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A Change Of Heart

Mark Sloan was sure that he had never felt this nervous. His daughter was here standing in front of him telling him that the baby was coming. He had no clue why she had decided to return to Seattle but Mark was not going to speculate on that right now. He would think about that later. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he knew that hand belonged to Teddy. Teddy had been the only woman he had slept with since he had slept with the daughter of a patient about two months back. Teddy seemed to know what was going on without Mark or Sloane having to tell her.

"We need to get her to the hospital." Teddy told Mark. Of course Mark knew that, but he also wanted to let Callie know what was going on. She had stood by him during the whole mess and he was grateful to have Callie in his life.

"Take her down to my car. I need to let Callie know what's going on." Mark told Teddy before he grabbed his keys and handed them to her.

"It fucking hurts." Was Sloane's only comment before Teddy helped her down the hallway and to the elevator. Mark wasn't sure what to say to his daughter so he was glad that Teddy had things under control for now. Mark slammed the apartment door and crossed the hallway to Callie's apartment. He knocked on the door a few times before he heard footsteps and then the door being unlocked. Callie opened the door and looked confusedly at Mark. She had thought he had an evening with Teddy planned.

"Sloane's in labor." Was the first thing out of Mark's mouth.

Callie was understandably confused. The last time she had seen Sloane, the blond woman had been firm that she had no intention on coming back to her father's place. Callie had no idea what had made the eighteen year old change her mind completely, but she recognized the panic in Mark's face and she knew that he needed her. Callie felt bad because she and Arizona were getting ready to discuss the baby thing. Callie held up her finger and stepped back into the apartment to talk to Arizona.

"Who was that at the door?" Arizona asked. She hadn't heard Mark's voice so she was curious.

"It's Mark. I'm sorry Ari but I have to go. Sloane's in labor." Callie told Arizona. She hated blowing off her girlfriend for a vapid narcissistic teenager, but that vapid narcissistic teenager's father was Callie's best friend so Callie needed to be there for him. Arizona was confused. She was under the impression that the narcissistic teenager had left and was not returning.

"Let me grab my jacket and I'll come with you." Arizona told her girlfriend. There were times that Arizona would have to come second to Mark and Arizona was beginning to learn that.

Ten minutes later, the car carrying, Mark, Teddy, Sloane, Callie and Arizona parked in Mark's usual parking space at Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital. Callie and Arizona went to get a wheelchair and Teddy and Mark got a laboring Sloane out of the car.

"Do you want me to call your mother?" Mark offered as he kept a careful eye on his daughter. Granted Samantha may have kicked Sloane out, but Mark wondered if Sloane wanted Samantha there to be with her.

"No." Sloane insisted. She had accepted that her mother did not want to be a part of her life and she didn't want her mother there. Just then Callie brought a wheelchair over to them and Mark settled his daughter in the wheelchair.

"Arizona's getting you all checked in." Callie told Sloane.

"It's a hospital. Not a hotel." Sloane pointed out. Mark chuckled softly and smiled at his daughter before he replied.

"We want to make sure you get the best room up in Labor and Delivery."

Mark pushed his daughter's wheelchair into the lobby with Callie and Teddy falling into step behind him. When they reached Arizona, she smiled at the group and said,

"You are all set. Let's go upstairs to room 2340."Of course Arizona was really only talking to Sloane, but a thought had occurred to Mark.

"Who is going to deliver him?" Mark asked. He didn't trust the OB's at SG-MW and he knew that he wasn't going to be able to get Addison here on time.

"I will." Teddy told the group. Both Arizona and Mark looked surprised. Neither of them knew when the last time was that Teddy had delivered a baby.

"When was the last time you delivered a baby?" Sloane demanded of her dad's girlfriend. She was voicing the question that the other adults were thinking, but not daring to ask. Sloane had never had a problem with speaking her mind.

"In Iraq." Teddy answered simply. Sloane's lips formed a perfect o and then she went back to being quiet. Callie and Mark and Arizona felt bad about prying. A particularly strong contraction hit Sloane at this very moment and she doubled over and tried to remember to breathe.

"Let's get her upstairs." Mark ordered. He was taking charge. He had to take charge in order to keep himself from going crazy with concern. Callie was thinking about the adoptive parents and she was almost sure that they should be called.

"Should we call the couple who's adopting him?" Callie asked Sloane. Sloane shook her head firmly. She did not want them called and in fact they were not adopting the baby. She had come back to Seattle for more than one reason.

"He's not gonna be their's." Sloane murmured. Mark was startled as were both Arizona and Callie. Mark knew that Sloane didn't want to talk about it right now so he pushed Sloane into the elevator and along with the other three women they took the elevator upstairs.

