Okay so I'll be honest. This story will have sadistic and graphic moments and there will be sex.

Enjoy. ^_^

Lessons from a Sadist

Part 1

It was a stereotypical night. Dark and stormy. Lightning to punctuate one's darker thoughts. Hibari chose this night to go for a walk. For once he wore normal street clothes, not his usual suit and tie or his usual attire that was richer and more exceptional than the average person. Tonight was a night for clothes he didn't care about. A black t-shirt and black pants and black sneakers. He walked through the rain as it pelted him in the face. His clothes soaked straight through. But no one else was outside but him. No people to get in his way or disrupt his thoughts. It was just him and the darkness and the pouring rain.

It had been years since he'd attended the Jr. High, but this is where he headed. He snuck in with the extra pair of keys he had cut while he was there. They never thought to change the locks. Soon he was on the roof, lying there while the rain beat down on him. He felt alive like this. He felt less guarded like this. It was cold and the rain was painful, but he existed in his own world like this.

He was lying still, his eyes closed and his head slightly tilted. He must have been lying like this for some time, lost in thought, because he never saw the white owl land next to him, the sound of its wings muted by the rain.

Hibari felt a slight brush against his face and his eyes snapped open. A large white wing was extended over his face. The owl didn't see his eyes open. It was looking around for someone while shielding Hibari's face from the rain. When it's head turned to look at Hibari again it appeared surprised to see him awake. As though caught doing something it shouldn't it slowly drew its wing against its body again. It appeared to bow slightly before backing up. It's eyes, one red and one blue, were smiling somehow.

"Do you like the rain too?" Hibari asked, watching the owl carefully.

The owl tilted it's head as though intrigued to be acknowledged, then gave what appeared to be a shake of its head.

"I don't really like it either," Hibari said. He then turned to the sky again and closed his eyes. The white owl stared at him briefly before moving closer. It flopped onto it's back the best it could, its feel curled up, and closed it's eyes.

Hibari glanced over and smirked. The two of them, quite frankly, looked ridiculous.

"Why don't you turn back?" Hibari asked.

The owl appeared to let out a sigh.

"Too weak?" Hibari asked. Maybe in the past his tone would have been mocking. But not now. There was no point now.

The owl was silent for a moment before letting out a "woo" that sounded like a defeated affirmative.

"I think we're out here for the same reason," Hibari said. Then the two looked up at the sky silently, rain hitting them hard and fast.

After lying like that for a long stretch of the night, the owl rolled and hopped up again. Hibari opened his eyes and watched.

"Woo," the owl said weakly. Somehow Hibari knew it meant 'goodbye.' Actually, it was probably 'ciao.'

"Wait," Hibari said as he sat up. The owl tilted it's head. "How do I get you out?" Hibari asked.

The owl looked surprised, but then only shook its head.

"How?" Hibari demanded.

"Woo," the owl responded. Another goodbye. It flapped away to the edge of the roof. Hibari could feel the strong presence leave it. Then it was nothing more than an owl.

Hibari lay in bed that night remembering the past. For years, he tried to ignore that particular incident. He tried to tell himself that if he didn't think about it, it would go away. But over the years he realized that it was one of the highlights of his life. It made him feel as though blood was really flowing through him. It made him happy to feel and happy to breathe. After that incident, he lost any remaining fear he had. And it was only after that incident that he was able to grow as a fighter at an exponential rate.

Mukuro was the catalyst. And no one had ever been able to make Hibari suffer so much. Hibari had hated him for it. Hated him for every second of hell he had to go through. But it was one of those moments in one's life that makes him stronger. And that was the hardest conflict for Hibari to overcome. Did he hate Mukuro for what he did to him? Or was he supposed to be thankful that Mukuro made it possible for him to become one of the strongest in the Vongola family mafia? If he could go back in time, would he undo it?

He knew the answer already. He'd let it happen all over again. He'd bare it all again and again. And he became aware of this when that incident started to occupy his thoughts and his nightmares. It angered him, it made him question himself, it made him question his life. But it made him want to get stronger. And he did.

His hate dissolved despite his own wishes to hold on to it. He told himself it was hate that drove him. Hate that made him want to see Mukuro again and make him suffer. But he was lying to himself.

The truth was that he wanted to feel it again. That feeling of suffering. Then the feeling of release. Those many feelings combined that made him feel strong and weak all at once. But that wasn't all. For that moment, he was needed. No matter how primal it was, no matter if he could have been anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time… he was needed more than he had ever been needed in his life. Needed, and wanted.

