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Irresistible Proposition

Chapter 1

Taking Charge


Hello my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer to be called Bella.

I live with my dad in a tiny two story-Victorian house that is on the brink of falling to pieces in a tiny town called Forks. It's only about 140 miles from Seattle. My truck is a 1953 rusted and faded red Chevrolet. It's old, but it gets me from point A to B.

I have exactly eight dollars and thirty-five cents in my homemade blue jean purse, and in both my checking and savings accounts, it's even lower. Well I take that back;my savings account has the twenty dollars that is needed to keep it open.

I am twenty-three years old and have been working for the Masen Corp Warehouse for five years now. The pay is okay. I am sure I could find a better job somewhere else, but now days, if you have a job you need to keep it because they are really rare to come by especially in this diminutive town.

Besides my employer, Mr. Masen, is the sweetest man in the world. The paychecks never really last too long after the bills are paid, but then again, whose paycheck really does?

I guess you're wondering why a girl my age is working forty plus hours a week when she should be in college. The answer is simple. You see my dad Charlie fell ill my senior year of high school and still has to have constant care. As soon as I graduated, I plunged head first into this job in order to support both of us.

Everything was going great until the polite and thoughtful Mr. Masen suddenly died.

That's when everything got shot to shit.


My name is Edward Anthony Masen, the second.

I am 25 years old.

I own 18 warehouses, 7 crab boats, 2 cruise ships, 5 mansions, 14 vehicles and the head office known worldwide as, Masen Corp, located right here in the beautiful Seattle.

My dad passed away about two months ago.

Although I was ready for the responsibility of taking over all my dad's businesses, I have to say I wish it was under better circumstances.

Like oh, say my dad retiring and spending the rest of his time traveling the world like he always wanted to. However, this was not the case. His death was unexpected and left everyone that worked for him sad. Even the ones who never even saw him sent flowers and their condolences.

I am the sole survivor of the Masen family.

I snapped out of my thoughts when my secretary brought in my coffee and the Monday morning reports for all the warehouses.

"Here you go, Mr. Masen," Lauren said in her sickly sweet voice which agitated me more than anything.

She was one of those girls who tried way too hard. She had fake blonde hair that looked fried, big fake boobs that were uneven and walked with her ass sticking out like she had a corn cob stuck up it. She did this day in and day out.

She sat the hot cup on my desk, making sure that she bent down low enough so that the crease of her cleavage would be exposed through the red v-neck shirt she was wearing and waited for me to say something. I rolled my eyes and looked down at the reports. I had to choose my words carefully around her. I could say something along the lines of 'thank you, you are on top of your game today', and by tomorrow, everybody around here would have heard something about me saying that I wanted to be on top of her.

It was like that game you played in school -telephone. You know where somebody says something in one person's ear, and they whisper in the next person's ear and so on until it reaches the last person, and it's something total different from what had been said at the beginning of the line.

Only Lauren never even tried to hear what was actually said.

She has been after me for years. My father hired her when she was twenty-one, and I just so happen to come to the office that day. When she saw me, it was like she had this deranged thought that I was her soul mate.

Soul mate… ha! I don't believe in that. Hell, I loved living the single life. I could do whatever and who the hell I wanted. Yes sir it was wonderful being me, up until two months ago. My dad was all I had left as far as blood relatives. My mother Elizabeth passed away when giving birth to me.

Now, I'm alone.

Lauren cleared her throat in hopes that I would remember she was there. I had no problem remembering that she was taking up precious space in my office because her cheap ass perfume filled my nostrils and made my stomach churn at the revolting smell.

"You're dismissed," I said in a voice that no one in their right mind would consider to be friendly, and I was glad to see her face fall as she took it in that I was not playing her little game.

She quickly walked out of my office and closed the door behind her. Well that's one 'headache' out of the way for today, I thought to myself as I picked up the cup and took a sip.

I quickly spit it back in the cup. Damn bitch can't even make a good cup of coffee.

Sighing, I picked up my cell phone from the desk and called Carlisle. He was one of my dad's most trusted employees and was now my right hand man just as he had been my father's before. He pretty much ran my father's company for me when I was in mourning. He was an excellent person to have on my team, and I could count on him for anything.

He picked up on the second ring.


"Carlisle. Good morning."

"Good morning, Mr. Masen."

"Carlisle, I've told you time and time again to call me Edward."

He used to call me by my first name all the time until my father died, and I became his boss. Now he was too serious when he talked to me. The man was the same age as my father and was like a second father given the number of years that I had known him.

"What can I do for you Edward?"

"Can you come in an hour early?"

"Sure, no problem. Is everything alright?" His voice sounded worried.

