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Chapter 10

In Other News


I fumbled around on the floor trying to find my phone to shut the damn alarm off… five thirty really did come to early.

Once my alarm was turned off I sat up on the cot and stretched my arms over my head. Though the cot in my closet that I was sleeping on was still damaging my back…. I have to admit it was a hell of a lot better then the cold hard floor.

I had this moved in here while me and Aro where at the office along with all of Bella's stuff… which surprisingly was more then I thought she had, but then again she did go shopping with Alice. I figured me and Bella was going to have to tuff this out and it turned out I was right.

Aro was once again sitting in the same chair in the living room reading his book like he did the night before. Realizing that we were stuck like chuck again and he would see that we would be walking in separate rooms I tried to work out a strategy. The plan was that I would keep Aro distracted so that Bella could go up to her room, but when Bella announced that she was heading to bed Aro made the comment on how he would walk her to our room because he was heading to his room to get his reading glasses. After that I just said fuck it and was glad that I made the arrangement for the cot in the closet.

I quietly opened the door letting the light drift thru the closet from the muted TV that was left on and seen Bella was still sleeping. Once again she was in my boxers and shirt… which I wanted to peel off of her and…. Fuck I need some pussy, but knowing that I couldn't because this contract instead I opted for going to the bathroom and taking a shower. By the time I took my shower-spending way more time then need be in there do to me needing some release-and went thru my usually morning routine of shaving it was already 6:15. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out into the room. Bella was still sound a sleep and I was just about to go to the closet to dress when I noticed that the channel Bella left the TV on was playing the local news.

Thinking nothing of it I picked up the remote from the night stand where Bella had sat it and turned the volume from mute to a tone that was low enough to where it wouldn't disturb Bella, but that I could hear it.

I watched for a few minutes and realized that the news was the same everyday… they did the local weather and then some breaking news story… yesterday it was how some idiot bastard tried to rob a bank…. Today it would probably be much of the same due to living in the city of Seattle.

I decided to forgo watching what the citizens of this city did to make the headlines and started to walk towards the closet until I seen a picture of my face flash up on the corner of the widescreen TV.

I stopped to see what they would say about me this time… usually it was talking about some event I donated money to or how I was supposed to appear at this party or what I wore at this social even and so on so I wasn't to worried about it till I seen another picture flash up on the screen of me that had the image of my hand zoomed in on and showing the wedding ring on my finger.

That's when I grabbed the remote and turned the TV up so I could hear what the blonde haired woman had to say.

"In other news it seems that long time bachelor Edward Mason has finally settled down and tied the knot. That story and more coming up after the break."

What the fuck? How could this have gotten out? I recognized that the pictures were taken of me when I was at Eclipse having lunch, but who could have taken them and better yet how did the news get a hold of them?

Somebody's head is going to roll!

I waited for the news to come back on while pacing the floor till it finally did.

"Is Edward Masen finally married? We join Leah on scene to find out."

I watched as the scene switched over to a lady who happened to be standing in front of my house.

What the fuck?

I went over to the window and pulled the drapes back and peaked thru the blinds… sure enough over the long stretch of driveway and in front of the heavy iron closed gates to my house was a news van and three people.

One of whom was the girl named Leah.

"Thanks Sandy! As you can see I am standing outside of Mason Manor where he and his lucky new wife reside. Ladies get out your tissues it appears that multi-millionaire Edward Masen is now off the market. Just who is this mystery woman? No one knows as of now or how long they have been married. One thing for sure is that who ever this mystery lady is she will be the envy of every woman in Seattle. More details to come as the story unfolds…. Im Leah Clearwater on scene… Back to you Sandy. "

The scene switched back to the lady in the studio.

"Thanks Leah. Here is a picture of the lucky new bride and Edward giving her a kiss."

When the picture popped up of Bella and me I lost it and with out even thinking I picked up the vase nearest to me and threw it at the wall while screaming profanities.




Once I was able to get my bearings it took me a second before I realized that I was actually on the floor and not in the bed anymore.

Something had startled me to the point I fell on my butt trying to get out of the bed as quickly as I could.

I made a move to get up and turned onto my knees when I felt big warm hands on me and my back up against something hard.

