My magic came from her, my flesh had been molded for her. Everything about me lured her in for a closer look. Tradition says the goddess gives birth to her son during yule, he becomes her lover at beltainne, and she mourns his death during samhaim. The wheel of life continues to turn in a never-ending circle.

But the circle has been broken. I have defied her and run from her. Now what happens..?



"Are you finished?"

Merlin sat his book down on the table. "What do you want to do?"

"A picnic."

Merlin snorted. "That doesn't seem like you."

"Pretend it does."

She pulled him away from his books, reordered the world with her mind alone, and soon enough he found himself surrounded by trees with a picnic blanket waiting for them on the ground.

The blanket magically covered itself with an array of foods.

"You do know that real picnics have less variety of food. It's not a formal dinner." Merlin smiled at her, pulling her down onto the blanket with him.

"Oh." She concentrated, pulled a memory of picnics from his mind, and altered her presentation to fit his preconceptions.

"Does that match your expectation of picnics now?"

"Yes" he replied laughing at her obstinate desire to have everything perfect for him. He kissed her, but she gently pushed him away. "No, no sex today. That's not the purpose of this."

"Oh I see." Merlin lay down in the grass and pulled her down beside him so he could stare at her. She glittered like a crystal in the sunlight that fell through the leaves of the trees above them.

"I want you to eat something. Not stare at me mesmerized for hours." she complained.

"My lady has no desire for sex today, no desire to be stared at, what has come over you?" he teased her.

She crawled on top of him and tried to ram an apple down his throat for good measure. But he kept on laughing at her.

Both of them eventually calmed down.

Merlin plucked a strawberry from the basket and held it aloft.

"You eat it." she snapped at him.

"No, you're first" Merlin held it out tantalizingly, "in all things."

She eyed him for a second longer and then took a bite.

The first time she took me, the first time she broke me in, I'll never forget it.

My eyes curiously flitted over the ancient covers before me. This was her private study that contained her most precious and rare books.

"What did you want to show me?" I asked, as I reached out to touch a book that had caught my interest.

My hand jerked back as the book slid off the shelf and wiggled in midair in front of me. "You may borrow that if you wish."

Mab swept into the room as I turned around. "You asked me about Beltainne before. I wanted to show you what I meant."

She sat down on the couch and patted the space next to her. He sat down, wondering what would happen next.

Look at me.

Merlin started with surprise. She was in his head. He looked at her and slowly fell into her green eyes.

She pushed into his mind memories of summer, memories of fire and dancing, and lovemaking...on past Beltaine nights.

He was overwhelmed by the feelings of passion and collapsed back with a gasp. She crawled forward on top of him and his skin felt like a fire had been lit. "Merlin...Merlin..." she breathed onto him. "Let me show you who you could be."

Tossing and turning, twisted up together, bent to her will, set ablaze by her eyes, frozen by her touch, strangled by her viciousness, and left aching by her love.

His chest heaved silently, his body left shaking with the magic she had pushed into him, her fingers still tracing magic along his skin, weaving a web he could not escape from. Not that his body hadn't responded in kind. Though he had no understanding of what he was doing, she knew how to show him. He knew when he hit a sensitive spot inside her for she gave a loud gasp. It only excited him more, caught up he was in her lust and power. "My power over you grows stronger yet." she hissed in his ear.

He lay shaking and numb in her arms for hours. Terrified and caught in her web of magic.

She had trained him and molded him like putty to her whims. Meanwhile, he had learned a great deal about her. How to fill her with lust, how to hurt her, weaken her, make her scream for him and curse him. She could bring him to his knees, but he could put her on her back, her body arched to meet his. "Merlin.." she hissed for his attention. "Get off of me. I have to go. You need to train and I have work to do as well."

She attempted to scrambled out from under him, but he pinned her down with his body. She snarled in frustration at him. He placed his hand on her stomach and shoved magic into her. She groaned deeply.

"You don't want to leave." His kisses trailed down her entire body. "You can't leave."

His crystal clear green eyes looked into hers. "Tell me you want to leave."

She merely glared at him, her throat locked with lies she couldn't speak. "I thought so." Merlin smirked at her and then leaned close to whisper in her ear. "My power over you grows stronger yet."

Mab/Merlin lust-fest chapter. Those two were lovers during his time in the land of magic. Next chapter will be their falling out.