"Yes, I just want to go over the reports, and I also need a good cup of coffee. Could you stop by Starbucks?"

"I sure can. See you in a bit."

I hung up the phone and decided to go through some of the reports on my own. I was about halfway through them when I noticed that one of our warehouses was not making any profit. Hell, it wasn't even breaking even anymore.

I pulled the paper off the desk and brought it up to my eyes so I could examine it closer. I needed to find out where this one was located.

As I found the text on the paper, I read it out loud.

"Forks, Washington." Hmm that was that little town not too far away from here.

I picked up the office phone and pushed the red button.

"Yes, Mr. Masen?"

Her voice was like nails on a chalk board.

"Lauren, can you please pull the reports for warehouse number eleven that is located in Forks. Go back twelve months."

"Sure thi-"

I hung up before she could finish.

By the time Carlisle arrived with my coffee, I had already called Jasper in, and we were both looking at the paperwork.

If Carlisle was my right hand man then Jasper was my left. Though he was my age, he could keep up with Carlisle no problem, and when it came to talking business, he was simply brilliant. He was in charge of getting new clients and figuring out which companies would be better for us to invest in.

Carlisle handed me my coffee and took a seat.

"What did I miss?"

"Well after I got off the phone with you, I decided to go ahead and look at the reports, and I noticed that one of the warehouses is not even breaking even anymore. So, I got Lauren to pull up the information on it over the last twelve months, and it turns out that it has not made a profit at all, in the past year. So my question is: why is it still open?"

Carlisle cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Well, Edward, you know your father. He didn't have the heart to shut it down and put all of his employees out of work."

He was right; my father was a very compassionate man, but that was also his down fall.

"Well, I'm not my father. I say we cut our losses and shut it down. We can always sell the warehouse to someone else or market something new."

Carlisle looked disappointed but didn't say a word.

"Okay then let's move on. Jasper, how is everything going with our sister company?"

This was something my dad had done when I was just a child. He felt the need to have a sister company. That way if something should happen and Masen Corp. was to ever go under, we would always have income coming in from somewhere.

However, Masen Corp. had been running strong for years and years. I personally didn't think we needed the sister company.

Not to mention, I thought them to be low class idiots. We were keeping them afloat, not the other way around.

Jasper cleared his throat and began.

"Well, Edward, I think everything is going as well as to be expected. They are still annoying as hell to talk to, but they are still making the percentage of the profit they are supposed to, so there is no way we could cut them loose. Yet, anyway."

My head snapped up.

"What do you mean yet?"

"Well, they have only been making a fifty-six percent profit for the last three months, so if it falls another seven percent, we can legally break the contract and cut them lose."

The contract that my dad made with Billy Black or Quileute Industries is that if either company, ours or theirs, were to drop below fifty percent in their profits, we could cut them lose. So far, they have been maintaining the profit margin, barely, so we legally had no ground to terminate the contract.

"Well shit, let's hope it drops soon. I really would rather us not have ties with them once Jacob takes over the company."

"Well, Boss, it looks as if that is not possible. I heard that Billy has already started to hand the reins over to Jacob."

Sighing, I ran my hands through my hair.

"Okay, Jasper, this is what I need you to do then. Call and set up an appointment with Jacob for…"

I pulled out my calendar and looked to see what week would be best for me. If I was going to be stuck dealing with that scaly snake, Jacob, then it was going to be at a time of my choosing.

"Thursday, November 16. Oh and, Carlisle, I need you to make arranges for us to be down in Forks on Tuesday, November 14 to let the employees know that the warehouse will be shutting down on November 30.

"Yes, Sir."

"Okay, Jasper, have you heard anything from Aro?"

"No, not really, he keeps saying that he will meet with me to discuss his terms of selling the Family Entertaining cruise line, but he hasn't tried to make contact with me yet, and I have left several messages with his secretary."

"Okay, well keep trying but don't push him too much"

"You got it, Boss,"

"Alright gentlemen, you both have your assignment. This meeting is finished."

They both stood up and left my office while I sat there and looked out the window, massaging my temples to relieve the headache I could feel coming on. This was going to be one hell of a long week.

I stood there at the podium in front of all my employees. Carlisle had gathered them all for this meeting. Some looked worried while others looked happy.

Unfortunately, that look would soon be wiped off of their faces once they heard the news that I was delivering to them.

"I would like to thank you all for the dedication and hard work you have been doing these past few years, but unfortunately, as you all know, my father passed away, and I have inherited his corporations. I am in the process of making a few changes, and I am very sorry to inform you that this warehouse will be shutting down on November 30."

I paused before I continued due to the number of gasps and cries of anger coming from the crowd.

Some shouted profanities at me while others asked how I could do something like this.