"Fuck Bella im sorry I forgot you were still sleeping."

Edward said as he lifted me up off the floor. That was when I noticed the shattered vase of flowers on the floor and water leaking down the wall from where it had hit.

What the heck happened?

I was about to turn around and ask him until I felt something hit my foot…. When I looked down on the floor to see what it was I realized it was a towel.

Not just any towel, but his towel.

Edwards towel!

I started to move, but then I felt Edwards hands tighten around my waist and felt his breath at my ear as he whispered.

"Don't move Bella."

I felt a tingle go up my spine and my breathing hitch. I kept looking straight ahead even though my curiosity wanted to me look at Edward's naked body. It would be really awkward and yet at the same time interesting… you see I have never seen a mans penis in person before… I mean sure I have on TV… I watched porn before, but that's because I was only curious. However to see one in front of me…. Especially Edward's… the idea did appeal to me.

My thought pattern quickly changed when I heard Edward let out a low deep breath and felt his hands slowly slide from my waist leaving a warm feeling in its wake and making my skin have goose bumps. The towel was removed from my foot and I heard the door to the right of me shut.

I slowly looked around making sure the coast was clear and then with my shaky legs took a few steps towards the bed and sat down… all the while waiting for Edward to come back out.

I was disoriented from being woke up so abruptly and then in shock from have a naked man…. Not just any naked man, but Edward behind me. I could feel him thru the thin fabric of the boxer shorts I was wearing.

It was odd, but at the same time a wonderful feeling… a unknown feeling, but one that I would welcome… it made me wonder why I didn't already give my virginity up.

Because I didn't date. Duh Bella! You have to date to actually be able to get that far.

A few minutes later Edward come out fully dressed in a suit and looked straight towards the window. He walked by me not saying a word and slowly opened the blinds letting the sunlight in.

"I don't mean to worry you, but we made headlines."

He said while looking out the window and running one of his hands thru his messy hair.

What? I am so confused right now… I figured Edward would have came out and said something about what just happened with the towel, however he never even approached the subject. Maybe that was a good thing. Save me and him both some embarrassment. Although that still didn't clear up the confusion on what he said to me.


I wasn't following what he was talking about until he stepped away from the window and with the remote he backed up the TV all the way till I seen a picture of his face.

I watched with wide eyes as I seen the news and the pictures of us on there…. How could this have happened?

And what's worse is what is going to happen when Aro sees this?

I felt panic pass thru me and my stomach start to churn.

"Edward what are we going to do?"

He sighed as he sat down next to me on the bed.

"The only thing we can do… we have to face the press head on. Im going to call my lawyer and we will get some kind of interview set up with the news and answer any questions they may have. Just let me handle it."

He sighed and ran his fingers through his messy copper hair and tugged on the ends.

"Life was a lot less complicated before all this with you and this damn contract! I was free to do what the hell I wanted or who the hell I wanted. I didn't have to worry about coming home to my house and pretend that I am married. I didn't have to give up my bed and sleep on that fucking hard cot. I didn't have people out in front of my house from the news doing a breaking story over me."

He stood up and went back over to the window.

His words stung me and I could feel the lump rise up in my throat.

Don't cry Bella please don't let him see you cry.

I swallowed hard and looked over at him. The more I thought about his words the more I went from hurt to angry. How dare this bastard! He was the one who gave me no choice, but to expect his proposition and I was fixing to remind him of that!

I got up off the bed and walked over to him. I put my hand on his shoulder and with all my strength -which wasn't a lot- I some how managed to turn him away from the window so that he was facing me.

"Look here Edward you are not the only one who has had to sacrifice your way of life. I too had to make some big changes. I left my disabled father back in Forks to come here to Seattle to try to be this perfect rich bitch wife of yours and this whole fucking contract was your idea! It wasn't mine! You gave me no choice in the matter. It was either this or you press charges on me."

I could see the angry fire swirling around in his eyes, but that was okay because im sure my eyes matched his.

"You were the one who came in my office and hit me Isabella! I just merely offered you a choice. You choose to accept this. Besides you are getting richly rewarded for doing this and all you have to do is use my money to go shopping, lay around my lavish house, and pretend to be my wife without having to do any of the wifely duties. Not that hard of a job for the amount of money you are going to be leaving with."

