So this morning, this story assulted me. And now it's here. I hope you like it

Sam and Dean walked down the street with Castiel in tow. The now human angel needed some new clothes, and the brothers needed to pick up a few supplies.

"Gah, Sam, this is taking forever why couldn't we have driven?"

"Dean, its two blocks. And look! It's a lovely day!"

Just to prove his point two birds burst into song. Dean slouched and grumbled something about the world moving against him.

Sam laughed, and turned to Castiel. He smiled. The former angel was watching the birds, and the sky, and the clouds. He watched the people they walked past, and the children, and the cars. He looked… happy.

Sam was relieved. It was hard enough to deal with Dean when he was in a funk and wouldn't say anything, but Castiel had almost been worse. At least with Dean he knew what to say, and what kind of pie to buy. But with Castiel it seemed every gesture to comfort him just furthered his depression over needing that comfort.

Sam sighed, and wondered when he suddenly gained another brother.

"Sam, seriously. Where the hell is this place?"

"Dean, come on! It's right there!"


Sam rolled his eyes, and pointed. "Right there." Suddenly he leapt with a scream as Dean mercilessly tickled him. "Dean!" They fought lightheartedly, for a few steps, before an increase in pedestrian traffic forced them to stop.

Suddenly horns blared and tires screeched. Unconsciously Dean reached for Sam as they whipped around.

"You bastard!"

A very shocked Castiel was safely in the arms of a furious Crowley.

"Do you have any idea what the hell you were doing?"

Slowly Castiel opened his hands; a baby bird blinked wearily at Crowley. "It fell into the street."

"For the love of – a bird? A bird?"

Dean nodded at Sam and rushed to move the two further back from the gathering crowd. Sam gave reassurances and a big honest smile to the onlookers, telling them to go on their way. When the last person had moved on, Sam turned back to his friends.

Crowley growled and pushed Castiel roughly against a wall. Dean snarled and grabbed the demon's arm. "You back off!"

Crowley shrugged him off roughly. "Do you have any idea what he –" He turned back to Castiel, crowding his space. "Do you have any idea what you almost did?" He pinched Castile hard, the angel jerked back with a cringe. "Yeah, hurts doesn't it? You have a mortal body now, angel! You can't just put it in danger!"

He was met by Castiel's wide blue eyes, his hands unconsciously shielding the bird. Crowley looked down at the creature witheringly. His jaw clicked shut, and he forced himself to take a deep breath. With a final glare he shook his head and turned to the Winchester's. "You two! What were you doing, eh? Just going to let him step out into traffic?"

Sam and Dean's eyes widened. They turned to each other, struggling to find something to say.

Crowley nodded at their silence. He turned back to Castiel and grabbed his wrist roughly. Cas struggled, vainly trying to protect the life he held in his hands. With a drawn out sigh the demon carefully removed the bird and zapped it back to its nest. "Happy?"

Castiel's gaze fell on the nest, and he smiled fondly. The look vanished as the demon tugged him forward, and up the sidewalk. Crowley glanced over his shoulder at the Winchester's. "You coming?"

The brothers quickly caught up with the demon, who still had the angel's wrist trapped in a vice like grip. Dean noticed some of the odd looks they were receiving and leaned in close to Crowley. "Uh, what are you doing?"

Crowley rolled his eyes. "I think that should be obvious."

Sam eyed him critically. "Well it isn't."

The demon glowered at the tall man, and tugged Castiel closer. "Well, it's clear to me that you two blockheads can't keep track of him, so I guess I'll have to."

Castiel glared at Crowley. "I don't need to be kept track of."

Crowley pulled Castiel against him, moving his hand from the angel's wrist to his hand, entwining their fingers. "Yeah? Well I think you do." He grinned brightly at Dean. "So. Where are we heading?"

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