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Summary–AU There are those moments in life where a few words or one sentence changes your entire view on everything you thought you knew. Most often for me they came from my best friend.LinkZelda friendship/romance

Disclaimer–I do not own Legend of Zelda, which belongs to its respective owner(s) and is only being used in a fan-made, fictional story.



By–Moon Prynces


Age 5 – Sex Ed

Mom said we had to go over and greet our new neighbors. Dad smiled and said she was trying to be a nosy busybody. I laughed with him even though I wasn't sure what it meant.

Then she yelled at us and sent me outside to wait. Dad just kept laughing and I couldn't hear what he said to her because I only turned around at the front door. He saw me and winked so I just left because I don't really care about grown up things anyway.

I sat down at the front steps and watched people moving around across the street. A big truck that had furniture in it was opened.

When I got bored I watched the ants near the bottom step making an anthill.

She came up to me and announced, "My name's Zelda and I'm a girl."

I stared. "My name's Link," I stated. "And I know you're a girl." I made a weird face like she was an alien.

"Really?" she asked, leaning in closer to my face with her eyes wide open. "How?"

I turned away, embarrassed. "Well, you look like it...and you have longer hair and-and stuff," I answered.

She laughed loudly. "That's not the stuff that makes me a girl!"

"But you are, so what's the big deal?" I shouted in anger. She was trying to make me look stupid, I was sure – and I was not stupid.

She stopped and stared at me. After a while she said, "Well there's a reason I'm a girl and you're a..."

"A boy!" I said back.

"Are you sure?" she smiled. "Just kidding! If anyone would know it would have to be you!" she giggled.

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

"Boys and girls have different parts!" she said like it was obvious.

"Different...parts...?" I finally said and thought of how girls had longer hair and softer eyes and boys grew up and got beards like my uncle.

"Yea," she nodded and sat down next to me on the stoop. Then she looked across the street to where people were talking with sofas all over the lawn like it was the living room. "Under our pants!" she whispered quickly into my ear.

I stared back at her before laughs started coming out of my mouth.

She made the face my mom does before she yells. I slapped my hand over her mouth to stop her.

"Okay so what's different under our pants?" I asked and moved my hand away.

"Boys have different parts under their pants than girls!" she kept trying to explain.

I thought about this. But I had never seen a girl without clothes on so I didn't know if it was true. My dad and I had the same parts, I think.

"Well, why are they different?" I asked back.

She smiled wide and I wished I hadn't asked at all. I should have just nodded my head in the first place and not said anything.

"Because the parts are supposed to connect someday! Boys have a key and girls have a keyhole!" she said happily.

I frowned. "That's not fair. Why can't I have both?"

"It's the way you find the person you marry!" she explained, getting more and more excited. Then she leaned toward me and whispered, "If the key and keyhole connect right then you should be together with that person."

I stared in awe. I didn't know about any of these things because I never paid attention to grown up stuff!

Well now I knew!

I looked back up as Zelda stared across the street at her new house.

But maybe I should ask my dad just to make sure...


First chapter of about six or seven. Almost all are completely done already. Just two or three need to be completed/edited.

Seeing as I thought I was writing a one-shot in the beginning I didn't write the date and times for the end/beginning of chapters. So I can't write that down here like I usually do these days.

Humor, friendship, romance – all centering around Link and Zelda! What more could you want?

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