My anger was bubbling over and I was beyond control of my actions at this point. I poked my finger in his chest as hard as I could over and over and raised my voice.

"That was because you are an asshole and chose to close down the warehouse. That was my only income Edward along with a lot of other peoples."

Edward went to interrupt me, but I quickly continued talking before he had a chance to. However he did restrain my hands with his bringing them down to my sides and he drew me closer to so that I couldn't poke him, all the while making my breast brush up against his chest.

"I know you said that we do what we can with the cards we are dealt Edward, but things change and sometimes you trade in your cards in hopes of getting better ones only to get worse ones. Do you think my dad planned to get hurt in the line of duty? No he didn't! Do you think he wanted his daughter to have to give up her own dreams of going to college and making a life for herself to keep are household up and running. No he didn't Edward. However some people just don't have the good cards. I don't expect you to understand because you were born with all this already in place. You had a hand full of aces. Everything you have you might have had to work to keep it, but you already had it. Im not saying that its easy for you, but you were born with choices that a lot of people don't have."

When I was finished I took a long breath and refilled my lungs with oxygen. It didn't escape me that Edward still hadn't let me go from his hold and now that I had stopped my rant I had seen just how close we really were.

"Bella you are right and im sorry. This is just all new to me. I never had to worry about anyone other then myself and im not used to it. I know that my words hurt you, but you have to realize that im under a lot of stress with this. I know this is hard for both of us, but we are going to have to put are differences aside and suck it up. Im preaching at myself just as much as Im preaching to you. We are going to have to work together to make this work."

I could feel Edwards warm breath on my lips due to his close proximity. I found it to be very distracting of the current situation. I inhaled slowly and closed my eyes to better focus. It was then that I realized he was right. We did have to work together on this. Besides as soon as this was over I could get my money and never have to see him again.

However because Edward was driving me crazy and not letting me go I decided it was time to play him at his own little game. He knew what he was doing to me and he knew that my body reacted to his touch. No matter how small or innocent the touch was.

"You are right Edward." I said as I stood up on my tiptoes and moved my mouth closer to his. "So in the best interest of making this contract work we should just try to get along….right?" I had my mouth so close to his I could feel his lips brush up against mine when I talked.

I had seen Edward start to close his eyes and felt his grip loosen on my hands enough to where I could pull away then. So instead of kissing him like he thought I was about to do I smiled against his lips and pulled away from him and out of his grasp.

I watched as he opened his eyes and looked at me.

"You are a piece of work you know that? Like a fucking modern day Aphrodite or Hathor!"

"Weren't they the goddess's of seduction and pleasure in Greek and Egyptian history?"

"Yeah something along those lines."

Edward said as he turned to look out the window again.

"Wow then I guess I should take that as a compliment considering I have never really been good at that sort of thing.."

Edward turned and looked at me.

"Well you know with me being a virgin and all I really haven't had much practice in that area."

"Oh right. Well before we get to deep into this conversation I need to go downstairs to see if Aro has caught wind of any of this."

Edward started walking towards the door, but before he opened it he looked at me one last time.

"Bella don't be so hard on yourself about the whole seduction thing… you are better at it then you think you are."

I smiled and felt my checks turn crimson.

"You really think so?"

"Yeah its either that or I am just really vulnerable in that area cause I haven't had pussy in a week or so.'

I wrinkled my nose in disgust and chunked a pillow at him from off the bed.

"Edward you are freaking sick get out."

He simply maneuvered around the pillow and laughed as he opened the door and shut it behind him as he walked out into the hallway.

I couldn't help, but laugh myself. Not at his gross words, but because I knew the effect I had on him by his body language earlier. He wasn't fooling no one!

I got off the bed and went about getting ready for the day all the while thinking about Edward and how disgusting he was and how angry he had made me, but also how he made me laugh and how my heart sped up when he touched me and how my body reacted to him.

This was getting more complicated by the day and now all this with the news and us making headlines…. There was no doubt about it I felt like a reckless child who was playing with fire.


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