He wanted to meet Mukuro again. He wanted Mukuro to make him suffer again. He wanted Mukuro to whisper every dirty, humiliating, degrading thing that he had whispered in his ear last time. But now Hibari was older and more aware of what he had been feeling. And despite the fact that Mukuro had done it purely for selfish reasons, Hibari wanted to thank him by giving him the chance to do it again.

But Mukuro was older now also. And he had been locked in prison for years now. Hibari had to wonder if what Murkuro did before was him acting out some teenage rebellious phase. Maybe he was desperate for something. Maybe he was just sadistic. Maybe it took away his pain. Maybe Hibari was just an object to him then, and something to be discarded. Whatever the reason, Hibari wanted to know. He told himself he'd ask Mukuro the next chance he got. But he hadn't seen Mukuro in person for years. At least not in a position where they could talk alone. Mukuro always possessed Chrome's body to help the Vongola family fight, but then he had to vacate her body when his consciousness and her strength were spent.

Sometimes Hibari would stare at Chrome, wondering if Mukuro would know it if he hurt her. There were times when Hibari thought he could torture her if it meant he'd see Mukuro again. But those were just idle thoughts. There was no real substance in them. All it really showed was how much he needed to know what he was to Mukuro.

But yes, it had been years. And it was only tonight that they were alone together again, with Mukuro possessing that beautiful white owl. Apparently too weak or unwilling to project his human form. Hibari was too shocked to see him out there in the cold rain. It was too surreal to him. It was all like an illusion. And Hibari didn't want something so unreal to hold on to. He needed to actually speak to Mukuro. To look into his eyes and demand answer for what he did.

And Mukuro looked so innocent in that owl form. Hibari loved animals. It was too hard to separate Mukuro from the innocent bird when he looked like that.

With a deep sigh, and his mind racing with the heat of his obsession, he drifted off into a deep sleep. Then he dreamed of what happened in the past. The details as vivid as ever.

The dream that reminded him of the side of Mukuro that no one else in the Vongola family knew existed. Not Tsuna. Not Chrome. No one else but him.

The next day proved to be uneventful. Hibari looked outside his apartment window to see that the sun was out. The rain had passed, and therefore, so had his world of darkness and privacy.

He kept the curtains drawn and the shades closed.

He was going to laze around after eating when someone knocked at the door. He pulled on a T-shirt to go with his sweatpants and opened it. Chrome was standing there in a bright sundress. He resisted the sudden urge to shut the door in her face. Instead he just stared at her and waited for an explanation as to why she was bothering him.

"Um," Chrome said, shrinking back under his intense eyes. "Can… can I talk to you?"

Hibari ran his fingers through his messy hair and stepped aside without a word. Chrome entered the apartment and he shut the door.

"What is it?" he asked as he went into the main room and sat on the couch.

"Well," she said, following him and pacing the room. "I need your help… to get Mukuro out of prison."

Hibari frowned. "Why not ask Tsuna? His word has more weight than mine."

"You're more intimidating than Tsuna," Chrome said softly. "And I can't ask Tsuna to run around freeing… freeing--"

"Criminals?" Hibari finished for her.

"Well… yes," she said. "He's the boss. So, it might not reflect well."

"You think it would reflect well if we went, as members of that same mafia family?" Hibari scoffed.

"We wouldn't have to tell him, or Reborn," Chrome said softly.

Hibari looked at her steadily. "Lie to them?" he asked.

"Well… no. I mean… yes." She sighed heavily. "I just want him out."

"I'll talk to Tsuna," Hibari said.


"If we break Mukuro out, they'll just come looking for him again," Hibari said. "Is that the kind of life you want him to live?"

Chrome looked down before sinking into a chair. Her sundress rode up her slender thighs. Hibari looked her up and down as she stared at the floor. She was so fragile looking. So weak. Why had Mukuro chosen her of all people to act as the medium that could bring the illusions of himself into reality? Why was she the one he chose to possess? What was so special about her?

He realized at that moment, that Chrome had been chosen by Mukuro for a use just as he had. She had been chosen to be used by him, just as Hibari had, even though the uses were completely different. But something still ate at Hibari as he considered her. How close were those two? She was an attractive girl. Did Mukuro have feelings for her? Is that why he chose her?

Hibari was sick of looking at her. He wanted her out of his sight.

"There is nothing you can do, Chrome," he said. "I suggest you put it out of your mind and leave it to people with more power in this family," he frowned at her. "You may have Mukuro's ring for safekeeping, but you're only a placeholder for him. I consider him the mist guardian, not you. And with that said, don't presume to think you can overstep your bounds or our authority."

