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Little Grey's Victory

Amelia Shepherd was one who liked to keep things organized. Even when her own life was a complete disaster, she liked to think that she could keep other people's lives organized. By making lists, putting things in easy to find places, Amelia Shepherd managed the task of organization. With all the names that had been thrown into the pot at this party, Amelia was having to rely on those organizational skills that she prided herself on.

"Okay, now we have to narrow the top five down to the top three." Amelia told the group. Only ten people were left in the apartment which Amelia knew Mark was relieved about.

"How do we do that?" Callie asked. This party may have been organized jointly but she was allowing Amelia to take the lead now.

"Mark picks the top three and then we all vote on what the first name should be. The name that gets the second most votes becomes the middle name." Amelia explained. Mark was thankful that he had picked five good names. These five names would be good middle and first names. All eyes seemed to suddenly be on Mark. Mark shifted uncomfortably on the couch. He may have acted like he enjoyed the attention but right now he wasn't enjoying the attention. He wanted nothing more than for this evening to end and for him to get to spend some time alone with Lexie and the baby.

"Give me the list and a pen Amelia." Mark told her, holding out his hand for the list and pen. Amelia passed the list and the pen to him and Mark looked through the list again. After a few minutes, Mark drew a line through two names. Now the list read like this:

The Short List






Now Noah and Logan were off the list and now the people that suggested those names could be revealed. Mark showed everyone the list so that they could see which ones were off the table. When Callie and Amelia noticed that Addison's pick was still in the running, they got nervous. They knew that if Mark picked Addison's name, Lexie would blow a fuse. Even if Mark had no idea who had suggested the last three names until their fates had been decided. Lexie felt as though she was going to vomit. Her pick was still in the running. So was Addison's. She wasn't sure who had picked the third name that was still in the running

"I suggested Logan." Piped in Derek's voice from where he was standing at the bar.

"I suggested Noah." Came a quiet voice. Ben had spoken. For the past forty minutes Miranda and Ben had been engrossed in the infant. Neither one of them had spoken for a significant length of time.

"So we still haven't omitted two out of four of Mark's exes who got to suggest names." Amelia was really just thinking aloud, but Lexie heard her. Mark had FOUR exes at this damn party? She knew about three of them: Callie, Teddy and Addison. Who the hell was the fourth? Mark saw that look on her face and he realized that she must have heard what Amelia had said.

"Amelia, filter!" Mark reminded her rather sharply.

"You aren't my father." Amelia shot back.

"What the hell is going on?" Derek demanded as he moved in to step between Amelia and Mark if he had to. Derek knew that Mark would never lay a hand on any woman out of anger but he also knew that both his best friend and his baby sister had very hot tempers.

"Your sister has a big mouth." Lexie snapped.

"What the hell is going on?" Meredith demanded. She had just returned from the restroom to hear these shouts and sharp voices.

"Apparently my youngest daughter has a big mouth." Carolyn told Meredith with a sigh.

"You have FOUR exes involved in this thing and you never told me?" Lexie demanded as she turned to face Mark. Her temper was rising and she needed answers from Mark.

"You knew Callie and Teddy were exes. Addison too but what you didn't know is I slept with Nancy." Mark told her. He wasn't quiet enough and soon enough the whole apartment had heard. Mark wasn't going to add that it had happened on more than one occasion Nancy put her face in her hands. She couldn't believe that Mark had just blabbed about that. They had done it on more than one occasion and the last time had been nearly twenty years ago. Up until about two minutes ago the only four people in this room had known about their past were herself, Mark, Derek and Amelia. Now her mother knew as well.

"Wait, you cheated on me? After everything we've gone through, you cheated on me?" Lexie demanded. She was livid. She wanted to scratch Nancy Shepherd's eyes out so badly.

"No Lexie. I slept with her a long time ago. About twenty years ago I'd say." Mark told her.

"Oh." Lexie whispered. Now she was embarrassed. She shouldn't have freaked out like that. She should have waited to hear what Mark had to say before she got upset with him.

