Author: innocentimp

Summary: Harry Potter went to live with Carlisle Cullen and his family when he was 7, then to Hogwarts when he was 11. Now he's 20, the war with Voldemort is over and due to misunderstandings and manipulations he's not seen or heard from his adoptive family in years. This is his journey home.

Pairings: EC/HP

Warnings: Slash and all that entails. Don't complain.

Note: As this is only a writing exercise for me, I have no beta. All mistakes are mine. I do apologize for being away from this project for so long. I've sold a book to a publisher so this had to go on the back burner, which in turn killed my momentum. I hope to update more regularly now and close out this project before I get sucked back into my original work.

Thanks for all the reviews!

"You wanted to see me?" Edward asked as he entered Carlisle's office.

"Yes, have a seat," Carlisle said, gesturing toward the arm chair in front of his desk as he flipped closed the patient file on top of his desk.

Edward forced himself to relax into the chair Carlisle indicated. The moment his back touched the seat his fingers curled into the arms, his jaw locked and the thirst he'd so carefully controlled all evening surged to life.

Harry. The chair smelled of Harry, his scent threaded through every fiber, even the throw across the back smelled of him.

"It really does affect you strongly, doesn't it?" Carlisle quietly asked his tone kind.

Unable to unlock his jaw, Edward jerked his head in the affirmative.

"You understand that this is more than thirst, Edward? That if Harry's your singer, then he's also –

"No," Edward growled.

"You have to consider the possibility."

"No," Edward pushed himself from his seat. "I don't. I won't. I'd never do that to him."

"To him?" Carlisle's eyes went soft. "I think it may be the best thing for him, Edward. And you."

"Best thing?" Edward hissed, "How could you say that. If I claimed him, acknowledged him as my mate, I'd have to turn him. I won't do that."

Carlisle studied him for a long moment. "With or without you, he's on that path already. Has been for years now. He's a member of this family Edward, at Harry's request I will turn him."

"You would do that?" Edward growled, his fingers clenching the edge of Carlisle's desk. "You would risk his soul?"

"Not without his permission, no. But if it's what he wants… I could never deny him, Edward. Nor would I want to. He's as much my son as you are."

"Yet you'd support a union between us?" Edward asked incredulously. "He's my brother."

"Are you denying your feelings for him?"

Edward jerked his head to the window on the far wall, his teeth locked around the denials bubbling up his throat.

"You spent a few short years with him, Edward. And your relationship was never inappropriate. He's spent nearly a decade of his life in Britain, and he's grown up while we weren't looking. He's a fine man."

"You truly have no objection?" He cut a wary glance toward Carlisle.

"I want only for him to be happy. The same thing I've wanted for you for many, long decades. I ask only that you be honest with him. He's always been closest to you, and your opinion has always held the greatest weight with him. Your reluctance could hurt him deeply." Carlisle came around the desk. "I'll not mention this discussion to the others. I just wanted you to consider your options." He squeezed Edward's shoulder firmly before he passed out of the office.

My options?

Edward wandered out of the office and down the hallway, his mind running in circles.

Carlisle assumes too much. Harry's given no indication that his feelings mirror mine. This is his home; I'll not risk his happiness here. I can control myself. I've managed the thirst, I'll manage this too.


"You look like hell," Harry leaned against the doorway and watched as Charlie rubbed a hand over his stubbled jaw. "Do you even remember the last time you showered?"

Charlie tossed him the finger and snatched a fresh t-shirt from the dresser. "Five minutes ago."

"Well, thank Merlin for that," Harry crossed to the bed, spelled it made and cast a freshening charm. "I was beginning to think you were melding with the sofa."

Charlie pulled his wand and spelled away the three day growth along his jaw. "I'm exhausted."

"It's nearly noon," Harry pointed out. "If you'd stop staying up all hours of the night with Emmett playing video games you'd feel a bit better. And live longer," he added under his breath. He'd woken up to the sound of Rosalie's screaming at four that morning.

"Ha-ha," Charlie responded, but the way he shifted the waistband on his jeans and grimaced said he'd heard Rose loud and clear when she'd threatened to castrate him last night. "Emmett's cool, but I think our gaming days are over. I'm a little surprised you didn't talk about him more, were you guys not close when you were a kid?" Charlie asked, taking a seat next to Harry on the bed.

"Emmett and I were close, but it took a little longer than it did with Edward and Carlisle," Harry admitted guiltily. "I guess they were easier to be around in some ways."

"How do you mean? Emmett seems like the most relaxed of the bunch, the most carefree. I would have thought that would appeal to a kid."

"I guess. And sometimes it did. But Emmett sort of functions on the same level of hyper all the time, and at the same volume," Harry added. "And when I was seven? He looked huge."

"You were afraid of him?" Charlie asked.

"Wary, I guess. I'd only been away from my Aunt and Uncle's for a couple of months. And, well, instinct told me to keep my distance."

"But that obviously changed."

"Yeah," Harry agreed with a smile. "It did."

