Ashley swipped at the air with her claw hand and it opend a time portalso nancy and ahsley could go back in time. They jump into the portal and were gone ….

Minutes later they came back out of the portal and they were back in time at a place nancy didt reconise"were are we" "camp krystal lake" Ashley told her so they went to fid were freddy and jason were.

"look over there" nancy pointed over to were freddy and jason were fighting "there fighting… this mst be befofe me nd freddy marred back wen he made jason a dog…"

"rite. We need to fix that" Ashley sade "becuz its what made jason so mad that he had to kill everone "

"I never thote that wold happen" said nancy "I thought jason liked being are dog … ifeel bad now"

"well it ok we make mistakes so now we have to fix this" just then freddy was about to strike the finsihng blew on jason were he would win..

"wait!" yelled nancy "its not good they cant here you or see u " said Ashley"

"oh " nancy said"what do we do then" "ill take care of this I'm the only one who cn"

Ashley ran out to freddy and jason and stop them from fiteing"dad stop it leave jason alone" Freddy looked over to her "why should I" he asked

"because if you don't…. 10 yrs from now hell kill you for revenge…. and then I will never be born " Ashley"plz stop"

Freddy thouft about it and then he let jason go "fine but only because ur my daughter" he said "thx dad ur the best" Ashley gave freddy a big hug but now it was time for her to go "im sry I gotta go back now c ya in the future dad"

So nancy and Ashley got back in to the porttal and went back to the day of the party. When they got there everyone was having so much fun …. Including jason, freddy, and cancdyman. They were all alive and having fun. Nancy smiled at Ashley "looks like we did it" they laughed and then went to get some punch