The hyena trio lay on the grassy plains Outlands, their bellies full for once after what seemed like an eternity of hunger and starvation for the three of them.

After news spread of Zira's death in attempting to kill Simba, and the joining of Outanders and Pridelanders in the Pridelands. The hyena trio returned to their old home.

After the death of Scar, the hyeans retreaeded back to the Outlands. Many of them died in the battle at Priderock, but at east the survivers were safe and home. Yet sadly a short tme later Zire and the utanders came. Shenzi, Banzai Ed, and the rest of the hyena clan tried to fight them off. Yet ultimatly the Outlander lions were to powerful for the all. It was a miracle that are favorite hyena trio managed to escape death in that chaos.

Luck for them though they managed to escape to where Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba once lived. That beautiful waterfall place, abundant with plant life, and for the trio, meerkats. (Noted in that "one and a half" movie, hey a hyenas gotta eat. Don't hate me for killing Timons Ma and Uncle Max.)

Anyway it was night time in the Outlands now and as I was saying the hyena trio were resting after eating an antelope that was in the Outlands. Since their were no longer any lions in the Outlands, the one barren wasteland had slowly transformed itself into a more beautiful, grassy land. It wasn't as graet as the Pridelands, but it was good enough for the trio.

"Man," Banzai said "That was great,"

"Ya. I was getting sick of eatting nothing but meerkat for so long," Shenzi said rubbing her full belly

Ed just let out a loud burp and laughed his insane laugh

"You said it my man," Banzai said giving Ed a high-paw "The Outlands are once again ours, and nobodies gonna take it from us,"

Yet are trios interuption was soon interupted by a strange sound. A sound none of the hyenas had ever heard before

Just then Shenzi noiced something in the distance.

"Hey guys what's that?" the hyena queen said looking out towards the mysteriuos thing.

Just then the three of them saw what looked like a pair of bright yellow eyes, and the mysterious sund was coming from it to.

"It must be some kinda giant rhino!" Banzai screamed in terror

Ed screamed to

"It's comming right or us!" Shenzi said in terror

The three of them we frozen in fear, like a deer in headlights. Which crazy enough was what they were then. In headlights.

Soon enough truck with the headlights stopped a short distance away from the trio, and a few more figures appeared to climb on top of it.

Shenzi Banzai and Ed were still afraid and a bit confussed by this. Never in their whole lives had they seen anything like what they saw just now.

They wwere looking right at the dominate species. The creature that ruled over all others, and the world.


Don't worry nohing bad happens to are favorite little hyenas.

Or dose it?

Find out l8ter