Chapter 1 - Embry's Sister

Dina Call was 16 and a white girl. And normally anywhere else in America that would be fine...but in La Push Washington, it was unheard of to have a white girl living on the reservation. Her mother and father could not conceive another child of their own, once they'd had their son Embry and when they went to the adoption agency and spotted Dina they couldn't help themselves. They immediately adopted her. She was actually the same age as Embry. The only bad thing was, the reservation wouldn't allow her to attend their schools because she wasn't Native American. Instead she was being forced to attend school in Forks which was about 10 minutes away.

Dina was 5'8" with waist length dark honey colored hair, and crazy violet eyes. She worked in her mom and dad's floral shop after school. Dina was getting the hang of putting together the bouquets and orders to help her parents out and would also make deliveries around La Push. Today was nothing new...She finished up her last class of the day and tossed her books into her bag and headed out to her Black Chevy Cavalier and headed home to the reservation. Her long hair was down in spiral curls, with her jeans, sneakers and a form fitting red t-shirt that had mini pockets on the sleeves.

Walking into the floral shop Dina's dad greeted her with a kiss on the forehead and said, "How was school today my most beautiful daughter?" Dina laughed and said, "I'm you're only daughter dad. And it was okay I guess." Her mom walked out of the back room carrying a white box and said, "We've already got your deliveries ready, you're going to Emily Young's, Mrs. Tinsel's, and the Black's." Dina nodded as she took the box from her mom who placed a kiss on her daughters cheek and then also said, "Make sure to pick up Embry from the Black's." Dina said, "Okay mom...I will." Dina walked out humming to herself.

She used the navigation on her phone to find all the locations...but didn't need them for Emily's...She'd been friends with Emily's little sister Anysa Young...She was 5'8" with raven black hair that looked like spun silk it went past her waist and the most wicked brown eyes, they had hints of green in them. Anysa went to school on the reservation, but her and Dina hung out as much as humanly possible. Dina pulled up to Emily's and got out...she walked up to the porch and knocked. A voice yelled through the screen door, "Dina is that you?" Dina laughed and said, "No it's the milkman...who else would it be?" The voice said, "C'mon in and lemme find my purse." Dina giggled as she pulled the screen door open and walked in. She walked over and laid the bouquet of flowers on the table at the same time Emily's fiancée Sam walked in and said, "Hey Dina...How are you doing?" Dina smiled and said, "Good Sam...How are you?" Sam chuckled and said, "You know me...I can't complain about anything."

A few minutes later, Anysa walked into the house and said, "Oh...My...God...We need to talk." Dina laughed as Anysa grabbed her hand and drug her down the hallway as they crashed through the door to Anysa's room and it slammed shut. Dina said, "Geez...I think you pulled my arm out of the socket." Anysa said, "Sorry...But...Ummm...Jacob Black asked me know as in a date thing." Dina said, "WHAT!...Wait..Just wait a minute...Jake actually walked up and asked you out? What are you going to do?" Anysa said, "I said, yes...but I have no idea where we go from here." Dina giggled and said, "I would think he makes the next move...Look I gotta get going I have two other deliveries to make...I'll call your cell later." Anysa nodded absentmindedly...She was still in a complete hazy daze.

Emily walked out and said, "Where did Dina go?" Sam said, "Well...Anysa walked in and said 'Oh My God...we need to talk.' (in his best girlie voice) Then the tornados went down the hall and into Anysa's room." Emily stood giggling at Sam as he walked over and kissed her lips softly. Emily said, "I can't believe you just did that." Sam said, "I don't have a little sister, so when I'm around Anysa and Dina I feel like they are mine." Emily laughed and said, "Well get used to it, if we're getting married I imagine they both are going to be friends for a long time." Sam said, "I'm prepared...I'll even do the big brother speech when they decided to start dating."

The next house she went to was the Tinsel's. She walked up and knocked on the door and a guy about 16 came to the door in jeans, sneakers, wine colored t-shirt and a black zip up hoodie and his raspy voice said, "Can I help you with something?" Dina smiled and said, "I'm looking for Mrs. Tinsel." His raspy voice was cute. It made Dina exhale slowly. He said, "Hey mom...There's someone here for you." A female voice said, "Is it Dina?" He looked at the paleface at the door and said, "Are you Dina?" Dina nodded. He opened the door and said, "C'mon in, my mom will be right out." Dina said, "Thank you."

Mrs. Tinsel walked into the kitchen and said, "Dina...My goodness you get more beautiful every time I see you." As Mrs. Tinsel greeted her with a hug. Dina blushed and said, "Thank you Mrs. Tinsel...I don't see it but ok." Mrs. Tinsel said, "Don't cut yourself shy girl...How's your mom and dad doing?" Dina said, "Eh...Their good...You know arranging flowers and what not." Mrs. Tinsel laughed and said, "How much do I owe you hon?" Dina said, " 25.50." Mrs. Tinsel handed her 26 and said, "Keep the change...I can imagine you don't get tips often working for your mom and dad." Dina laughed and said, "Yea...I wish." Dina pushed the money into her back pocket and said, "I'll see you later Mrs. Tinsel." She said, "Tel your mom and dad I said hi. And I'll see you next week like usual." Dina waved as she walked out and left.

Jared looked out the window and watched as the paleface left. He furrow his brow and said, "Mom who was the paleface?" Jared's mom looked at him and said, "Jared that's Amanda and Dean Calls daughter." Jared said, "Embry's sister? How is that possible?" Jared's mom chuckled and said, "Jared Tinsel! Broaden your mind. His parents adopted her when she was 3...Her and Embry are the same age...but the reservation is forcing her to go to high school in Forks because she's white." Jared said, "That sucks...Cause she's kind of cute..." Jared mom said, "Jared! The reservation is being extremely biased...She should be allowed to go to school on the Reservation whether she's cute, white, black or ugly...Is your room clean?" Jared turned and said, "No but it will be since that's where I'm headed now."

Jared couldn't get the paleface off his mind. She was really cute...Her eyes, her hair...It was all circling in his brain...He couldn't wonder what it would be like dating a paleface.