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They had lived together for a long time as partners. Berwald even fondly called him his wife (though he always denied it.) Tino should have been happy, he didn't lack anything. He had Berwald, they had a house, a store, a dog, he had a good life, and he knew he should be grateful.

But something bothered him, and something he longed for brought him down. When he looked at the pictures on the walls, something was missing. So when he heard Berwald come home one night, he went to talk to him about it.

"Hey Swe?" he stood in the doorway from the kitchen to the sitting area where Berwald had settled after coming back from a day in his shop. The room was lit by a small fire int eh tiny little fireplace Berwald had built the spring before, and it gave a softness to the atmosphere that only stirred the nervous butterflies in Tino's stomach. Berwald looked up from the book he had settled down with to relax before he got up to make dinner.

"Yuh?" he was a bit worried, it was rare he saw his wife so timid. Yes, he was the more feminine one in his opinion, but his Tino still normally had that manly pride, and those boyish habits that reminded him constantly that he was not very wife-ish at all. But it was all gone as Tino softly made his way to next to him.

"Are you happy with how we are?" Tino looked up at him with anxious eyes, and Berwald knew there was more behind the question that the other was letting on.

" Yuh,'m happy." He nodded, pulling the other close to his side. " Whu? Somet'n wrong?" And with that he watched as the smaller man next to him blushed and looked away, nodding a bit to confirm what he thought.

"Berwald, I…." he didn't know what to say.

"I…I… I want a… a family."

Berwald looked confused, weren't they a family? He looked at him worriedly, was he not enough? Tino noticed the look though and was quick to amend his statement.

"I want a family Swe, I want a kid with you…." it was easy to notice even with the red orange glow from the fire the burning red in the other's cheeks.

Berwald relaxed a bit, the first thing being understood was that he was not being left, but then it hit him.

"uh kid?" he looked surprised and a bit shocked, which disheartened Tino.

" Y-yah. A kid." He blushed worse and looked down and away. He felt like he should have never said anything.

Berwald was okay though, and pulled Tino into his lap, frowning at his sadness.

"Wull, we hav, 'nough money, muh shops goin' gud." He smiled, rubbing the other's back, trying to cheer him up. " Wuh dun yuh luk intuh how we'd 'dopt." He smiled his soft smile, trying to show how willing he was, how the other had read the situation wrong. To Berwald, it really didn't sound like a bad idea, it always had been one of his quaint dreams to have a kid with Tino one day, so why not now?

Tino smiled, still seeming a bit sad, but looking hopeful at his lover's encouragement.


Berwald nodded, his small smile calming the other. And they sat together into the night talking about the technicalities, and when Tino went to bed, he was filled with new hope and energy; Filled with the eagerness that he had been lacking before.

Weeks went by with only casual mentions of the subject, and Tino began to lose hope again, but then one Sunday, Berwald caught Tino cleaning in the kitchen after lunch and ee wore a knowing smile, which bore good news for the smaller man. With excited eyes, Tino smiled, trying not to get ahead of himself.

" Yah Swe?"

Berwald wrapped his arms fondly around his wife.

"How'd yuh think uh meet'n a li'il boy?"

Tino lit up like a small sun at the words, and leaned forward into the embrace of his lover.

" Wait, you mean for like adopting Swe?" his small hands clung to the others shirt eagerly, and the biggest grin spread across his face as Berwald nodded.

"Yuh. The Clerk u' muh store has tuh give up his li'l heard was were look'n to 'dopt 'nd said 'ed rather give 'm tuh people he knows."

Tino looked like he was about to cry for joy and buried his face in Berwald's chest, nodding.

" Oh, that'd be wonderful Swe. When?"

Berwald smiled.

" How 'bout tommuruh?"

" It's most unfortunate that I can't take care of him anymore, but he's a bit wild and needs constant attention, which I'm much too busy to give him. It's really quite sad, as he's family, but you must look out for what's best for your family right?"

The man was introduced to him as Arthur Kirkland, lead the two upstairs to the apartment he and his younger brother lived in. From the conversations they had had thus far about the Kirkland family, and how the young British man had come into taking care of his brother, Tino found him a nice enough man, but thought he talked quite a bit and wondered how someone as silent as his Berwald ever got a word in edgewise to let him know they were looking to adopt.

Something else bothered him about the man though.

He talked about how he regretted the choice of giving up his brother, and said sad words, but his face and voice said differently.

The thought was merely fleeting though as soon they were in the short man's living room, and he was calling for the boy.


