Chapter 16 - One More Minute

Dina looked at herself in the mirror...She couldn't believe she was actually 17. She looked down...Paul had given her the birthday present from him early...Actually he'd given it to her that morning before school...It was a beautiful engagement ring it was a simple silver band with diamonds all the way around set in the band. She remember that morning...She took her last final and aced it completely like all her other finals.

She wore a simple black dress that had spaghetti straps and went back crossed over each other then trough a piece of fabric in back and then tied, leaving her back bare and open. to the waist. The material gathered and crated a waterfall effect down her rear to her legs. The dress went to mid-thigh. She had on simply black 2 1/2 inch heels that buckled around her ankles. She left her dark honey blonde hair down and somewhat curly.

Dina heard the knock on the front door down stairs and knew Paul was there to get her...He had said he had a surprise for her for her birthday and for her to be dressed nice. Embry called from downstairs and she applied a little lip gloss as she turned the light off in her room and grabbed a sweater and slowly walked down the stairs. Paul had on blue cargo shorts but were nice instead of the cut offs like always with navy sneakers, and a nice white t-shirt that looked as though it were painted on. When he heard the click of her heels on the steps he looked up and was could've easily been knocked over with a feather...She completely took his breath away.

Her parents had gone on vacation and when they called in that morning to wish her a happy birthday she informed them about Paul asking to marry her...They knew with Paul has a protector of the lands with her brother Embry she was in capable hands. Once she reached the bottom of the stair case, Paul greeted her with a soft kiss on the lips...He really wanted to ravage her lips but decided against it. They hadn't had sex yet, but had agreed on waiting so it wouldn't break her focus when she was finishing up her finals.

Paul pulled away and said, "You look beautiful." Dina smiled softly and said, "Not too much is it?" Paul shook his head and said, "Nope." Dina pushed up and kissed his lips one more time before Embry said, "Oh lord...I can see that people." They couldn't help but laugh at Embry's antics. As he made a fake gagging noise. The three of them left...They pulled up at Emily and Sam's, Embry got out and went inside and Dina was going to follow him, but Paul grabbed her hand Dina looked back and said, "What on earth?" Paul leaned over and kissed her lips and said, "One more minute." Dina giggled as Paul pulled her up and slid over and under her and then placed her gently onto his lap and wrapped her into his arms as she sat on his lap kissing his lips.

Dina didn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

The End