Author: Queen Celestia

Betareader: daedricgurl

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AN: This might jazz up a certain episode for you~ I did this for sketchfiend who wanted Canada and Fat Ass Russia. Oh and also to satisfy my own perverted desires. :] I'm sure they aren't in character at all. / fail

Notes: I totally think Newfoundland is Matthews glasses. It was the last province to become part of Canada. :]


This time he was determined after last times embarrassment of Russia sitting on him, he was determined that at this meeting he would be noticed.

In fact he had come extra early and had watched England draw the pictures on the board.

The soothing sound of chalk on the blackboard was unable to block out the reoccurring memories of the horribly mortifying situation that had happened whilst Russia had sat on him. He tried to push the memory out, and let his gaze follow each line made, the dust lightly flying up onto England's sleeve.

Steely eyes watched as the rest of the countries filed in, before they widened in horror as Russia's fat ass once again settled down upon his lap.

"Umm, excuse me."

Matt whispered. Irritated that his voice came out barely audible, he tried again.


In response, Russia's fat ass ground harder against Canada's lap, causing that horrible friction to start again, the friction that led to last times horrible memory.

"Russia, I'm here."

Matt spoke up in a louder voice; however, it was drowned out by Alfred's booming voice spreading across the room like toxic hamburger particles.


Feeling Russia's back side settle firmly against him, Matt knew that he would not be heard. Resting his forehead against Russia's back, he took a breath, and decided to settle in for the meeting.

Lord, Ivan was a fat ass, Matt thought disgruntledly as he felt his legs go numb, it didn't help that he had a semi erection pressing right up against it.

The usual squabbling took place, but instead of paying attention to it, Matthew was trying hard to reconnect with his legs. It didn't help when Ivan fully relaxed, his back pressing up against his face, before shifting his right shoulder back and brushing… that.

A shudder ran through his body and his cock sprung fully to life.

'Please don't do it again…' Came the desperate thought.

He could feel Ivan rumble against him as a suggestion was made, before the arm brushed again against that.


Matthew moaned lightly, all pretensions of decency flying out the window. He was horny as hell, and having Russia continuously brush against his erogenous zone, was not helping. Sure many people may think him unskilled and a virgin, but that was only because they were forgetting that he had had extensive contact with France, and Francis certainly had some skills.

Plus, Ivan was seriously pissing him off, actually everyone was pissing him off, no one was even noticing him even when he was seriously aroused.

Glancing down, Matthew noticed that Ivan's jacket had rode up at the back, leading to a very nasty revenge plot.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Matthew freed his trapped arms, and began to slide them up under Ivan's jacket, inching his way along his ass and thighs, before gently cupping Ivan's crotch.

Taking a breath; Matt assessed the situation to see if there was any reaction -


Relaxing, his right hand wandered down Ivan's thigh, gently stroking, while his left hand shifted down to firmly press against Ivan's scrotum through the fabric.

Rubbing his own erection very firmly against Ivan's ass, Matthew got to work.

This was so wrong, but just the fact that he, simple ghostly Canada, shouldn't be doing this, with his brothers in the room, people who practically raised him made it even better.

Hell, he would welcome Alfred looking past his giant milkshake and noticing him getting it on with Russia.

Maybe cause some fucking excitement for once.

He felt Ivan go particularly still, as if not quite believing what was happening.

"Neh Russia, do you have any thing to add?" France asked.

Matthew stilled his movements, whilst Ivan looked over to France his expression clearly showing he hadn't been paying attention.

"Can I invade Georgia with this plan and make him cry?" Came the sweet question.

Bastard, always wanting to invade, Matthew angrily thought, as he shifted his grip on Ivan's thigh, and trailed his hand up to unbutton his trousers. His fingers brushed against the harsh material of Ivan's pants, before finding the button and pushing it through.

"Umm, we were talking about the food crisis…" France muttered, clearly regretting even bringing Russia into the conversation.

Matthews hand closed around Ivan's cock, pulling it fully out of his pants, glad that he was able to be this daring, with how conveniently Ivan's jacket hid everything that happened to be going on.

"Invading Georgia will provide much n-needed entertainment." Russia finished up a little breathlessly.


