

At fifteen feet, he could see pure black eyes and grey skin.

At ten feet, the creature launched at him and clung to him for dear life.

"Oh God, it's you... Severus."

"Of course, Harry."

He pulled away to assess the damage and growled. His poor Harry was thin enough to snap from only two weeks and his was in full transformation though Severus could see he was slowly turning back. When green eyes stared up at him full of love, he pulled Harry into a passionate kiss, clinging tightly to the smaller body.

Before Harry knew what was happening, Severus let go of him, dropped to pick up a single gun, stood and spun, and shot three men in the forehead as the elevator opened, giving them no time to react. They fell in a heap as Severus wound one arm around Harry's waist, pulling him close. There was a silence until Harry spoke.

"That... was the hottest damn thing I have ever seen."

"I know."

"You wanker."


"That turned me on."

Severus only smirked and pulled the male into another kiss, ignoring the bodies all around them and the creatures running around.

"Severus, get off him long enough for me to inspect him!"

Harry laughed as Severus pulled away, having the decency to look embarrassed. Poppy had been trying to get Severus to stop snogging the hell out of Harry for the last twenty minutes. She huffed and began the scans of Harry's body, tsking the whole time. Severus was practically bouncing on his feet, looking flustered which caused Harry to chuckle.

"Well, Mister Potter, it seems that besides the fact you are still severely under weight, you are fine."

Harry blinked.


"Do not think you can fool me, young man! Vasille Draculesti, really. I have had you in here enough times in the past to know!"

"Yes but... everyone thought I was gone... do you know... truth?"

"Of course. But Harry... I believe you had every right to do what you did. I knew what was wrong with you when you came in here every year. I tried so hard to get Dumbledore to send you somewhere else but he would hear nothing of it. I also know what you are going to do next and I support you."

"Uh... thank you?"

"Now rest. And that means no snogging Severus."

He made a childish face as soon as she turned her back to him.

"And don't make face - your face will stick like that."

He opted to glare instead as he sat in a chair near the bed where Harry lay.

"Can I at least hold the insolent brat's bloody hand!"

"Go for it."

He grumbled but grasped Harry's hand in his own, rubbing circles into the skin in a soothing manner. Harry smiled to himself, happy to have Severus back with him. He had been so lost without Severus at his side the last two weeks. He noticed two marks on Severus' neck and smirked arrogantly. The bite stayed. When he knew Poppy was not looking, Harry maneuvered himself in the blink of an eye and latched onto the bite mark, sucking harshly once.

The shuddered moan from Severus was worth it Harry thought as he leaned back in the bed again.

"That was truly evil, Mister Potter."

"Do you expect anything less, Mister Snape?"

"Of course not. I would not keep you otherwise."

Harry smirked from his position on the platform in the Ministry of Magic building. Severus was beside him, holding his hand though it was hidden in the shadows. Harry knew he was not ashamed, they just had this all planned out already.

"And so, we have to honor Mister Harry Potter for his bravery in surviving his capture by renegade Death Eaters."

That was their story? Harry and Severus shared a look before Harry stood to stand at the podium.

"Okay, I am not the eloquent of a speaker. Never have been, it'll take a few hundred years to make me so." Nervous laughs were his reaction and he basked in the uncertainty. "First off, I want to tell you the story the Ministry has fed you is absolute shite! It was not renegade Death Eaters - it was a fucking hidden sector of the Ministry that worked on torturing and experimenting on creatures!"

Several gasps. Good reaction.

"Now you may wonder 'why capture Harry Potter for creature testing?' Well, I will show you."

With a smirk, Harry outstretched his hands and let the grey skin return, his eyes to turn black and the webs to form between his fingers. The skin at the corners of his lips tore again, giving him a deranged smile that reached his ears. A spiked tail swished behind him, deadly in all its glory. His hair never changed anymore - it was always long and in loose curls.

"I am the creature of your nightmares!" He basked in their screams of terror. "My name is not Harry Potter anymore for I am no longer your saviour! I am Vasille Draculesti!" He turned and held his arms out to Severus, who got up and kissed Harry passionately in front of the crowd, enjoying the sounds of shock. Harry finally turned away to speak to the crowed again. "This is my mate, and I am the new Dark Lord!"

The end! Tell me what you thought... cause I thought 'what the hell is wrong with me?' XD so R & R