I smiled as I woke up, rolling over in bed and looking at Edward, my boyfriend of five years, who was staring up at the dust motes swirling in the sunlight. It was the first morning I'd been able to sleep in since as long as I could remember. I was finally done with college, and free to live out the rest of my life. I smiled a little wider, thinking of a private joke- because technically I wouldn't by living out the rest of my life. At least, not as a human.

Edward's and my deal was that he would turn me into a vampire as soon as I graduated college. I'd decided that I had a week after this morning to get all my affairs in order before I faked my death and began my life as a vampire. I really felt I was ready, now that I'd been to college. Those four years had given me time to grow up, to learn some things. I felt more ready than ever to give up my human life and begin a new one with the love of my life.

Edward, noticing I was awake turned to smile at me. "Good morning," he said warmly. I inched closer and bent up to kiss him. His cool hands wrapped around my elbows, and I grinned, breaking the kiss. His cool lips had officially woken me up, and I was starving.

The day passed without event- most days did when you were finally done with education- and before I knew it I was snuggled under the covers with Edward again. "Goodnight, Bella," he whispered in his musical voice.

"Goodnight, Edward," I replied, sleepily, pressing my forehead against his cold bare chest. With his arms circled around me, and his face buried in my hair, I quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to a blindingly bright sunbeam glaring in my face. After blinking several times to adjust my eyes, I turned to see that the bed was empty beside me. I frowned- that was rare. It was pretty late, though-perhaps Edward was making breakfast. I stretched and rolled out of bed. As soon as my feet hit the floor, a shiver passed through me. I felt like something was- wrong. Maybe it was just déjà vu, but everything in the room- the position of the furniture, the arrangement of the books, the way the covers were twisted just slightly different, even the stunningly bright sun seemed unusual. I shook the odd feeling and padded off toward the kitchen, but Edward wasn't there, either. He wouldn't have left the house, would he?

Frowning, I stepped into the living room just as the phone rang. I sprinted to get it, because for some reason the phone only ever rang once before it went to the answering machine. Curiously, though, it had rung thrice before I reached it and never went to the answering machine. Still frowning, baffled, I answered it.

"Isabella Swan?"

"I haven't heard you use that name in a while," came Edward's smooth voice.

"Hi, Edward," I replied with relief. "Yeah, I've kind of been phasing out Bella. It's a little young, you know?"

"That's not what I was talking about," he said, and for some odd reason I could hear some deep hurt in his words. "I meant Black. You usually answer the phone 'Isabella Black.' I was just wondering when you went back to-"

I heard nothing else. I had dropped the phone.