"I realize it is close to the holidays, so to help you all out, each one of you will be given a one thousand dollar bonus to leave with. I hope this helps everyone out and best of luck to you in the future."

With that being said, I walked away from the podium and out the warehouse to my car that was waiting to drive me back to Seattle.

I was finished with this and was not going to draw it out any longer than I had to. I owed them no explanation as to why I was closing it down; therefore, they wouldn't get one.


It was Wednesday when I returned to work. I had to have the day off Tuesday to bring Charlie to his checkup.

Man his medical bills were getting more expensive every time I turned around.

I was going to ask if I could have some over time this week to help cover them.

When I walked into the warehouse, the first thing I noticed was that the atmosphere wasn't as festive as it usually was. Instead, everyone was mumbling and had pissed off looks on their faces.

I wondered what's going on?

I walked up to my station and sat down on the stool. I noticed that even Angela, my partner in crime, had an angry look on her face.

"Angela, what's going on with everybody today?"

She looked up at me and sighed.

"Bella, I have some bad news."

Uh oh, the last time she told me that was when I received the news about Mr. Masen's passing. I prepared myself by taking a deep breath.

"Bella, yesterday when you were off, we had Mr. Masen's son come down and talk to us. He let us know that he will be shutting down the warehouse on November 30."

"WHAT?" I screamed and got up so fast that the stool that I was sitting on fell backwards causing a loud clanking noise.

"Angela, please tell me this is some kind of joke."

"I'm sorry. I wish I could, but it's not. Oh, I did forget to tell you that he is giving everyone a one thousand dollar bonus to leave with."

A thousand dollars?

Does that arrogant pig really think that he can make it all better by giving us a thousand dollars after he just gave us the worst news that we could hear?

That won't even cover a month's worth of bills. What am I going to do? What about Charlie? He still requires medical attention.

I see nothing but red at that point in time.

"Angela, is he still here in Forks?"

"Oh no, I don't think so, Bella. I think he is already back at the head office in Seattle."

"Well, Angela, then that's where I am going."

I grabbed my keys and prayed that my raggedy old truck would make it that far.

"Bella, you can't."

Angela grabbed my arm in an effort to stop me, but let it go after I gave her a look of fury.

"Angela, can you please take care of Charlie while I am gone. I shouldn't be gone for more than a day. I will be back sometime tomorrow."

"Sure Bella, no problem. Just please don't do anything stupid."


I was sitting in my office in a meeting with Jacob Black.

I could feel my anger boiling over because of this imbecile that was sitting in front of me.

"Like I told you before, Jacob, this is not a threat. This is more of a warning that if you can't get your profits back up before it goes below fifty percent, we will let you go."

"I disagree, Edward."

"About what, Jacob?"

"That this isn't a threat. My father and I know that you have wanted to cut us loose for some time now."

"That may be true Jacob, but I am a smart business man and will not do anything to jeopardize my company and that includes breaking a contract when I have no grounds to do so."

The tan black haired-man sat there looking at me with his lips in a tight line not knowing what else to say to that.

I was just about to dismiss Jacob when Jasper barged into my office.

"Edward, I have the most amazing news. Aro finally returned my calls and gave me the list of terms we have to meet for him to sell his company to us."

I looked over at Jacob who suddenly perked up and was listening very hard to the conversation between Jasper and me.

Sighing, I realized that the cat was out of the bag now, so I just let him continue.

"What are they, Jasper? "

He looked down at the paperwork in his hand and then handed it to me.

I read the paperwork, and then, I think my eyes bulged out.

"I have to be married?"

I looked up at Jasper with a look of panic on my face.

"Yes, Boss, that seems to be his only request. Apparently being that his cruise line is based around family, he didn't want to sell it to anyone who was not family oriented.

"Well shit, Jasper, that knocks us out of the running."

"Oh, it does? You mean you're not married?"

Jasper gave me a sly smile

"Jasper, what the hell did you do?"


I pulled into the parking lot and cut the engine of my poor truck off.

Poor thing, I should not have pushed it that hard, but I was just so angry that I had no choice.

I went straight home from the warehouse, packed a bag, and waited for Angela to get off of work so I could give her instructions.

I ended up leaving around six in the afternoon, but by the time I got to Seattle, the head office was closed, and I had to stay in a hotel for the night.

I ended up sleeping a little later than I should have which is why I am here at two-thirty in the afternoon inside of early in the morning like I had hoped.

I entered the fancy building and walked to the elevator.

How convenient.

They had everyone listed on a plaque right in between the two elevators.

I quickly looked up Edward Masen and pushed the elevator button. As soon as the doors opened I stepped inside and pushed the highest number there was.

