A Softer Side

As far as Tino was concerned, the house they lived in was huge.

It took days to clean, and in winter, it was worse as Sealand rarely ever left the house. Not to mention the multitudes of other people who came over on a day to day basis. Denmark, Norway, Iceland… add Sweden and himself to the mix and it might as well be impossible to keep the house in order.

At least Sweden tried to help. At the moment, Sweden was trying to help with the dishes. He seemed to be making more of a mess with the water though, and though Finland appreciated the fact all he was to do was rinse and dry the dishes, it was beginning to bother him.


"Mm?" the silent man looked up from his work, and Tino habitually felt a bit of fear at the straight face, but he knew where to look to see the other's harmless curiosity.

"Please be more careful, you're getting water everywhere…" he felt bad because Sweden was just trying to help, but it was just another mess to clean up afterwards though.

"M' s'rry." He went back to his work, consciously trying to not make a mess as he cleaned the breakfast dishes.

Things were going quietly for a few more minutes, Tino relaxing as he saw Berwald had wiped up the water that had spilt before he had continued. As he relaxed though, he didn't notice that Berwald had slowed and was watching him. He only noticed anything different when after a few moments; he felt the water lapping against his arms in waves from the other side of the double sink. Upon that realization, Tino looked up to see if the other had dropped something into the water, but when he turned to see what was going on, he had water flicked into his face.

" B-berwald?" he opened his eyes a peep, having closed them in shock, a bit nervous to if more would be flicked into his face. When he finally met the eyes of the other, he was rewarded with a playful smile though, and as he suspected, more water flicked into his face.

Tino flinched away from the spray again, though stopped when he realized the difference.

Sweden was smiling.
Not just his eyes, his lips were upturned.

And he looked… playful.

"Ber… wald?" he had forgotten the dishes, he was confused. Before he could ask anything more though, there was one last flick of water, and that teasing smile.

"Mm...y's l've?"

Tino didn't think for a moment, but it was the smile that drove him wild, what drove him to forget his chores and his confusion. It was the smile that installed in him a sense of playfulness akin to that in Sweden's eyes. With that, he dipped his fingers in the rinse water and flicked water back, starting a mini water war. Water was flicked back and forth, both of them becoming caught up in the rare mood, enjoying themselves.

Soon the war was escalated. Sweden had dipped his hands in sudsy water, smearing it down Finland's face. This got a squeak and a response out of the other in the form of a similar attack. Tino ran hands cupped and filled with bubbles through the other's hair, grinning while the other filled his large hands with the soapy water and pouring it over his head.

It went on like this for a while, playing in the bright airy kitchen, bubbles floating around from the escapades with the water and soap, and it took the voice of a young boy to pull them out of their own world.

" Mama? Papa?" Peter stood in the doorway, looking in at his soaked parents. He had gotten distracted from his play by bubbles floating through the house, but when he followed them to their source he hadn't expected to find this.

Berwald and Tino looked at their son blankly for a moment, but soon a smile spread across the smaller man's face. Glancing up at his husband, Berwald had the same gentle, knowing smile on.

With that, Tino dipped his hands in the soapy water, while Berwald filled a cap he had previously recruited and soon they were advancing on the small island nation, very well intending for him to join.

Peter watched his parents, confused. Soon he was squirming under their hands though, laughing. Tino was smearing his cheeks with suds, while Berwald poured water over his head, soaking him through his little blue hat.

After that Sealand willingly joined the fun, pulling out his little squirt gun he always had on him. Even Hanatamago joined in, frolicking in the gathering puddles underfoot, not wanting to be left out of the family fun.

As the autumn sun grew high in the sky, signaling noon, Berwald found himself laying his exhausted family down for a nap. He managed to persuade Tino to change into his warm pajamas before he layed down, but he ended up having to help his small son to change before laying him down next to his beloved wife. He even dried off Hanatamago as she wanted to lay down with them too.

But Berwald didn't lay down with his family. After drying himself off and changing, he went back to the kitchen. He mopped up their mess before going back to the breakfast dishes, and as he worked he consciously tried to make an effort not to spill water everywhere.