Alaska, 1988

Carlisle knelt in front of Harry's favorite arm chair and tilted the little boy's chin up. "It's only for a few hours, okay?" When Harry continued to stare with large, wary eyes he continued. "The girls are off shopping, Edward and Jasper are camping, and I've been called into the hospital. Emmett is going to stay with you until I get home, I won't be long Harry. I promise."

Harry didn't say anything, just peered over Carlisle's shoulder to where Emmett hovered in the doorway.

"You and Emmett haven't really gotten a chance to get to know each other, Harry. Maybe you can watch a movie, or go for a walk?"

Unsure what to say Harry nodded jerkily and settled on, "I'll be good."

Carlisle frowned and the little line that meant he was sad appeared between his brows. "Harry, you aren't in trouble, this isn't a punishment. You know that right?" Carlisle asked, settling a cool hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I know."

"Alright, then. I'll be back in a few hours; you and Emmett have a nice afternoon, okay?" With one last squeeze to his shoulder Carlisle left. "Emmett, a word?"

Harry pulled his legs to his chest. What were they talking about? Should he follow them? At the Dursley's he got in trouble for listening when he shouldn't, but sometimes it was about him! And sometimes it helped to know what to expect. And who to avoid. He buried his head in his knees. He didn't want to be a nasty little sneak.

I wish I could hear them from here. Then it wouldn't be sneaking…

"I don't think this is a good idea, Carlisle." Emmett's voice filtered into the room as if in answer to Harry's wish. "He's afraid of me."

No I'm not!

"No he's not," Carlisle replied. "He's just wary. He needs some time to get to know you, Emmett."

"He didn't seem to need anytime with you." A thump sounded, as though someone had knocked their fist against a wall. "Or Edward."

"I've had more one on one time with him than the rest of you and Edward is a quieter soul, Emmett."

"So what am I supposed to do with him? I can't play the piano, and I don't brood."

Carlisle laughed. "Why don't you start with chicken nuggets, ice cream and a board game, go from there, okay?"

Three Hours Later

"Sorry!" Harry squeaked as he bumped Emmet's yellow game piece off the board. For the third time.

"I think you're cheating."

"Am not!" Harry managed to sound both outraged and terrified at the same time.

"Are you sure?"

Harry nodded his head, mouth set with grim determination.

"Then what's this?" Emmet reached up the sleeve of Harry's sweatshirt and withdrew one of his little yellow game pieces. "You holding out on me, kid?"

Harry shot to his feet, eyes impossibly wide, mouth hanging open. "I… I… I didn't take that!"

"Yeah? What about this one, then?" Emmett slid his fingers around the back of Harry's ear, willing himself to ignore Harry's sudden flinch, and pulled out another yellow piece.

"How?" Harry's little hand shot up, tugging at his ear. "How did you do that?" He asked equal parts fascination and horror coloring his voice.

Emmett couldn't hold back his laughter any longer. "Relax, Runt." He ruffled Harry's hair and stood up. "I'm just teasing you." He held out his hand palm up. "Empty, right?" He waited for Harry's nod, then wiggled his fingers and clenched his fist. When he opened it a nano second later, a red and yellow game piece sat in the center.

Harry looked from his palm, to his face, then breathed, "cool!" When he reached out to touch one of the pieces Emmett made them disappear again with a smile. "No way. If I give them back you'll just want to clobber me at Sorry again. I think I'd rather have ice cream."

"Chocolate?" Harry asked, grin widening to show off his missing front tooth.

"Sure, runt. Why don't you put the game back in Carlisle's study and I'll grab the ice cream."

"Okay," Harry dropped to his knees and shuffled everything into the box. "Be right back!"

Emmett barely made it to the kitchen before a zip of electricity raced up his spine. Unsure what had caused it he peered through the kitchen window and into the woods. As though they'd shared the same feeling hundreds of birds shot to the sky simultaneously out of the woods, their calls carrying for miles. As a unit they turned south and disappeared.

The dishes began rattling against each other, clanking then breaking. A picture, one of Harry's first, fell from its place on the wall, the frame shattering against the wood floor.

"Emmett!" Harry's terrified scream rattled him into movement. He dashed through the house, dodging falling objects and ignoring the splintering of wood and crashing of glass. He turned the corner into Carlisle's office in time to see the heavy oak bookcase sway away from the wall, cascading medical tomes and novels over the terrified eight year old.

Emmett didn't think, he just moved, placing himself between the falling bookcase and Harry. He barely registered the thud of the wood against his back as he dropped to his knees and pulled Harry beneath him. "It's okay, kid. I've got you." Harry's pulse pounded out a brutal pace and his tears soaked through Emmett's sleeve. Finally, the earth settled and silence descended.

"Harry?" The little boy didn't respond, just clung tighter to Emmett's chest. "Harry, it's okay. Let me just move you away from the bookcase." When Harry didn't say anything Emmett wrapped an arm around his waist and hefted him off the ground as he used his back to push the bookcase back up and against the wall. "Why don't you sit here in Carlisle's chair, okay?" He gently disentangled the arms wrapped around his neck and deposited the kid in the chair.

