Lessons from a Sadist

Part 8

Being in the Vongola had it's perks, of course. Mukuro already had his own place arranged courtesy of Reborn's connections. He could move in whenever he wanted. Life started to calm down after Dino's arrest and after Vindice finished asking questions. Mukuro had his home decorated so quickly that people wondered if the furniture was ever actually there, or if they only thought it was there. But Mukuro insisted that because it felt real, that was enough. (Yamamoto and Ryohei had helped him move the furniture in, but they preferred to keep people guessing.)

Mukuro was resting peacefully and reading a book when Hibari stepped into his living room. Mukuro smiled at him and put his book aside.

"Long time no see," Mukuro smiled. Hibari hadn't seen him since the day Dino was taken into custody. Tsuna had insisted Mukuro go with him to get settled in. "Why do you look so tense, Hibari?" Mukuro asked playfully.

Hibari glared at him. "I'm here to get my answer."

Mukuro stood up and started to head out of the room. "Would you like something to drink?" he asked. "Maybe something to loosen you up," he said, something wicked in his smile.

But Hibari crossed the room faster than he could leave it, and soon Hibari had him pinned against the wall, kissing him fiercely. Mukuro smirked against his lips and then kissed back with an ever deeper hunger. Their bodies grinded against each other roughly as Mukuro forced his tongue into Hibari's mouth. Hibari bit down on Mukuro's lip and then licked up the droplets of blood that formed there. As he kissed him he unzipped Mukuro's pants. He broke the kiss to shove Mukuro back to sit on his couch. When he was sitting Hibari wasted no time kneeling between his legs and pulling Mukuro's member from his pants.

Mukuro's head fell back with a contented sigh as Hibari wrapped his lips around his cock greedily, sucking him in deep. Hibari moaned with Mukuro in his mouth, sending vibrations through Mukuro's body. He started to lift his hips slightly to meet Hibari's mouth, trying to get more of himself inside as Hibari sucked tightly on his shaft. Hibari's tongue was pure heaven and Mukuro's deep moans were more than enough to communicate it.

"Stop," Mukuro whispered, grabbing Hibari by the hair firmly. Hibari obeyed and looked up at him with lustful eyes. Mukuro beckoned him closer with a finger, and when Hibari stood up Mukuro pulled his pants down. As soon as Hibari stepped out of them Mukuro pulled him over his lap, facing him. Mukuro's eyes were dangerously possessive as he roughly grasped Hibari's waist.

"Sit on my cock," Mukuro ordered, and Hibari slowly lowered himself onto Mukuro, his ass swallowing Mukuro inch by inch as he impaled himself. Hibari put his hands on the back of the sofa behind Mukuro to steady himself as he rode him steadily. Mukuro looked up at him with a satisfied smirk on his face. The look of a predator.

Hibari started to grind his hips and started to ride again, groaning as Mukuro sank deep inside of him. But soon Mukuro couldn't take his passive role anymore and wrapped his arms around Hibari. He pulled him into a standing position and forced Hibari to turn around and get onto all fours. And there were the scars, still fully visible. The scars that read "MINE" that Mukuro had carved into his back. Mukuro smiled lustfully at his handiwork as he sank his cock into Hibari from behind. Hibari moaned loudly as Mukuro entered him roughly, filling him. He was merciless as he pounded him, and Hibari was lost in the pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity of hard, aching, painful, pleasurable fucking, Mukuro came inside of his ass. Before he pulled out he roughly pulled Hibari back against him and wrapped his hand around his cock, pumping him until he came hard into his hand.

Hibari was breathing heavily and his body felt heavy and sore. He let Mukuro pull out and turn him around, letting Hibari rest his body against him. Hibari sat there between Mukuro's legs, his head against Mukuro's chest.

"You're not going to tell me what a masochistic slut I am?" Hibari muttered.

"I don't think I have to," Mukuro smirked, his arms pulling Hibari closer. "Your actions did the talking."

"Now answer me," Hibari said against Mukuro's chest. "Why did you fuck me back then?"

Mukuro took a deep, thoughtful breath. "So you would remember me," Mukuro said finally. "The only way I've ever been able to carve myself into someone's memory was by saving them or by hurting them. Usually by hurting them. You are too strong to need saving, and too strong to hurt easily. From the moment I saw you, from the time when I sought to learn more about you, I knew you'd hate me. So I left my mark the most painful way I knew how." He tightened his hold on Hibari. "I hurt you because I wanted you to remember me, and because I wanted to possess you." He brushed his hand over Hibari's scars. "The power I felt over making you mine made me feel alive. I wanted the power to make you feel something no one else could." He nuzzled his cheek into Hibari's hair. "And not only that," he said. "After all the hell I'd been through, I needed a release. And it had to be you. From the moment I laid eyes on you I wanted to fuck you. You were the only one I wanted to be that close to. Make no mistake. Never before have I touched anyone like that. Never before have I claimed another person like that. Only you could handle the force of my pain to ease me. I needed it to be you."

Hibari only listened, feeling a weight lift from his shoulders.

"Why don't you hate me?" Mukuro asked.

Hibari lifted his head and looked into Mukuro's eyes. "I used to," Hibari said.

"But?" Mukuro smiled.

Hibari didn't know how to explain. He didn't now how to express that Mukuro made him stronger. Mukuro made him feel needed and wanted. And most importantly, Mukuro somehow understood him. He humiliated and hurt him, but he knew Hibari's limits. He knew Hibari's limits long before Hibari even understood them. And Hibari was precious enough for him to want to possess him and take him any way he could. Hibari didn't know how to express any of this because it wasn't rational. It wasn't how people thought of caring for one another. It wouldn't make sense to most sane people.

But Mukuro, as though reading his thoughts, simply nodded and leaned in to kiss him. It was slow, passionate, and tender. He broke the kiss and pulled Hibari close. "I'm sorry if I made you think for a moment you meant nothing to me. I'll hurt you to possess you and make you feel alive, but that's because I know that as long as I'm around, I won't let anyone else hurt you ever again."

Hibari felt any insecurity he had leave his body. All the pain and suffering he had felt over Mukuro vanished. Now all that was left was the two of them. And Hibari realized how much he needed to feel possessed and how much he needed someone to make him submit in order to see that they cared as deeply as Mukuro did. Mukuro, in his own sadistic way, cared about him. Mukuro's life had been filled with suffering, and he hurt the one he loved the most because he needed proof that the person would always be there. Proof that the person truly wanted him because they suffered through the pain and were willing to stay.

They loved each other through their ability to hurt and be hurt by each other.

"We're the most fucked up pair in the world," Hibari muttered.

Mukuro laid him back on the floor, his eyes growing wicked again. "We've only just started," he smirked as he leaned down to whisper in Hibari's ear. "And it's going to hurt."


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