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Coming Home

Chapter One


It is a beautiful summer day. Not a cloud in the sky, which is unusual here in Forks, Washington. There is a slight breeze blowing while you hear the birds singing in the trees. Today, we are having a family barbeque. Our family tries to have a day together at least every couple of weeks. We are all very close. My parents believe that it is important to keep in contact with each other and never take anyone or anything for granted.

I have spent most of the morning cleaning up the house, getting the kids their breakfast, bathed and dressed before everyone started making their way over. I don't have to worry too much about Camryn.

She can pretty much take care of herself at the age of 12. It is always hard to get her started in the morning, but once she does, I can count on her to get herself taken care of and help me out with the smaller kids. She starts middle school in the Fall and is going through the stages that most preteens do. She loves to spend time at the mall shopping, much to her Aunt Alice's and Aunt Rose's delight, and is starting to show an interest in boys...not much to my delight.

EJ is our early riser. At age 9, I never have to worry about getting him started in the morning. Many times, he is awake before me. You can constantly find him in front of his game system, trying to get as much practice in before his uncles showed up on the weekends. His Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper always give him a run for his money. When the three of them are together, you could find them either wrestling or in front of the television playing games.

Matthew, our 7 years old, is our rebel. He's always getting into trouble. Don't get me wrong. He's a good boy, but very rambunctious. Always getting into something. Thank goodness for Camryn. She is a good sister and Matthew looks up to her. He knows she is always keeping an eye out for him. She luckily was able to get him out of the tree, in the backyard, the other day. He was about to make a jump for it…there was no way he would have walked away from it not having broken something, but she was able to guide him down leaving him uninjured.

Then there is Elizabeth, our 9 month old. She is the apple of my eye and has me wrapped around her finger.

First my parents come over. Although I have everything in hand, my mother, Esme, feels she has to get over to our house, relatively early to give an extra and with the kids and get the food put together fairly early. My father, Carlisle, just goes along with whatever is going on. This is his weekend off from the hospital and is happy to be able to spend some quality time with the grandchildren.

My wife's brother, Emmett, and sister-in-law, Rosalie are the next ones to arrive. Em is bound and determined to win back his high score on the newest Mario game. He hasn't been able to live down the loss to EJ in weeks. Rosalie is absolutely glowing. She only had 6 more weeks to go. Our kids are on pins and needles, thoroughly excited for their cousin to make his or her arrival. The kids have bets, not as secretly as they'd like to believe, going with their grandfather and Uncle Jasper as to if the baby is a boy or a girl. This little secret is being heavily guarded by Aunt Rose much to the dislike of Uncle Emmett whom has been sworn to secrecy…and threatened to have no 'extracurricular activities' for months after the baby arrives, if he tells anyone.

Rosalie and Emmett join me in watching the kids play with their friends in our huge backyard. Emmett and myself are bantering back and forth as to whether the Mariners will make it to the World Series this year when my sister, Alice, and my other brother-in-law, Jasper come over. She made a beeline from the front door to the deck and I can tell she was going to start pestering me, again.

"Well…have you spoken to her today?" Alice asked.

"No, Alice…not yet. I told you I would let you know when I did. She should be landing this afternoon in Japan for her layover until her flight to Washington, tonight."

"What is up with you, Alice? You haven't let up on Edward since she left on her trip to do research on her new book. You've never been this antsy when she's left before."

"Emmett, can't a girl worry about her best friend and sister-in-law?"

"Sure you can, but you are borderline obsessed. Edward, how many times did she call you yesterday, alone?" Emmett asked.

"Too many to count."

"Honey, what has you all worked up over Bella being gone? I can't tell you the last time I saw you this jumpy," asked Jasper. He was truly starting to worry about her. She hasn't been sleeping through the night and is always on edge.

"Jas, I just have this feeling that something just isn't right. I can't put my finger on it, but I won't feel better until Bella is home safe and sound."

"Don't tell me it's your hocus pocus, again, Alice."

"It's not hocus pocus, Emmett. You all know, we were little, I get this…I don't know…call it in-sight on things. I can't quite explain it." No one likes to admit it, but Alice somehow can tell when something is going to happen. It is never just good or bad things, but we all just sort of chalk it up to coincidence or luck.

"Yeah, remember the time when Alice told us to pack an extra change of clothes when we went hiking Emmett? "

"Rose, it was just a coincidence that it started raining. We are living in Washington for crying out loud. Rain shouldn't be a surprise."

"But we weren't supposed to have rain for a week. I think it was more than coincidence. How about the time when Alice called Edward and told him to be sure to keep his cell phone charged because he was going to need it." Stated Rose.

"Alice knows her own brother. Edward always lets his battery die. How would she have known that Bella was going to get into that fender bender?"