Floor number forty-five.

Okay, Bella, just don't look out the windows, and you will be okay.

When the elevator doors opened and revealed that I was on the forty fifth floor, I stepped out and walked up to the only desk that was in the area.

I cleared my throat only to be ignored by the trashy looking blonde that was filing her nails.

After a few moments passed and she still did not acknowledge me, I spoke up.

"Excuse me?"

She looked up lazily at me. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, is Mr. Masen in?"

"Do you have an appointment to see him?"

"No. I don't."

"Then there is nothing I can do. Goodbye." She went back to filing her nails.

I slammed my hand down on the desk.

"That's not a good enough answer for me."

"Look, lady, if you don't have an appointment, you can't see Mr. Masen"


I turned from her desk and started for the door that had Mr. Masen's golden name plate on it. She quickly ran in front of me to block me from the door, but I pushed her out of the way.

I threw open the door and stepped inside.

There were three men who were all looking at me like I was crazy.


"Well, Edward, I might have told Aro that you were married."

I heard an uproar of laughter coming from Jacob.

"You did WHAT?"

"Come on, Edward, it's a good plan. I mean really, how hard is it going to be to find someone to pretend to be married to you. Most girls would give there right arm just to say hi to you."

"Pretty damn hard, Jasper. Girls get attached too easily. Fuck, what the hell am I going to do?"

"Well you could always pay someone."

"Oh thanks ,Jasper, now you are making me sound desperate."

"No, Dude, I think it's a good plan. You see you pay her to be married to you, no strings attached. She knows everything from the very beginning. Then once we get the cruise line, you can "divorce" her due to her cheating on you or something."

"Jasper, I don't know about that…."

I didn't get a chance to finish my sentence because all the sudden my door was slammed open, and a beautiful lady stormed through, breathing heavily.

Lauren came in then and tried to grab the girls arm only to have it yanked back out of her grasp.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Masen. I couldn't stop her."

Jasper waved her off and she quickly exited the room.

"Edward Masen?"

"Yes, that's me can I help yo-"


"You're an asshole, Mr. Masen!"

Rubbing my cheek, I was momentarily stunned. Who the hell was this bitch, and why did she slap me?

"What are you talking about?"

I looked around to Jacob and Jasper who had looks of both amusement and disbelief on their faces.

"Oh nothing, Mr. Masen. I am just one of the people who has two weeks left before I am out of a job."

Then it snapped in my brain. Damn, I did not feel like dealing with this today.

"Look Miss….?"


"Miss Swan, I am deeply sorry. I am, but there are other jobs out there; you just have to look and not be so lazy."

"How dare you call me lazy! Since I was eighteen, I have worked my ass off at that warehouse, working forty plus hours a week, and then I go home to take care of my dad who has been bedridden for going on five years. I have worked side jobs watching people kids and cleaning houses on top of my forty some odd hours. We have medical bills stacked to the ceiling, and I have been wearing myself out trying keep on top of all the other bills I have, but I don't expect a spoiled, selfish, arrogant asshole like yourself to know what that's like."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that if you actually had to work for what you have and live from paycheck to paycheck rather than have everything handed to you on a silver platter, you would have thought twice about shutting down that warehouse."

"Miss. Swan, don't blame me just because we are on opposite sides of the fence. I can't help the success that I was born into, just like you can't help the life that you were given. You work with the hand that you are dealt. Now if you will excuse me, I have plenty of work to attend to, so I am going to ask you kindly to get the fuck out of my office."

"Alright, Mr. Masen, I will leave, but I wonder would it be so easy for you to say that if you were dealt the hand that I was given?"

And with that the brown haired, doe eyed- girl walked out of my office in sobs.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. My cheek still stung a little from where she slapped it.

"Come on, Edward, forget about her, Man. We got other things to worry about," Jasper said as he went over and shut the door.

"You're right, Man. Now where are we going to find a girl that I can pay to be my wife?"

Just then Lauren walked in.

Mr. Masen, I have the psycho in security's hands.

"Alright, thanks."

Lauren walked out of my office, and Jasper gave me a look.

"Whatever you are thinking, Jasper, not no, but hell no. There is no way I am going to ask Lauren to be my pretend wife."

"No, no man, I would rather we lose the deal than have you even give that mutant a second glance. I was thinking more along the lines of Miss. Swan."

I gave him a look of disbelief. Is he crazy? The woman hates me. And I've got to tell you, I am not to fond of her either.

"Come on, man. She could use the money, and from what I've seen of her, she looks very ''wifely ."

Sighing, I knew he was right. I knew what I had to do. I had no choice in the matter. I got up from my chair and walked out of my office dreading what I was about to have to do.


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