"Okay can we get on with it." Arizona called, doing her best not to wake the still sleeping baby. Arizona was surprised at how much the baby could sleep through. As much as liked babies this whole naming party was just going on too long.

Amelia seemed to snap out of it and she got back to the business of handing out scraps of paper and pens to the remaining guests for them to vote on a name. The only one left out of this was Mark. He had narrowed the list down to names he really liked and now it was up to the others to vote on which one he could use.

Once everyone was done voting, Amelia passed the stack of scrap paper to Callie so Callie could tally up the votes. Lexie was anxious. Her name was in there and so was Addison's. She prayed that enough people had voted for her name. She knew it would be close because Addison had a lot of friends still. Callie and Amelia kept looking at each other, each of them thinking the same thing. They too were hoping that Lexie's name was the most voted on. They both knew that if Addison beat out Lexie in this vote, that Lexie would demand a re-vote.

Finally Callie had finished tallying up the votes. She swallowed hard and wrote the final tally up. She wasn't sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. She held up the list with the final tally under it.

Final Tally

Liam- 5 votes

Asher- 3 votes

Ethan- 2 votes

Lexie breathed a big sigh of relief. Her name was at the top. Liam was the name that half of the voters had voted on. A minute later, she realized that his middle name would be Asher and she wanted to throw up. Addison had infringed on her life with Mark again. Dammit, she hated that woman. Except she couldn't. It was hard to hate someone who saved babies.

Mark was relieved that the baby finally had a name. He looked around for his grandson before remembering that Miranda and Ben had him. He got up off the couch and went over to Miranda and Ben.

"Can I have the baby back." Mark asked.

"No, I'm not done with him." Miranda told him. Ben chuckled. He knew that Miranda wanted more kids and he just wished Miranda would admit that to him.

"Miranda, give the man back his grandson." Ben told her, still chuckling slightly.

"Fine." Miranda grumbled. She put the baby back in Mark's arms and then she turned back to Ben.

"You know you could just admit that you want one of those with me." Ben pointed out.

"Ben we've talked about it and I'm not ready yet." Miranda reminded him.

"Oh so that's why if Mark weren't here you probably would have stolen his grandson." Ben teased lightly.

"Ben!" Miranda objected. She knew he was right and she really hated it when he was right. Falling in love with Ben was not something she had planned on. Planning a future with Ben was an even scarier prospect.

Meanwhile Meredith had seen the look of relief cross Lexie's face when they had seen the final tally of votes for the baby's name. She had gone over to Lexie almost immediately. She didn't know why Lexie had looked so relieved.

"Lexie, you okay?" Meredith asked.

"I am now." Lexie assured her. Yes the idea of Addison having a hand in naming the baby made her sick, but at least Lexie had gotten the first name.

"What was all that about?" Meredith asked. She knew something about voting on the last few names had thrown Lexie into anxiety, but she didn't know why.

"My name and Addison's name were two of the final three names."Lexie whispered. Meredith was surprised. She had no idea how Lexie knew which one was Addison's name. They had kept all of it secret.

"How did you know that?" Meredith whispered curiously.

"When they were going through the big list and Mark said he wanted to keep Asher on the short list, I saw the look that Callie and Amelia shared and I knew." Lexie replied.

"So that means Liam was yours?" Meredith guessed. Mutely Lexie nodded. She was relieved that this was over and the baby finally had a name. Maybe now she could get some time alone with Mark.

"And that means that Ethan was Nancy's?" Meredith added questioningly. She guessed so. It made sense with Amelia's comment and the fact that Nancy hadn't spoken much during this gathering.

"Yeah I guess so." Lexie said quietly.

Just then, Mark's voice spoke for the first time in awhile. He still had no idea who had suggested the final three names and as soon as he made the baby name announcement he would find out.

"I'd like all of you to meet Liam Asher Sloan."

If the baby had been calm and peacefully sleeping before, he wasn't now. He erupted into color changing cries. Without waiting, Carolyn swooped in and took the baby from Mark and headed into the bedroom with him. She would change him and feed him if necessary. She missed having babies around. Her grandkids were all preschool and older. So she figured she'd get her baby fix with her surrogate son's grandson.