Alfred boomed out, slamming his giant milkshake down upon the table, causing the lid to pop off and white sticky liquid to spray out and hit the table.

"Part of the deal of you being part of the G8 was that you stop invading other countries!"

"I don't see how that has stopped you," Ivan took a shaky breath, as Matthew's middle finger pushed up against the slit of his cock, "from in-in-vading other countries."

Alfred pushed his spectacles up angrily, his chubby cheeks reddening.

"Are you making fun of me Russia? Do we need to have show down? Man on man? I was bringing JUSTICE to those poor oppressed people! Not invading!"

"Nng, I'll be sure to inform Iraq of that the next time I see him."

Russia muttered, his usual complacent smile turning into a sort of grimace.

"You be sure to!" Alfred retorted proudly, clearly believing that Russia had capitulated to his argument.

He could feel Ivan shivering in suppressed desire, as he began to stroke, up, down, his grip becoming firmer and firmer, as Ivan's erection got harder and harder.

"He's just insulted you idiot." Arthur muttered as Alfred sat down.

"Insulted me?" Alfred asked suspiciously, sending a dirty look over to Ivan.

"Yes." Arthur mumbled, clearly having given up on trying to explain these sorts of things to Alfred.


Alfred shouted, causing Matthew to jump slightly, with the added effect of extra grinding of his erection against Russia's ass.

"Did you insult me?"

Russia, let out a low growl, turning his purple eyes upon Alfred.

"I don't think it's much of an insult if the one being insulted needs someone else to point it out."

"Are you saying I'm stupid then? Huh? Why don't you come up here and say it to my face!"

"Why should I bother? My chair is particularly comfortable." Ivan replied.

"Eh? Do I have to come over there and drag your fat ass out of that chair?"

"Stop it! Stop it!" Arthur shouted, shoving Alfred firmly back into his chair, "We don't need to start fights here! I have a headache lets get this over with!"

Turning back to the rest of the group, he growled.

"Is there anything else anyone would like to add?"

"Oui! The lube is in the air duct!" Francis piped up as he looked to a corner of the room, twirling a lock of hair in a distracted manner. Arthur turned bright red at his statement.

"Francis! Something of import! Not one of your weird perverted whims!"

"Hmmm?" Francis turned his gaze over to Arthur, "Who says I was hitting on you? Unless you want me to? To be honest I'm finding this room absolutely stifling, to remove my clothes would be but a moment."


Arthur barked, storming out before anyone could protest. Scowling at Russia, Alfred clearly decided that he needed a new milkshake more than he wanted to fight Russia, so he slouched off, followed by the other countries. Francis lingered for a moment, giving Russia a rather naughty wink, before firmly closing the door behind him.

Matthew, ever since Francis' remarks, had frozen mid-stroke, feeling mortified that he had been watched the entire time, and now, without meaning to, he had actually gotten trapped alone with Russia, whom he had been ruthlessly rutting against, in the room.

"Don't stop."

Ivan whispered, when it became clear that Matthew was considering stopping altogether. Ivan's voice seemed rather… defenceless somehow. As if no one had really ever bothered to give him a rather good grope, or paid him any attention in this way.

"It feels good."

Well. If Russia wasn't having any problems, and it had been a hell of a long time since the last time he had been laid – well. Why not eh? Releasing Ivan's cock, Matthew offered a solution.

"Get off me and it will be better, I promise."

Ivan seemed to hesitate, before quietly asking.

"Y-you won't run away?"

"I won't."

After another second of hesitation, Ivan stood up, turning around to face Matthew, his erection poking up against his jacket now quite noticeably, while his pants fell down to the ground.

Dishevelled, Matthew looked up, licking his lips at the rather erotic site before him. Ivan's cheeks were flushed, he seemed out of sorts and his violet eyes were darker with a sort of confused desire.

Standing up, Matthew began to unbutton Ivan's jacket, before pushing it fully off and letting it fall against the table with a 'thump'.

"Why do you always wear this scarf?" he asked with a kindly whisper while gently tugging at it.

He was close to Ivans height – despite everyone seeming to think of him being shorter than Alfred, he was actually about the same height. He just didn't leave much of an impression. However, he still had to look up, tilt his own violet eyes to meet with the connecting ones,

"I mean old man winter doesn't hang around my place all year round."