Chrome stood up quickly and stalked towards the door. "I'll get him on my own then," she said. "And don't act as though you care about this family, Hibari," she said with tears of frustration in her eyes. "If you cared about the mist guardian then Mukuro would be out of jail right now. Do you have any idea what they are doing to him in there? Maybe I'm a placeholder for him but I'm still more of an ally to him than you ever were."

Hibari watched her slam the door as she left. He wondered when she learned to speak up for herself. Maybe it was after years of frustration at not being able to get Mukuro back. Maybe it was her frustration at being so unnecessary in the greater scheme of things. Either way, he didn't really care.

He looked back at the chair she had been sitting in. How small and delicate she looked while she sat there. How much of what she said and did reached Mukuro? How much could they exchange through dreams or telepathy. How connected were they really?

He walked over to the chair slowly and stared down at it. He could have held her down so easily. He could do anything he wanted to her. He could draw it out and make it painful. Would Mukuro come to save her? Would he show his face?

Now Hibari was pissed. He needed Mukuro out of his head. But no matter what the distraction, whatever Mukuro had done to him in the past was like a drug he needed in order to feel right. And he didn't want to give that up. He was starting to think he'd do anything to get those moments back.

And he couldn't help think about what Chrome said. If he didn't take action, how would Mukuro be freed?

Mukuro's eyes were mesmerizing. One a drowning blue, the other a fiery red. His face was playful and childish and even innocent. Only his smirk revealed a sliver of his darkness and his sadism. And even that wasn't always there.

It had been years ago when he lured Hibari into a trap, playing on one of Hibari's weaknesses. Sakura blossoms littered the room, and Hibari's body weakened almost instantly, the disease inflicted on him still running it's course and forcing an extreme reaction to the flowers. Hibari's strength was drained when Mukuro beat the shit out of him before locking him in an empty room.

Hibari thought Mukuro's main aim was destroying the mafia, including the Vongola Family. But there was more to it than that. He could see that there was more hidden evil in Mukuro. Something unspoken, even to his allies, which were few.

One night Mukuro came into the dark room, only moonlight barely illuminating him through the bared windows.

"Hungry?" he said, his tone completely devoid of harm or malice. "You should eat. You're no good to me dead, Hibari." His voice was deep, and his accent was like honey dripping from his tongue. "I assure you it's safe to eat," he smiled as he set the food in front of Hibari. The smell of sakura blossoms was all over him. Hibari tried to hold his breath but there were so many blossoms in the building it was impossible.

"It's not just the sakura," Mukuro smiled. "I can see it in your eyes, the way you're trying to think of a way out. There is a toxin filtering through the vents," he explained lightly. "I am immune to it. But it will keep anyone else weak. You might as well relax."

"You think you can beat the whole mafia?" Hibari asked, gritting his teeth.

Mukuro tilted his head in thought. "No, I suppose not," he said. "But I will do enough." He smiled almost sweetly and then walked to the door. "Buona notte e sogni d'oro," he said before the door closed and locked again.

Hibari sat there, frustrated with himself. He had always prided himself as the strongest. The person no one could beat. He was the alpha. The carnivore. The one people feared because he was worthy of that fear. He controlled everything and everyone around him. Until now. And Mukuro so effortlessly robbed him of his power.

The next few days were the same. Mukuro would come in to keep Hibari alive with food or drink, and he'd always seem as innocent and pleasant as ever, which only made Hibari more angry. He felt like he was being taken lightly.

But there came a night when Mukuro's frustration had grown. Hibari could hear him arguing about something with his minions. Much of it was Italian. Some was Japanese. But from what Hibari could gather, Mukuro's group had been tracked to Japan and people were looking for him now in order to return him to prison. They were getting closer to finding him. But Mukuro didn't want to leave. He was too close to eliminating one of the most powerful mafia families in the area before it could gain power. He wanted to risk his freedom to kill Tsuna. The tension in the air grew. No one would oppose Mukuro, but there were people who feared for his safety as well as their own. Mukuro tried to smile, but Hibari could see the darkness growing behind his eyes.

And then he came in one night when the moon was barely bright enough to show him come into the room like a phantom. He didn't say anything. Not his usual light-hearted greeting or some small joke. Somehow, Hibari knew that he wasn't smiling this time. And since Hibari had already been fed, there was no reason for him to be there. He moved slowly, stiffly, that sweet smell of sakura hovering around him. Hibari's senses told him to be ready for an attack, but the toxin was so deep inside of him that he could hardly move a muscle. All he could do was lie there on the floor as Mukuro hung over him in the darkness.