"Now you have to guess who picked the names." Callie reminded him impatiently. She knew that he'd be happy when he realized he had picked Lexie's name for the baby's first name. She wasn't sure how he would feel knowing that Asher was Addison's name suggestion. She had already sent Addison a quick text letting her know that Asher was the baby's middle name.

Mark was getting bored of this guessing game. He wanted everyone to leave and for him to get some time in with Lexie. He knew that she had been feeling totally left out today and he didn't like knowing or seeing that.

"Well there's only three people I haven't heard from today. Nancy, Lexie and Addison. So these three names have to match up somehow." Mark was talking mostly to himself now. He saw the smile on Lexie's face and right then he knew. He knew that Liam was Lexie's name suggestion.

"Lexie put in Liam." Mark commented with a smile in Lexie's direction.

"Yeah I did." Lexie confirmed, smiling right back at him. She no longer felt the need to be angry with him.

"Asher…Well truthfully it sounds like something Addison would suggest." Mark commented. He looked to both Amelia and Callie for a confirmation or denial.

"You got it." Callie told him. She couldn't read his expression. She didn't know how he felt about using the name suggested to him by an ex-girlfriend as the middle name for the baby.

"Then Ethan is Nancy's." Mark finished as he looked at Nancy. He couldn't believe that the final three names had all been suggested to him by women who he shared some sort of history with. The irony was clearly obvious. Nancy nodded in his direction, confirming his guess. Mark looked at Lexie and motioned for her to sit with him. Smiling Lexie joined him on the couch just as Carolyn emerged with the infant in her arms.

"Carolyn let me take him now." Mark told her as he held out his arms for baby Liam. Reluctantly, Carolyn passed Liam to Mark. She had enjoyed having a baby to look after while she was here in Seattle. She knew that she'd have to leave soon but she also knew that Mark had to learn to do this whole parenting thing. She was greatful that Lexie was back in his life and apparently planned on staying around for good this time.

"Okay, party's over. Let's leave Mark and Lexie and Liam alone for a little while." Callie announced. She could tell that Mark was anxious to have some time alone with Lexie and Liam and after this afternoon and evening, he deserved it. Thankfully no one argued with Callie.

"Let's go get a drink to celebrate!" Amelia suggested. Derek shot her a look of disapproval. He knew about Amelia's past and he'd be damned if he watched her go down that path again.

"Calm down Derek. I'll have a club soda." Amelia told him quickly. She knew that Derek did his best to protect her but she was an adult and perfectly capable of making her own choices.

"I think I'll just go back to the hotel." Carolyn told Amelia. Carolyn had been staying in a hotel with her daughters for the past few days just to give Mark a taste of what being a parent to a newborn would be like once she and her daughters went back to their lives.

"I'll come with you Mom." Nancy told her. She was worried about her baby sister, but she knew that Derek wouldn't let Amelia do anything stupid. Plus she wanted to call her kids who were spending the week with their dad.

Amelia could tell that they would be the only ones not coming. Callie, Arizona, Meredith, Miranda, Ben and Derek all seemed to be ready to finish off their night with a few drinks at the bar that was not far from the apartment. They all left the apartment and Carolyn and Nancy followed right behind them. In a matter of minutes the apartment had gone from crowded to almost totally empty.

Mark was relieved when they were gone. Finally he would be able to enjoy time with Liam and Lexie. This was something he had been looking forward to all day.

"You don't care that Liam's middle name is Asher do you?" Mark asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He was worried that Lexie would mind Addison having a hand in naming the baby. He hadn't known Asher was Addison's pick until the end. He liked the name so he knew that even if he had known that Asher was Addison's pick ahead of time, he wouldn't have taken that name out of the running.

"No. Well at first I did, but I'm okay with it now." Lexie told him honestly. The name didn't matter to her. What mattered was that she was back in Mark's arms looking at the beautiful baby that Mark was cradling in his other arm. Of course not knowing what her title would be made her a little nervous. She wasn't sure if she would be Grandma or Mama. It all depended on how Mark was going to raise the baby. Was her going to be Grandpa or Daddy. Lexie just wasn't sure yet.