"He doesn't… it's…"

Ivan didn't seem to want to answer the question, and deciding not to wait for the answer, Matthew tugged the scarf off, before laying it on the table with some respect.

Fingers deftly worked on the buttons on Ivan's shirt, years of practice showing with the ease Matthew undid them.

Ivan just stood there limply; watching, engrossed in the novelty that someone was actually voluntarily undressing him. Matthews hands weren't shaking, unlike Lithuania's, nor did Matt have a look of fear on his face like Latvia, nor did Matt seem to want to rush things like Estonia.

In fact, with how Matt slowly pushed open the shirt, it seemed that… he was actually enjoying the company.

"Hmm, you don't get too much sex do you?"

Matthew asked, as he brushed his thumb against Ivan's puckering nipple.

"You're reacting so easily."

"No one really wants to with me." Came the admission.

The shirt opened further, revealing Ivan's broad chest, and slightly rounded stomach.

"I don't understand why…" Matthew murmured, as he ran his hand over Ivan's stomach, trailing it down towards his cock.

"But wait… What about Belarus?"

Ivan froze, "I – that's, that's incest. She scares me."

"Ahh, I don't think incest really applies to us." Matthew murmured as he knelt down.

"Does that mean you would have sex with Alfred?"

Ivan asked with curiosity, as Matthew leaned forward and gently licked along the pulsing vein of Ivan's cock. Snorting, Matthew murmured.

"Alfred is too homophobic, but if he got over that, I'm sure he would make a nice bottom."

"Why do you say bottom?" Ivan's fingers curled up against his jacket that lay on the table as Matthews' hot breath continuously hit against his cock.

"Because hero's need to get fucked over good to actually do any good." A tentative swipe of the tongue briefly lacerated the tip.

Before Ivan could come up with a response, Matthew deep throated him without warning.


Moaning out, Ivan was absolutely transfixed by the site. No one had ever taken him on like that, sure he had tried something like this with Lithuania – who seemed to have some knowledge from his time with Poland, but after the entire disaster, he hadn't dared try request this again.

Shit, it felt so good, so much better than sunlight, or any other thing that he preferred usually.

Hell, he would give up 80% of his daily vodka intake if he could get this everyday.

The suction felt too good, and Ivan felt himself slipping into animalistic thrusting, ignoring the choking sound coming from Matthew, as he twined his fingers firmly into the golden hair, his natural instincts taking over.

"So fucking good,"

Ivan growled out, with a few more jerks, he felt himself – not coming.

Eyes flying open in rage, he glared at the fingers firmly clamped around the base of his cock, stopping him from fully coming, while Matthew, glared up at him, his lips red around the flushed cock.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Matthew really looked pissed off, teeth brushed menacingly against the erect phallus and after a few moments of silent threats, Ivan finally let go his death grip on the hair, knowing that this would be one fight he would lose. With a pop, the erection sprang free, strands of saliva still connecting it to Matthews flushed mouth, before being unceremoniously broken as Matthew stood up, his grip on the base still intact.

"Bastard," he hissed, "You act like you've never had sex before with your lack of restraint. I nearly gagged to death."

"Who was the one asking for it?" Ivan asked darkly, that hint of a calm smile that was anything but kindly.


Matthew muttered, as he released his grip and took a step back.

"Are you going to stop when things are unfinished?"

The question was laced with a threat, the threat that if Matthew attempted to leave now his attempt would fail one hundred percent. Ivan could feel the disappointment rising in him at the situation. Here finally comes along someone who seemed to want to have a form of consensual sex with him, and then, they change their mind because they gagged a little. Leading him on wasn't a very nice thing to do, and when people weren't very nice, Ivan knew that those not very nice people needed to be taught a lesson.


The reply was firm, but Ivan watched as the smaller blond stepped away, his eyes scanning the ceiling, as if searching for something. Before he could ask, Matthew was up on the table, and with a stretch, his hands gripped the grill of the air duct and shifted it open. One hand reached in, and fumbled about in the ceiling, before with a gentle 'aha', the quested item was found.

"Here catch."