A small boy yelled something unintelligible back, and Arthur sighed impatiently.

"Peter, come here! The nice people I told you about are here."

A few short minutes later, a short boy no more than twelve years old came out of the room, holding a godzilla toy and a toy boat.

You mean my new mom and dad?" the boy stopped and stared, not having expected two men in the room.

"Peter, these two are the ones looking to adopt you."

The boy stared at them a moment, silently studying them with his green eyes before walking slowly up to Tino.

"Are you the mom then?"

Tino blushed, almost choking a bit in surprise and laughter, but before he could say anything, Berwald put a hand on his shoulder, a sly smile on his face.

"Yuh, he is."

Peter grinned and laughed and the ice had been broken. The two spent the day with the rambunctious boy, and by the time they had to leave, all the group was sad to see the others go.

"I hope you had fun today Peter." Tino smiled warmly at the short boy he knelt in front of. He had already fallen in love with the little boy, despite the rule breaking and the button pressing, and the fact he was a generally troublesome child.

"I had lots of fun! You two are really nice!" Peter smiled, and when Tino offered a hug the boy leapt ( literally and figuratively) at the chance, even hugging Berwald afterwards even though he had complained he was scary most of the day.

And as they left, Tino clung to Berwald's arm, trying not to babble on in joy.

Month's of paper work, talks with foster care and social workers, interviews and waiting later, only allowed to see the boy when Arthur permitted, they finally had him. They were his legal guardians.

Arthur had driven him to their house earlier, having insisted on some time together before Peter was gone, and for the rest of the day after that, Tino spent time with the boy, trying to keep him cheerful. But when night fell, and the household began to get ready for bed, things changed.

Berwald was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, and Tino had just put on his pajamas when the young boy came in with his stuffed seagull, tears in his eyes.


"Oh Peter, what's wrong?" the young man went and scooped up the small boy and took him to their bed.

"Wh-why did Arthur not want me?" Tears rolled down the boys face, and Tino's worst fears were confirmed. They boy felt abandoned.

"Oh Peter dear, it's not that he didn't want you, it's just he didn't think he could take care of you like we can here. He wanted you somewhere better." He laid the boy down next to him, holding him close and petting his fluffy hair, stopping only to wipe tears from the green eyes every so often.

" B-but he wasn't even sad! He wasn't even sad to see me go today!" he barely choked out the words before he began to sob heavily into Tino's chest again.

" Oh Peter, I'm sure he was, just some people don't show emotions like everyone else. He was probably hiding in so you wouldn't be said." He didn't quite know though, remembering back to Arthur's indifferent eyes before when they first met Peter.

Berwald walked in to this, having heard the commotion, and was wondering what had happened, worried. Tino took advantage of his entrance though.

" For example Peter…" he sat up, dragging the boy with him and facing him towards Berwald, who was serious faced as always, though Tino could see the worry in his eyes.

"Berwald looks scary right? All serious looking as always." He puffed out his face and furrowed his brows, exaggerating a serious face a making Peter giggle a bit. " He might look scary , but actually hes really worried about you right now since your crying Peter."

Peter hiccupped and sniffled, the giggles subsiding and he managed out a sentence.

"B-but how can you tell?" the boy clung to Tino, staring at the confused man in the bathroom door.

"Well, with Berwald you can look at his eyes. It's hard to see until you've been with him a long time, but it's there." He motioned his love to come closer and sit with them, and he smiled as he complied and he watched Peter shift to sit between them.

"Really?" Peter looked up a bit nervously at Berwald, his energy not there to cover up how nervous the boy really felt.

"Yah, really." Tino turned the boys face to look at him and got close, fake whispering to the boy.

"You know, I was scared of Berwald when I first met him too. But really, he's just a big softy." This gave a look of surprise to Peter, more giggles bubbling up, and Tino received a look of surprise from Tino, but Tino continued. "It's easy to find out though because he, like some people, have a hard time showing their emotions. So I'm sure Arthur is sad, I'm sure he's missing you even now, he just didn't know how to show it.

Peter nodded and cuddled up to Tino, still sniffling but smiling a little bit, obviously feeling a lot better than before.

They all sat that way for a while, the only movement from Berwald, who scooped up Peter after he began to fall asleep, planning to take him to his new room. He was stopped though, by the boys small, sleepy voice.

" C-can I sleep with you two tonight?" two sleepy eyes looked up so sadly that Berwald couldn't say no, so he took him back and the three curled up together, feeling truly like a family.

"G'night Mama, Papa."