"Harry, you okay?" He didn't answer, just glanced away at the floor. "Harry?" Emmett ran a critical eye over him; he looked okay, no obvious broken bones and no blood that he could see. He took a knee in front of the little boy. "Why don't we call Carlisle?"

"No! No, please! I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!" Watery green eyes locked with his halting his quest for the phone.


"I didn't mean to do it, I swear!"

"Do what, Harry?"

"Make the bookcase fall over. I can clean it all up! I can put it all back." He leapt from the chair, scrambling to the books strewn across the floor. The phone cut through Emmett's confusion before he could follow Harry.

"Yeah?" Emmett answered.

"Emmett, thank goodness. Is Harry alright?" Carlisle sounded stressed and Emmett could hear the chaotic noise of the hospital in the background.

"He seems to be…"


"I don't know, there's not a mark on him, but he's upset, Carlisle. Keeps apologizing for making the bookcase fall over. I don't understand what he means."

There was a long silence on the other end of the line, and then finally, "He was removed from his relatives because of his uncontrolled magical bursts. They weren't magical and couldn't deal with it."

"I don't understand, Carlisle."

"When Harry would get upset, things would rattle. Sometimes fall off of shelves. He was punished for it, Emmett."

"What are you saying?" Emmett hissed through clenched teeth.

"It's not important –

"It damn well is if they hurt him!"

"They don't have that power anymore, Emmett. It's why the headmaster asked me to take him in."

"He's terrified, Carlisle. How soon can you get here? He needs you."

"I can't leave the hospital, Emmett. The quake was pretty large, we're expecting an influx. Hold on."

Carlisle stopped talking and Emmett took the opportunity to glance around for Harry. His heart seized when he didn't immediately see him. Books were still strewn across the floor, but no Harry. Just as he was about to panic a sniffle from beneath Carlisle's desk caught his attention. Emmett ducked his head and sure enough, Harry was curled up under the desk, knees to chest, desperately holding back tears.

"Hey, kid. What are you doing under there?"

"Is he mad?" Harry choked out.

"What? Harry, no. No one's mad."

"Emmett, you there?" Carlisle interrupted, coming back on the line.

"Yeah, Carlisle. You need to get here. Now."

"I can't, Emmett. The ER is already starting to fill up and the sheriff just told me there've been reports of landslides. The mountain road leading to the house is likely impassible."
"So, that'll hardly stop you."

"I can't just leave Emmett, it'll look suspicious. I'll have to stay in town for the time being."

"Okay, fine. I'm sure Esme and the girls will be home soon, I can hold out until then."

"I don't think so, son. They just walked into my office. You're going to have to hold out until Edward and Jasper get back from their hunt."

"How long are we talking about here, Carlisle? The kid's terrified and frankly, so am I! What if I screw him up? Say the wrong thing?"

"You can't say the wrong thing, Emmett. Just reassure him this wasn't his fault. I'll get back to the house as soon as I can. A few days, tops." The line went dead before Emmett could protest further.

"Well, crap," he muttered.

Emmett dropped to the floor and ducked his head under the desk. "How you doing, runt?"

"He's mad, isn't he? That's why he isn't coming back."

I can't say the wrong thing. I can't say the wrong thing.

"Carlisle isn't mad at you, kid." He extended a hand and watched dismayed as Harry moved as far into the corner of the desk as he could. "Hey," Emmett said softly. "This wasn't your fault, harry. It was an earthquake. Nothing you did caused this, okay?"

Harry stared at him for a long time. "You're sure?"

"Yeah, runt. I'm sure. It was just an earthquake. Nothing you could have done would have changed anything. You didn't cause it and you couldn't stop it, alright?" Little by little Harry uncurled from his tucked away position.

"Is it gonna happen again?" He asked as he reached for Emmett's outstretched hand.

"We'll probably get a few aftershocks, yeah." The moment the words left his mouth Harry dashed back under the desk and Emmett let out a soft curse.

So much for not being able to say the wrong thing.


"I bet those were an interesting couple of days," Charlie said with a grin. "But I bet you got to know Emmett really well."

"Understatement of the century, pal," Emmett remarked from the doorway. "The runt there refused to stay in the house. We camped on the lawn until Edward and Jasper got back. Three. Days. Later. No TV, no video games. No technology. It was brutal."

"It wasn't that bad!" Harry protested as Emmett sauntered into the room. "I have great memories of those few days. You trying to pitch a tent. Trying to cook with an open flame…"

"Shut up, you," Emmett said, pulling Harry into a head lock and out the door.

"I told you not to use that much lighter fluid. It's not my fault you singed your eyebrows off…"

Charlie's laugh boomed down the hall.

"At least they grew back!" Harry joked as he tried to pull away from Emmett. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise. Not that you deserve it, brat." Emmett snatched a set of keys off the counter and pulled Harry into the garage. "Now shut up, we're going for a ride."