Ivan reflexively caught the lube tossed at him, before Matthew closed the grill, and stood there staring down at him. There was a strange expression on Matthews face, one Ivan couldn't quite make out.


Matthews hand extended towards him.

"Get onto the table, we'll fuck up here."

Taking the proffered hand, Ivan felt himself being tugged onto the table, however his pants had caught on his boots, which were still on, making the task much more difficult than needed.

"Hold on."

Ivan placed the lube onto the table, before bending down giving Matt a full view of his ass, as he quickly removed his boots and socks, and fully shaking off his pants. Ignoring the hand, Ivan climbed onto the table, and stalked towards the smaller man, his eyes clearly reading him as prey.

"I feel that someone is being unfair." Came the childish complaint, as Ivan gently tugged against Matthews suit jacket. "Why am I the only one fully naked?"

"If you feel it to be unfair, you can feel free to undress me." Came the calm response.

Ivan frowned, he was expecting Canada to be more… bashful. Act more like a virgin, not like this mad rutting experienced French person. Not just boldly inform him, that yes you may take my clothes off. The only thing that Ivan was currently approving of was the flushed cheeks, and too bright eyes hidden behind the glasses.

"First off I'll remove these." Ivan murmured, as he gently lifted off the glasses. "You don't actually need these to see right?"

"No but please, be careful with Newfoundland." Was the murmured reply.

"Of course."

Matthew watched with some trepidation, as Ivan reached up, and stuck them into the air duct. "No way they can get broken now da?"

Glancing up, Matthew nodded, hoping to all hell, it wasn't too windy in the air duct or else there would be some serious complaints.

Matthew stood there still, waiting for Ivan's next move, while Ivan simply stared at him, as if unable to fully make up his mind of what he wanted to do next.

"No, I've changed my mind, I want you to undress yourself. It will be much more interesting for me if you do."

There was the expected flush as Matthew heard the order, wondering when this had all turned around. Although of course Russia would never bottom, he didn't seem the type.

With fingers that seemed to suddenly become unsure of themselves – for it had actually been quite a long time since he had last had sex – Matthew began to undress.

Ivan's gaze seemed to intensify with each item of clothing that fell onto the table, the jacket, the tie, the simple white shirt.

"You are a very naughty boy Matvey, wanting to tease me so openly."

"Wouldn't need to if you didn't sit your big fat ass on me." Matthew replied, as he undid the button to his pants.

"I didn't think you spoke so vulgarly."

Bending down to remove the remnants of his clothing, Matthew smirked, before muttering.

"There are lots of things you don't know about me."

Tossing his shoes onto the floor, Matthew quickly picked up the scarf, his mind forming a plan. He knew Ivan to be a very proud man, a very unstable man, a very unpredictable man. To be honest, despite it being irritating that no one seemed to notice him Matthew had come to accept his position and used it to his advantage. He helped establish things, resolve conflicts. If someone bothered to take a look, they would notice that Canada was everywhere.

Not that they ever did.

Who would ever suspect a beer-drinking hockey playing maple syrup obsessed Canadian eh?

"Neh Russia, do you mind if I put this on?" Matthew asked coyly looking up. He didn't really wait for a response as he placed the scarf around his neck, before moving and leaning back on the half hazard pile of clothing on the conference table.

If Ivan's cock could get any bigger it would have, with how provocatively Matthew displayed himself; no shame at all.

"You seem to be very good at this Matvey." Ivan murmured, as he knelt down beside him, his larger body overshadowing.

"Lots of time to think eh?" Came the reply, as he reached up and twined his fingers into the light blond hair of Ivan. "I'm sure you understand."

Their eyes connected, a brief moment of understanding, before Matthew leaned up, and connected his mouth with Ivan's. It was not as aggressive as would be expected, it was a connection of the lips, an exploration of places yet unknown. And it was something that Ivan had never experienced in his life. The enthusiasm which Matthew seemed to be directing towards him was something he wasn't used to, he kept expecting him to back away or change his mind, to get a look of fear onto his face.

Instead, he initiated a tentative deepening of the kiss. Allowing access, there wasn't the initial thought out to be domination battle, it was just Matvey's tongue inside, exploring, sensuously running their tongues together. So engrossed was Ivan by this simple kiss, that he only realized his back was against the table when Matthew pulled away.