The next thing Hibari knew, there was a cloud of dust rising around him. All it took was a gust of air through the barred window to make him look down and realize that his clothes were disintegrating around him. Little pieces of fabric lifted away from him and faded into the air, only visible in very slight moonlight.

"What the fuck kind of game are you playing?" Hibari growled.

"Shhhhhh," Mukuro replied softly, soothingly. His face was still well hidden in the darkness of the room.

Hibari felt something rough against his skin as Mukuro stood there, and suddenly he felt his body pulled in all directions. There were ropes holding his wrists and ankles now. He was on his back, spread eagled as the last of his clothes vanished. He turned his head to see where the ropes had come from, but he could only see them extending from the darkness that surrounded them. He had no idea how or why they were holding him in place now.

Mukuro slowly knelt between his legs and slid his hand between Hibari's thighs. Hibari's entire body flinched as Mukuro's gloved hand caressed him, tested his size.

"You sick bastard," Hibari snapped.

Mukuro said nothing, so how did Hibari know he had smiled? And then, he pulled out one of Hibari's favorite weapons. Hibari could barely make out the silhouette of the tonfa in Mukuro's hand. Mukuro slowly brought it down and traced the length of Hibari's cock with the tip of the cold metal.

"Stop!" Hibari yelled as he tried to jerk away, but the ropes held him in place.

Again, Mukuro said nothing. He slowly dragged the tonfa down over Hibari's sensitive flesh. And then…

"NO!" Hibari yelled. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had to raise his voice to anyone. Then his tongue felt heavy. He didn't know how, but there was a gag there. Now he couldn't speak.

Suddenly the tonfa felt slick against his skin, as though lubrication was on it, though Mukuro hadn't moved to take this precaution. As Hibari struggled, Mukuro firmly held his hip with one hand to hold him somewhat steady. And with the other, he slowly started to push the tonfa into Hibari's ass. The large cylinder of metal couldn't penetrate Hibari's tight, nervous body. Mukuro pulled the weapon back slightly, then more forcefully pushed it forward, trying to get it deeper. The hand that was on Hibari's hip moved down to spread his tortured body open wider as he continued the assault. Hibari's body strained hard against the ropes holding him.

It took ten, long, painful minutes to bury the tonfa into Hibari's body as far as it would go. Hibari burned, his hole stretched, ripped, and bleeding. His chest was heaving, and against his will there were tears in his eyes from the pain. But more than anything, the pure rage and hate was pouring off of him in waves. Mukuro could no doubt feel his hatred, but he continued as though he were doing something completely harmless and fascinating.

"Shall we go again?" Mukuro asked gently as he pulled the tonfa out of Hibari's body. As soon as his body relaxed, the thick weapon removed, Mukuro forced it in again slowly, inch after inch. Hibari's body arched with the pain and every muscle tightened. As Mukuro pushed it in again, he lowered his head. His tongue slowly rolled over the head of Hibari's cock. He pulled the tonfa out once more, and once again slowy sank it inside of him again. And as he did he sucked Hibari into his mouth. He found a perfect rhythm. Slowly taking him in with his mouth as he withdrew the tonfa, then sinking the tonfa in as he withdrew his mouth. Hibari's body was torn between the pain, and the desperate need for pleasure and released to dull the suffering.

Finally, the weapon was pulled from Hibari's stretched hole and discarded on the floor, the metal hitting it hard. Hibari hoped Mukuro was bored with him. But he heard Mukuro unzip his own pants. He positioned his weight over Hibari and rested his weight on top of him. He was fully clothed, except for his cock, which was hard and pushing against Hibari's. Then Mukuro started to grind against him roughly. Hibari was horrified at the contact. And horrified that his body was responding. As the grinding continued Mukuro slowly licked the tears from Hibari's face. He stopped his movement when he could feel that Hibari was hard underneath him.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," Mukuro said with humor in his voice. His accent had turned seductive and threatening all at once. "Hibari," he said, his voice sliding against Hibari's skin and straight through. He leaned down, his mouth right next to Hibari's ear. "We've only just started."

Hibari snapped to attention and out of his daydream when people outside started making loud noises, laughing and enjoying themselves. It was fleeting happiness they were sharing. Nothing like the intense ecstasy that Mukuro had given him.

A few seconds later, he found himself running after Chrome.

(Thanks for reading. Sorry for all the Hibari abuse, but we all know Mukuro is sadistic.)