Time went by, and everything went back to the way it was.

Simba and Kovu's manes grew back, and with none of the lionesses finding any trace of hyenas for four mounths they gave up the search.

Timon got his memory back, well as much as Pumbaa allowed. He never told him what happened to his Ma and Uncle Max. He just said they moved someplace far away

But those weren't the the biggest things to happen, not by a long shot

It was another regular afternoon in the Outlands. Okay not exacly.

"Banzai, Ed where's my zebra? I'm starving here!" Shenzi barked

Yes her pregnacy really did a number on all of them. Shenzi of course had gotten more hungry now, had mood swings, and odd cravings all the time. So now Banzai and Ed were now either getting food for her, or having to take her insane mood swings. Once she got so pised she slame their heads together. Then immediatly felt bad about it and sodded like a small pup. Then got super happy when they said they forgave her. Yep, it was nuts.

Anyway Banzi and Ed had gotten her the zebra she wanted.

"Here you got Shenzi," Banzai said laying down the dead carcass next to her.

"Thank you Banzai it...AH!" Shenzi screamed in pain

Ed said something just then

"I'M HAVING THE PUPS THAT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING!" Shenzi cried as she was in excruciating pain.

"Holy..! Okay Shenzi calm just calm down." Banzai managed to said rushing to his mates side

Shenzi screamed i pain again.

"We praticed for this, just beath. Beath."

Shenzi breathed in an out like crazy.

"Good, now...Push!"

The next few minutes were filled ear-splitting screams so loud that someone in heck coud her them

Meanwhile in heck

Two certain lions were being tormented for their wicked deeds they did on earth.

"Zira did you just her something?" Scar asked

"No I didn't hear anything," Scar said

Back on earth Shenzi lay on the ground, exausted. But with a smile on her face as she gazzed down at her five beautiful pups. They all had little bangs like their mother, but the three boys had bussy eyebrows like Banzai.

Ed said something

"Ya congradulations to us," Banzai said

"Are clan is slowly growing again," Shenzi said

"Yes," Banzai said as he nuzzled her "And one day it'll be fully restored. And, many year later a new hyena clan ruled the Outlands once again

The End