The scarf hung between them, a connection of sorts, in between where their naked flesh touched, the heat passing in between, to fend of the cold of the room.

"You're very aggressive da?"

Matthews violet eyes were dark with lust, as he smirked, "Just because I don't flaunt it don't mean I don't got it… and plus, you look as if you could seriously use some relaxing."

The last words were more murmured, as he moved his mouth down to Ivan's neck and planted a kiss just by his jaw line.


In response, Matvey's tongue brushed out, licking and sucking along Ivan's neck, until he found a particularly sensitive spot that caused Ivan to forget his own question in favour of the pleasure.

Fingers moved across Ivan's chest, lightly brushing, feeling the scars from years of conflict, each movement slow as if trying to memorize, read the story. His thumb brushed up against Ivan's left nipple, causing another shudder to pass through the Russian, the soft touches a new and unexplored feeling. Mouth moving down he licked against the Russians collarbone, following along the ridge of a white scar; the trail of saliva turning cold as it hit the air.

Teeth bit into his right nipple causing Ivan's eyes to fly open.

"Nngyaah – vat are you doing?"

"Getting a better taste eh."

The Canadian's tongue swirled around the abused nipple.

In response, the Russian reached around, his hand firmly grasping the Canadian's ass in a warning.

"Don't be too playful da?"

"Why ever not? I am promising to relax you eh?" the response came as Matthew nipped at the left nipple.

Ivans hand circled up near the anus, "Relax me da?"

With no lube, he began to shove in, causing Matthew to tense up.

"What are you doing?"

"Preparing the hole for relaxing."

Ivan replied, his violet eyes taking on a wicked glint. In response, the Canadian grabbed the offending hand, and pulled it away from him.

"No lube is bad manners eh?"

With surprising strength that took Ivan off guard, the Canadian then grabbed the other wrist and brought them before him.

"What do you mean?"

"Mean?" Matthew sat there stunned, "I mean, you have, uhm." His face went red, as he tried to form the question, his grip on Ivan's wrists loosening a bit. "You've had sex before right? I mean with… men."

A confused look passed over Ivan's face at the question, "Da. Of course. What else is there for expanding relations?"

Understanding seemed to dawn across Matthews face, he gripped Ivan's wrists more firmly in one hand, before removing the scarf from around his neck. No wonder Ivan's underlings looked terrified whenever the large Russian came towards them. With Ivan's size, with no lubricant, sex would be terrifying, and painful.

"Vhat are you doing?"

"Restraining you." Matthew replied as he finished trying Ivan's wrists together with the scarf. "And teaching you why your sex has always not worked out."

"How do you know?"

Ivan asked, extremely curious on why the Canadian would even say that.

"Hmm from what you just did and your clueless nature on why its wrong…"

His hand slipped down and wrapped firmly around Ivan's cock, giving it a few strokes.

"But don't worry. You will feel much, much better."

Ivan could feel his sanity going, feel the uncertainty disappear. He knew he could break the tie with the scarf anytime he wanted, but he was curious on what this nation was going to do to him. Plus, his cock was informing him that it was very pleased at the moment with the unexpected attention. Matthews mouth moved down, until he touched the tip of Ivan's cock.

His tongue swiped out and licked at the pre-cum, tasting it then as if approving, taking the tip entirely into his mouth.

"Aaah Matvey~"

With a pop he released the glistening cock before shifting away and grabbing the lubricant.

Pouring some onto his hand he let it warm up before rubbing his fingers against Ivan's entrance.

"Relax eh?" He murmured as he returned to sucking Ivan's cock.

Ivan wasn't sure what to do, the mouth on his cock was heavenly but the fingers by his ass were… concerning. He had never been invaded that way, and when he felt the finger press up, he tensed. However a firm suck caused his thoughts to rocket out of control allowing the finger to slip in past the barrier. The finger pushed in deep, wriggling around exploring, allowing Ivan to get used to it, the lubricant making things way easier. Ivan didn't even feel the second finger enter, as Matthew decided to deep throat him right at that moment, hell, he didn't even notice the third finger enter with the throat acrobatics Matthew was pulling.