"I don't know, Emmett. I wouldn't bet against Alice when it comes down to it,'' stated Jasper.

Edward approaches Alice with open arms and hugs his sister. "Ali, I spoke with Bella last night. Everything was fine. She'll be home before you know it."

"Dad, Dad. Camryn sprayed me with the hose, again, after you told her to stop earlier."

"Matthew, what did I tell you about tattling?"

"But Dad…"


"I know, but Dad…"

"EJ, is someone in danger of hurting themselves or others?"

"No, but.."

"Is someone bleeding or in need of going to the hospital?"

"No, sir."

"Then go play with the kids and stay out of trouble."

"Yes, sir."

"Ahhh…those were the days…always trying to get your sibling in trouble, even if we may have started some of it ourselves. Good times. "

"You would never have done that to either of your siblings, would you, Emmett? You angel, you. I just never would have thought I would hear you using one of Mom and Dad's lectures back on your kids," stated Alice.

"Ugh. I'm turning into Dad. But seriously, Ali, please let this go. I promise to have Bella call you once she gets home to put your mind at ease. Okay?"

"I think that we should probably drop the subject. We've got another set of ears approaching," said Jasper as a beautiful brunette made her way over to the adults.

"Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose, when are we going to go shopping, again?" Camry asked.

"Yeah, Aunt Alice, I think a trip to the mall may just be what you need." Edward could only hope that a trip to the mall would give her a break from all her worrying. It always seemed to cheer her up when she was down.

"Edward, I hear Elizabeth starting to stir from her nap. I am going to get her. You may also want to start the grill soon. The cheese potatoes will be ready in approximately 30 minutes."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Really, Alice. I think a shopping trip would be fun. What do you think about tomorrow? If we got there early enough, it won't interfere with Edward and the kids picking Bella up at the airport tomorrow night," said Rose.

"Yeah, what do you say, Aunt Alice. It's been a whole week since we went last."

"Oh, alright, Camryn. Count me in. Why don't you go check up on your brothers and make sure they are staying out of trouble. "

"They are. They have managed to get Grandpa to wrestle with them in the front yard, but I will make sure they don't go to rough on him.

"Em…you don't think there is anything to worry about, do you?" whispers Jasper. "B has always been extra careful when she's gone traveling before. Ali has a pretty good track record for knowing when things are going to happen. She has been worked up for days about this."

"I don't think so, Jas. Bella never takes chances that she shouldn't, but from one brother to another, I can't wait for our little sister get back home safe and sound, but let's just keep that to ourselves."

"Here you go, Daddy. Nice and awake from our nap," says Esme to Edward handing him Elizabeth.

"Thanks, Mom. Hey there, beautiful! How is my girl?"

Elizabeth has the biggest smile at the sight of her Daddy. She giggles as he speaks to her.

"No. No more, boys. Grandpa is worn out," says Carlisle as he approaches everyone as he tucks his shirt back into his pants and tries to straighten his hair. "Maybe you can get both of your uncles to wrestle with you."

"Yeah…come on Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper," Matthew and EJ yell.

"Go ahead, Uncle Emmett. Little Peanut and I will be just fine," said Rose as she rubs her oversized belly.

"Ahhh…the joys of being an uncle. Come on, Jas. Let's show these squirts how to really wrestle."

"Now, Emmett. Bella would want me to remind you that just because you are the wrestling coach at the high school doesn't mean you get to bend the kids into pretzels," Edward yells.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Emmett whispers just loud enough for everyone to hear as he walks away with Jasper.

All the sudden there is a commotion in the house and Renee and Charlie appear.

"Hey, Charlie and Renee. You are late. I was just about to start the grill."

"Edward..," Charlie says.

"Hold on, Charlie. Rose, I think Lizzie is about to start getting fussy. Could you go take her inside and get her a bottle?," asked Edward.

"Sure. Come to Aunt Rose, Munchkin," she says as she takes Elizabeth from Edward and heads into the house.

"Edward…," Charlie starts again.

"Dad, Dave wants me to come over to his house and play his new game he just got for his game system. Can I go?"

"No, not right now, EJ. As you can see, our family is here and we will be eating soon. We'll see about later."

"Okay." EJ runs back to play with the kids.


"Sorry, Charlie. What is it? What has you all upset?"

Charlie pauses. "I've been trying to tell you. Something has happened. We really don't know too many details right now, so there is no point in panicking, but we had to be sure that you knew. We knew you probably weren't watching the television to have heard, but we won't know anything for sure for a while and…"

"Charlie, stop rambling," Renee says anxiously with tears in her eyes. "It's all over the news...somewhere in China…Bella's plane…it went down and there is no word yet if there are any survivors."