Thirty minutes later Sloane was settled in her private hospital room and her contractions were two minutes apart. Teddy had estimated that she must have been in labor for several hours even as she drove from Portland Oregon all the way to Seattle Washington. Sloane had already called the baby's father every name in the book without revealing the guy's name. Teddy was checking her again and she was startled to find that Sloane was 9 centimeters dilated. It wouldn't be long now. She let Mark back into the room after she had finished checking Sloane.

"It won't be long now." Teddy told him.

Sloane wouldn't let Mark in the room when she was getting checked and that was why he had been out in the hallway. Mark was perfectly okay with that. Mark returned to his place beside his daughter's bed and he took her hand in his.

"How are you feeling?" Mark asked.

"Tired, sore and I wish I could get the fucking drugs." Sloane replied promptly.

"Sorry, but you are almost ready to push." Teddy told Sloane. Callie and Arizona had gone to get Mark something to eat, but not before Mark promised to call them if Sloane started pushing.

Less than ten minutes later, Sloane was ready to push. Mark had been just about to call Callie and let her know when Callie and Arizona walked into the room. Sloane was in a lot of pain and she hated having this many people around her. She felt crowded and then she felt guilty because Arizona and Callie had been good to her for the most part.

"Callie, could you and Arizona please wait outside." Sloane asked them. She looked at her dad, hoping that he wouldn't be annoyed.

"Of course." Arizona replied, speaking for Callie who was about to protest. Mark wasn't angry. Sloane needed to do what was right for her and if this was it, then Mark was okay with it. Once Callie and Arizona were gone, Teddy turned back to Sloane.

"Push Sloane." Teddy commanded. Sloane pushed as hard as she could, her face tuning deep red and her father's fingers turning purple.

"Okay, stop pushing." Teddy told her. Sloane half hoped that was it, but she knew it wasn't.

"Again Sloane." Teddy ordered. Sloane pushed over and over again until Teddy spoke,

"I can see his head."

Finally after what seemed like hours of pushing the baby finally emerged from Sloane's body. From the beginning it was clear that he had excellent lungs. He came out screaming with a head of dark brown hair. Mark guessed that the hair came from the father. His eyes were like his mother's and his grandfather's. The nose was definitely a Sloane nose. Teddy wrapped him in a blanket and offered the baby to Sloane, wondering if she would want to hold him.

"No…Give him to my dad." Sloane told Teddy. Teddy gave Mark the baby and Mark couldn't help but smile at the newborn.

"Let Callie and Arizona in as soon as Sloane is cleaned up." Mark told Teddy, completely unable to take his eyes off of his grandson

"Can you give my dad and I a minute alone?" Sloane asked Teddy. Teddy nodded and left the room to go tell Callie and Arizona the good news. Mark had no idea what was going on. All he knew was that his grandson was the cutest baby he had ever seen.

"I found out that the adoptive mother's father had sexually abused her and she had long since forgiven him and she was hoping that her father would be a huge part of the baby's life. I couldn't give my son to those people. I would never be able to live with myself." Sloane told her dad. Mark was confused as to why he was being told this.

"So what happens now?" Mark asked.

"I want you to take him. I want him with family and I am in no way ready to give him the life he deserves. His father and paternal grandparents want nothing to do with him or me. As his grandfather, your petition to adopt him would definitely be granted." Sloane told Mark. Mark was stunned. He had had no idea that this was going to happen. He knew what he wanted and he was glad that his daughter was finally giving him what he wanted.

"Where will you go?" Mark asked.

"Back to Boston where Mom and I have been living for the past ten years." Sloane admitted. She yawned then and Mark took at her.

"Sleep Sloane. I am just going to take the baby to the nursery."

Sloane nodded, already half asleep. The last 48 hours had been exhausting for her and all she wanted was some sleep. At least her baby was going to be with family. That was a really big relief for her.

Mark left the room, expecting to be bombarded by Callie and Arizona, but instead Derek was approaching him.

"I heard Sloane came back and had your grandson?" Derek asked as he reached Mark and the baby.

"Yes, she just gave birth to a healthy baby boy." Mark confirmed. He was so proud of his daughter. She had done so well without the drugs. Even if his hand was bruised from the death grip she had had on his hand.

"Can I hold him?" Derek asked hopefully. Mark put the baby in Derek's arms and that was when he told Derek the other news.

"I'm adopting him."

Derek looked up at Mark, completely stunned.

"Didn't she have a family that was going to adopt him?" Derek asked confusedly.

"The adoptive mother's father is a molester." Mark explained.

"So you are going to be a father huh?" Derek asked. He knew that Mark could handle this. He had grown up a lot recently.

"I am going to do this as a single father." Mark confirmed. Inwardly he was freaking out. It hadn't even hit him that he was going to be doing this all alone, with no help until just now. He and Teddy weren't really a permanent thing and he knew that he was likely going to be single by tomorrow when Sloane was discharged. Mark wanted to prove to everyone that he could do this. So he vowed not to ask anyone for help.