He however did very much notice them when Matthew pulled away.

The fingers were removed, and Ivan watched as Matthew poured lubricant on his cock, leered as Matthew rubbed himself, his cock seeming to pulse with each touch.

When he was finally satisfied, Matthew positioned himself, his cock rubbing against Ivan's crack in a teasing manner. Grasping Ivan's bound wrists, Matthew held them over the Russian's head, pinning them to the table, as he lent forward, merging their lips into a kiss. With his other hand, Matthew made sure he was lined up before slowly pushing his thick cock into Ivan's entrance.

He could feel the larger man begin to struggle, however he continued to push in, until he was halfway in. With his now free hand, he began to stroke Ivan's cock, making the man relax, get used to the intrusive feeling.

After a moment, he swiftly shoved the rest of his cock in, feeling his balls give a smack against Ivan's ass, stilling from the pleasure. God who would have thought that the huge Russian would be so tight. So fucking welcoming, he should have fucking done this ages ago. And as he pulled away from the kiss, the flushed glazed look on the Russian's face was so erotic.

Dieu! He would have never thought that Ivan would be so sexy, so accepting and so awesome as a bottom.

Kissing Ivan's neck, he focused on one spot, knowing that there would be a very visible hickey later, but hey, the man always wore that scarf, so it shouldn't be a problem, eh?

The Russian was muttering some curses in Russian, until there was a firm English word.


Obediently, Matthew moved. A slow extended pull, his cock nearly coming out of Ivan's ass, before languidly shoving itself back in. His grip on Ivan's wrists loosened, he was too fucking into the amazing feeling around his cock to even notice when Ivan's hands slipped out of the scarf tie, to cling to his back.

Blunt fingernails drove themselves into his back as he thrust in and out, his pace slow, mind numbingly slow, causing Ivan to utter more and more expletives in Russian.


Matthew was only too willing to oblige, realizing that Ivan was out of his grip, he managed to use his hands to push Ivan's legs up and hooking them over his shoulder, revealing the Russians vital regions entirely to his view. The thick red weeping cock, neglected rested against the Russian's stomach and Matthew nearly came prematurely from the intoxicating site of his cock entering the Russians asshole.

Instead he focused his energy in fucking the Russian hard, the slap of skin upon skin filling up the conference room, the Russian's loud moans mingling with the Canadians.

"T-touch yourself." Matthew managed to grit out, "Fucking cum."

He felt one of the clinging hands move from his back, and he watched as the larger man began to stroke his cock in time with the thrusts. Shifting position, Ivan let out a loud shout, his prostate being hit sending every nerve in his body into fireworks, before he came, his semen spurting out across his belly, some even falling onto the table and the mess of clothes underneath him.

The tight hole pulsed around Matthews cock, pulling and sucking, and he found himself coming soon after, not bothering to pull out, filling the larger nation up with his seed.

Exhausted, Matthew collapsed on top of the Russian, the sticky seed connecting their bodies together, his flushed face resting in the nook of Ivan's neck.

Gathering breathe, Ivan felt disconcerted when the Canadian reached over, and rummaged around on the mess of clothes around them, before he pulled out a rather sleek looking telephone.

Curious, he watched as Matthew aimed it towards them, and quickly pushed a few buttons.

A 'click', and a picture appeared of their flushed faces together on the table.

"What?" Ivan asked, too tired to even bother asking a full question.

Pressing save, Matthew hummed, "Nothing much eh." Before sliding his phone back into his pants pocket. A soft kiss was planted upon Ivans cheek, before Matthew pulled himself away, viewing the carnage so to say.

Ivan's eyes traced the Canadian's lithe body, the semen gleaming on his stomach, as if unaware of how attractive he really was.

"Shit no tissue…" Matthew frowned, as he looked about, before with a sigh, grabbing his white shirt and started to wipe Ivan.

"Just have to button my jacket up." Was the mutter to Ivan's silent question.

The shirt wiped across Ivan's torso, before following down and seemingly caressed his ass, before moving up against Matthew himself, before with little care the Canadian put the soiled crumpled shirt on. Ivan lazily watched as Matthew stood up, the shirt hanging halfway down his ass, before the Canadian nudged the Russians side with his foot,

"You're on my pants please move."