"Good. I'm glad I picked your name." Mark told her with a smile. He was relieved that the votes had favored Liam. He really liked the final three names, but Liam had been his personal pick.

"I'm glad you picked it too." Lexie murmured as she leaned in for a kiss. Kissing Mark was as natural as breathing for her. Technically the votes had gone in favor of Liam. Mark had just liked it enough to put it on the short list. When Lexie pulled away from his lips, she rested her head on Mark's shoulder.

"I am going to need to fill out the adoption papers soon. I'd like to put you on them as well." Mark told her. He knew that he wouldn't be able to raise Liam without Lexie. He hoped that she wasn't totally freaked out about the idea.

"Okay. How do we plan on raising him?" Lexie asked. She needed to ask this question. Either way she would need just a little more time to process being jumped into a mom role or a grandmother role. Mark loved hearing the "we" come out of Lexie's mouth. It was something that he had never thought he would get with her. Hearing her question made him realize that they really needed to figure that out.

"As if we are his parents." Mark told her. He knew that was the scenario that she would feel most comfortable with and he was more than willing to do this for her. They would always know that they were not his real parents and he too would know that when he got older. Lexie was relieved to hear that. She wouldn't need as much time processing that idea as she would need processing the idea of being a grandmother.

"Okay, I can do that. I can be Liam's Mom." Lexie murmured as she looked at the content baby in Mark's arms.

"Let me go put him back in his crib." Mark told her as he started to get up.

"No, I'll do it."Lexie told him. She took the baby from his arms and carried him back to Mark's bedroom. She didn't have a lot of experience with infants. She didn't get to see her niece Laura that much and she didn't remember much from when her younger sister Molly was a baby. Mark could tell that she was a natural mother and he loved watching her with Liam. Liam would need a lot of mothering as he grew up and realized that he was adopted. Liam resembled his biological mother a lot. He resembled Mark too but not quite enough to say that he was biologically Mark and Lexie's baby.

Lexie came back holding one of the baby monitors. It wasn't like the apartment was big and they wouldn't be able to hear him, but Mark figured he probably shouldn't point that out.

"Don't look at me like that Mark. I'm not sleeping with you tonight." Lexie warned him. Mark had that look in his eyes. That look that clearly said that he wanted her. That look that in the past would have caused Lexie to simply melt at his feet.

"How long exactly do you plan on holding out on me?" Mark asked. He missed being with Lexie in that way. He knew why Lexie was so desperate for them to take things slowly but Mark was losing his mind here.

"As long as I want to." Lexie told him. She was about to say no, but Mark's lips covered hers before she could say another word. Lexie had been kissing him since they had reconciled but she always forgot how hot his kisses left her. They left her wanting more. They made her momentarily forget that celibacy vow that she had made for herself. She pulled away just seconds before her hands could rip off his black t-shirt that he was wearing.

"Lex, I love you." Mark murmured.

"I love you too Mark but I'm not ready." Lexie insisted. Mark would never force a woman to have sex with him against their will. He knew that once he and Lexie finally reconnected at that intimate level, it would be worth waiting for.

"Okay." Mark said. Lexie loved the fact that Mark respected her decision. She knew that he wanted her but she also knew that he was willing to wait for her.

"Let's watch a movie."Lexie suggested. She picked up the TV remote and turned on the TV. She adjusted the volume so it would be low and not wake Liam up. Mark didn't argue with her. Instead he pulled her closer to him so he could wrap both of his arms around her.

About a half an hour into the movie, Mark looked down at Lexie and she was sound asleep, her left hand holding his hand in her sleep. Mark hadn't known that she was so wiped out. With his other hand, he grabbed a blanket from the top of the couch and wrapped both Lexie and himself in that blanket. It seemed like they would be sleeping together in front of the TV tonight. He kissed her forehead and he watched a little more of the movie before he too fell asleep in front of the TV. This was the perfect end to a crazy day and neither of them could have been any happier.