It was with some annoyance that I looked up to see my landlady escort a rather uncomfortable Inspector Lestrade into my rooms.

He thanked her, as usual; it did little to improve her opinion of him, and I wondered why he bothered. My landlady disliked me and anyone associated with me, and there was little the Inspector could do to change that.

He cleared his throat as the landlady departed, and managed to look even more uncomfortable than he had coming in.

"I take it you have found yourself again in need of assistance?" I inquired, and he nodded.

"I can't offer you any more than last time." He admitted, his face threatening to turn bright red. "But a man's been murdered. Shot."

I supposed it was only polite to let him explain himself before I sent him away, and there was always the chance that the case might have other compensations for my time.

"He was cheating on his wife." The Inspector explained. "We've located his mistress and plan to question her."

If that was it, the case wasn't even worth my time, and I told Lestrade as much in no uncertain terms.

The man's dark eyes flashed. Then he nodded. "Well, thank you for your time anyways, Mr. Holmes. If you'll excuse me." He saw himself out, and I went back to perusing the paper.

There was an article about the shooting. Lestrade had not told me everything.

The murdered man had been shot a total of twelve times. The police were indeed planning on questioning the murdered man's mistress.

I knew of the woman in question, and something of her husband as well. He was the jealous type, the sort of man that did not take kindly to anyone being caught anywhere near his wife, and not entirely right in his mind either.

He had been the shooter. Of that I had no doubt. It would only have been a matter of time until he learned his wife was seeing someone, and he would be quick to take care of the offender.

I was up and out of my chair as another thought occurred to me.

The woman's husband would not tolerate any man so much as speaking to his wife after this incident, and if Lestrade were going to speak with her, he was putting himself in a rather dangerous position.

I hoped, as I left my rooms, that I would be able to find the Inspector before it was too late.

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