"Нет," Came the reply.

Narrowing his eyes, Matthew squatted by Ivan's ass, and taking an extra long look at the indolently exposed hole, that still had some cum coming out, despite his hasty wipe down.

Giving it a prod, the Russian shuddered, making no sound. Soft violet eyes looked up towards Ivan.

"Was I too rough for you? You're not hurting too bad are you?"

An unfamiliar warmth seemed to settle into the pit of Ivan's stomach, before he shook his head.

"I'm fine."

To prove it, he sat up, barely containing his wince. Damn, he hadn't really thought about it during, but they really had been rough, and Matthew was pretty large. Calloused hands were on him, helping him sit up, an arm had somehow wrapped around his waist, the smaller nation leaning in close to Ivan for support.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rough, I got carried away," came the accompanying mutters, the soft breath washing across Ivan's bare neck.

It amused Ivan how the confident sex machine of before turned into the easily recognized apologetic Canadian he remembered, and the look of absolute contriteness reminded him that this was definitely not Alfred.

"Shut up da? I've had worse injury."

The Canadian shut up, however he still seemed to be intensely apologizing with his eyes, as he helped Ivan slide off the table, and stand. The arm hadn't removed from around his middle once, and Ivan found the closeness strange, no one had ever stuck around him after the act – well, not willingly, and no one had ever willingly wrapped an arm around his middle and treated him as if he might break at any moment from a little pain. Usually when he got injured he would be alone, tending his own injuries, or General Winter would drop by and visit, but Ivan never appreciated the visits by the cold General.

He would rather be alone.

"Ohh, we really made a mess…. There's semen on your jacket." Came the moan, "Geez, didn't think this out much…"

"It can rub off." Giggled the Russian, "You worry too much over little things that don't matter."

With a frown, Matthew turned his gaze back up to him, "Then what should I be worrying about?"

"How you inform your brother that you have become one with Russia."

The eyes widened, and the arm regrettable slipped away from his waist, while Matthew grabbed his clothes, and began to finish dressing.

"I haven't."

Ivan narrowed his eyes, before following suit, and dressing himself.

"Then vhat exactly just happened?"

It was interesting to watch as Matthew dressed himself, each item of clothing seeming to make him disappear, as if the moment his gloriously naked body disappeared he became someone of little consequence. The Canadian climbed back onto the table, before grabbing the lube, and reached up towards the air duct. He mumbled something inaudible as he pulled his glasses out and pushed the lube back in before closing the duct with a clang. The transformation seemed to complete itself as he slid the glasses onto his face, hiding the vibrancy of his eyes.

"I will not allow you off that table until you answer me." Ivan growled out, the dark aura surrounding him.

"Maple…" Came the muttered curse, before, taking a deep breath, Matthew answered, "Russia, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but today was just a one off eh? I have no intention of becoming one with anybody."

"One off?"

"Yeah.." Mathews boot rubbed against the polished table surface, as if gearing up to run, "One off. An unintended side effect of getting angry eh?"

Ivan stared at him, noticing that informal names had been dropped entirely, and that despite his dire warning, Canada was inching backwards away from him to the other side of the table.

"What if I don't capitulate to your claim?" Came the dark question.

He watched as the inching backward stopped, and a surprisingly scathing look was shot at him.

"I fucking beat you up eh."

It was a moment of letting the mask drop, where Canada seemed to reveal that beneath the apologizing and inching away and acting as if he was mortally terrified of Russia, that he was not sorry at all, and he was only putting on some show to ensure a quick and easy escape. Ivan found himself liking it.

Remembering the surprising strength from their sex, Ivan finally gave a nod.


Instead of getting off on the opposite side of the table as expected, Matthew walked towards Ivan before climbing off the table. Giving the larger nation a thump on the back, Matthew smiled up.

"Good that's sorted, you should drop by some time to have some pancakes and maple syrup eh?"

Not waiting for a response – indeed he would have had to wait a couple minutes due to the amount of shock Ivan felt – Matthew left the room, seeming to disappear before he even hit the door.


AN: I would also like to thank daedricgurl for pushing me to actually finish. Glad this is all over with, don't expect anyone would want a second part of this mess.